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If you need only 1 charger but can charging almost any kinds of batteries,please look here,Gyrfalcon All-88 charger:
Charger GyrFalcon All-88 (Enova) DSC_4318 DSC_4320 DSC_4319 Enova makes many different chargers, some time ago I tested many of them, include a 8 slot charger. This charger here is a completely new design that is a much more versatile charger. It can charge most types of round cells on the ...
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Check out Liquid State! Max VG, premium e-liquid inspired by local foods, drinks, and idiosyncrasies that make each state unique. 20% OFF ALL e-liquid w/ code NEWJUICE #eliquid #sale #ecig #vape
Max VG, premium e-liquid inspired by local foods, drinks, and idiosyncrasies that make each state unique. Handcrafted in the USA. Check out these 5 awesome flavors and SAVE 20% on ALL e-liquid with the code NEWJUICE Celebrate and SAVE 20% on ALL E-LIQUID with code NEWJUICE THE LINEUP Apple Butter - Washington: Sweet Washington apples slow cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon. The result? A taste that rival...
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Amazing liquids. Especially the peach tea
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Vapor Joe

DEALS!  - 
So what the hell happened? Last night was quite a spectacle for those who frequent (VTV). Both shocking and eye-opening, things were said and done that have changed the course of vape entertainment moving forward...
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Vapor Joe

DEALS!  - 
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Yes, I spoke to Avery in customer service and he confirmed it.
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Straight out of Georgia is this sweet tea lemonade just in time for summer! SAVE 20% on 160+ flavors of e-liquid w/ code NEWJUICE #ecigs #sale #vape #eliquid
Sweet Leaf - Georgia, USA Life below the Mason Dixon line is just so sweet. Inspired by the peach state, sweet leaf embodies the flavors of the south. Our Georgia peach twist on sweet tea lemonade is a true southern charm. 80% VG / 20% PG All Liquid State Premium e-liquid is 100% made in the USA and does not require any "steeping". It is ready to vape and tastes great immediately upon arrival!
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