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Love God Forever | Praise and Worship "God’s True Love"

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Cade's Cove
Townsend, Tn
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"O Holy Night"

~ Celtic Woman ~

Let's talk about some music.  What kind of Christian celtic, bluegrass, folk music are all of you listening to?

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If anyone is interested, I will be starting guitar lessons in the month of April.  The cool thing is that if you would like lessons and you are not in the same state that's ok!  I will be hosting Skype/Facetime/Google Hangout lessons just for you. 

Please take a look at the link provided and go to my Thumptack page to read more about it.
Now Teaching Guitar Lessons

Hello folks! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am taking registration for anyone who is interested in learning how to play the guitar OR if you just want to further your skills as a growing musician.  Please reach out to me via email, FB message,…

Do I have any musicians in here?  If so, What kind of instruments are you playing and what are they?

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted you guys to have a listen to some new music from my group the Ferguson Clan Band.  This is our first studio album titled "A Goodly Heritage" and our first single off of the new album is called "Upchucked".  Let us know what you guys think in the comments box below!

Thanks and have a blessed day!

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Hey everyone check out my good Friend John Westover.  Amazing musician with more talent than you can shake a stick at!

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I am LOVING all the action that we are starting to get on here!  Keep spreading the word, both in Scripture & in letting people know about us!

If you guys have never heard of +MarkBaynes PLEASE give him a listen!
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