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Name: Samurai Jack (more of a title)
Age: Unknown (Using Season 1-4 version until season 5 is complete)
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Clan: None, killed by Aku in his world.
Occupation: Samurai, searching for a way to the past
Alignment: Helpful to anyone fighting against evil, especially if the evil is Aku
Weapons trained in: Katana (main weapon), Spear, Staff, and nunchucks to name a few
Armor: None.
Clothing: A white gi, sometimes has a hat
Bio: Long ago in a distant land, I challenged the entity of evil of my world... Aku. Before I defeated him, he opened a portal through time and I was flung into the future, where Aku's evil is law. Now I seek to return to the past and undue the future that is Aku. I have a special kitana sword... the only weapon capable of harming Aku!
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Hi im new here i need help with profile

So is there a specific format to follow for making profiles, and how do RPs work here?

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Name: Yoshimitsu,

Age: 34,

Gender: Male,

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual,

Weapons: Katana (Also named Yoshimitsu), Fumaken,

Pets: None,

Skills: Trained in Manji Style Ninjutsu,

Abilities: Very Agile, Master Swordsman,

Likes: Helping others, Training,

Dislikes: Having to kill,

Bio: Yoshimitsu's blade is passed down through the Manji Clan's leaders. The clan is dedicated to a mission to help the weak and fight the oppression. Upon the inauguration of a new leader, his or her predecessor is ritually sacrificed, and the blade absorbs the person's power and skill. 

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Name: Zukashi Kuro
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: African 
Clan: Kuro
Occupation: Samurai
Alignment: In the service of my mother, the head of the clan.
Weapons trained in: Wakizashi, Katana, Tanto, Naginata, and a Chokyu
Armor: black and gold samurai armor with a smiling devil face mask
Clothing: A black and gold Kimono
Bio: 176 bc The original members of my clan traveled from Egypt through Persia to India to escape slavery by the Romans. But after decades of peaceful coexistence with the natives we were force to migrate in to china when the Persians invaded and farther into japan when the Huns invaded. there we could go no farther. The Japanese weren't happy with foreigners in theirs land and refused to trade with us and we were frequently attacked by raiders and bandits, but it was when the other clans sought to wipe us out that we said enough was enough. In the short 20 years we built the soon to be infamous fortresses Baransu, Pisu, Rabu, and Yuniti which blocked all access to our town of Kodoku. The forts were named after what we wanted Balance, Peace, Love, And Unity. Wave after wave of warriors have tested their walls, thousands of fighters slaughtered by our archers and catapults, our rockets and traps, and when the clans were weakened we attacked. A total of 21 towns fells to our steel, but we were not warriors of conquest and once we defeated their armies and drove them back to their capitals, we returned home allowing them to return to their conquered towns. They used to call us Kuro, which means black, as an insult. But we've adopted the name as a symbol of power and a warning.

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Name: momo jinsu
Age: 16
Gender: female
Clan: none
Weapons: small katana
Personality: kind shy
Bio: she has trained from birth to master the sword but she still has trouble fighting
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Name: Hajime

age: 20

gender: male

sexual orientation: straight

clan: lone, he is a wandering swords man

bio: Hajime was a orphan child that usually was on the street stealing food, then ran away in the forest for stealing from a samurai. he was however founded by a swords man who eventually started teaching him the way of the sword. Hajime was usually quiet around his teacher and only spoke when talked to. At the age of 15 his teacher had vanished and never left anything for him not a note nothing, just writing in the ground saying get stronger and protect your love ones, so Hajime started walking back to full fill what he believed in.

weapons: Two katanas one small and one long

skills: Hajime is known for his swords man ship and cunning, he is a natural born leader, Hajime  knows Akido, Kenjutsu, and iadio.
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Hajime was laying in the soft grass field and suddenly hears one walking on the road as he looked he saw you (open rp)

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Name: Hiromichi Yokogawa
 Age: 21
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation: Straight
Likes: His twin Blades Daishō
Clan: Dead
Dislikes:people who try to harm what he cares about
Personality: Serious, all business, loving and caring when he opens up
Skills: Trained to perfection as a swordsman and Ninja, Able to use all forms of weaponry but prefers a sword
 *Bio: a wandering swordsman looking for peace in his chaotic life

would anyone like a sibling?
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