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43-beta1 with watch button, season quick actions

Update 2018-05-25: 43-beta3 which fixes restoring shows and lists, removing a list.

Update 2018-05-19: 43-beta2 which fixes database migration issues.

I had the luck to observe someone using the app for the first time. This beta has some initial improvements that hopefully make it simpler for new users to get started.

The biggest change, however, is the switch to the Room database library behind the scenes.

Notable changes:

• 🌟 Add JustWatch button to quickly perform search of where to stream or purchase.
• 🔧 Add button bar to set a season watched or add it to your collection.
• 🔧 Migrate database to Room. Remove the legacy backup tool as it will no longer work.
• 🔧 Episode history (without trakt): display up to 50 items instead of the last 24 hours.
• 🔧 Change TheTVDB image URLs. All show posters will be downloaded again.
• 📝 Latest translations from crowdin. Add Galician.

View all changes at

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at
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How to manually trigger sync of data from series guide to trakt?

All my series posters are changing in the last couple days. I also got what looks like an Arabic poster for Breaking Bad.

Could not talk to Trakt, try again later!

With's latest update, rewatching is now supported. Can we look forward to this being reflected in SeriesGuide as well in one of the next updates?

For example, I've watched 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' before, and I'm rewatching it now. I updated this in trakt, and trakt knows where I am and is now showing me the next episode to come for my rewatch. But in SeriesGuide it is still hidden when I filter by 'Unwatched', since technically all the episodes have already been marked as 'watched'.

Since I used the Unwatched filter to track my progress on shows I'm currently watching (and it's convenient to check right in to the next episode that way), this would be a great enhancement for me.

As always, thanks for this app, couldn't live without it now!

Using latest beta can't add shows to seriesguide. Says can't talk to trakt. Trakt website is up. Not sure if this is a trakt issue or SG.

Can no longer add shows, "can't talk to tvbd"!

Just spit balling a little, but curious if there is a better method for listing the shows in the main list. What I mean is that if a show has ended, can it be automatically pushed to an ended shows list and drop off of the main shows listing? I don't use the History tab at all and to be able to have a tab showing ended shows vs the main Shows tab which could auto filter currently active (or at least listed on TVDB / Trakt as currently active) shows would be incredibly convenient for me (granted I am one person among many). I don't know how to do that in an effective way using lists while the Shows tab still shows all of the shows. (Can I say shows a few more times....) Hopefully this makes sense. If someone has a better more efficient way of doing that I am unaware of, please set me straight!!

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As you can see the terraium tv extension is no Longer showing up even though I have added it I haven’t had no problems before and it being work great I am using a Nvidia shield TV and this problem all started after I’ve got the new update for the Nvidia shield tv I have tried to delete both app And reinstalled it but I still get the same thing any help would be grateful
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Have you thought about making it more friendly for Android TV and Android OS boxes?
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