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Hi, and welmone to the Supernatural community.


*No over-powering.

No killing unless you ask them/they want you to.

Cursing is fine.







Skin Color:

Accent(if any):

Body Type:








Abilities(like can run super fast, superhearing, etc):

Powers(If any):








Castiel: +Naruto Uzumaki






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A guy in his twenties with a troublemaker grin was sitting at a bar after getting a call from the Winchesters. They said they might need him soon, they were on some hunt.

he ran a hand through his messy brown hair, winking at the barmaid before getting up to leave. He picked up his duffel bag, which moved slightly as he did, and tipped her before leaving. He pushed the door open and walked out towards his truck when:
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Drakk was finishing up the last vampire of a pack, chopping its head off cleanly while Vaeros, his wyvern chowed down on the remains of a dog the vamps had killed to suck dry. He cleaned and sheathed his machete before holding out his arm for the hawk-sized reptile to fly over and land on.

he started walking towards his old Ford Ranger when you:

Hey +Namida Shoji you okay? and did you delete our post?

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*Name: Austin Drakkirion (drakk)

Species: Human

*Gender: Male

Age: 21

Hair: Brown and messy, spikey somewhat

Eyes: blue

Skin Color: tan

Accent(if any): american

Body Type: Lean and well muscled, a bit like sam

Scars: Some scratch marks on his arm that his pet wyvern gave him before he was a wyvern

Clothing: usually wears jeans, undershirt, unbuttoned flannel, and hiking boots

Personality: Very cocky and flirty. He's always the one to not take things seriosuly. He's nice enough but he's a bit too carefree, not to mention his ADHD, he gets distracted WAY to easily

Likes: Girls, food, knives and swords, porn, killing monsters, playing music, country, and humor

Dislikes: vegetables, most monsters, vampires especially, and needles

Fears: lonliness, heights, and spiders... he HATES spiders

Dreams/Goals: To survive, and have fun doing it

Abilities(like can run super fast, superhearing, etc): None really, but he's really good with swords, and his guitar can make people fall asleep pretty easy

Powers(If any): none

Flaws: gets distracted, naive, hotheaded, carefree

Family/Relationships: none

Family: none?

Backstory: He was twelve when his mom and dad were killed by a nest of vampires, he was the sole surviver, and got kidnapped by them. later a hunter saved him, but he never caught his name (bobby). he lived for a few years in orphanages and halfway houses untill he grew tired of it. he eventually found a hunter named Alex and was taken in, getting taught all the finer arts of hunting. Alex was later killed by... you guessed it... vampires. They were on a hunt and it went sour after they miscalculated the amount of vamps, Drakk barely made it out with his life.
he kept fighting and hunting for another three years before he went on a hunt for a nest of scaley dragon like things, and killed most of them with acid, but he ended up saving an egg he found in the remains. not having the heart to destroy it, he kept it and let it hatch, raising the baby wyvern and naming it scorch.


Pet name: Scorch

species: Wyvern

Description: A small red Dragon-like creature with two legs instead of four, that uses it wings to walk. It has a long skinny tail with a sharp arrowhead at the end, spikes that sweep off the back of his head, and glowing green eyes.

Size: 14 inches long, about the size of a falcon

Weight: at most, 1lbs

-Fire breath, can shoot about ten feet and lasts about thirty seconds until it's chemicals are used up
-Night vision
-amazing senses
-Venomous bite, takes about eight hours to kill a grown man, much like rattlesnake venom
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*Name: Scarlet Rose. Ember Aaron.

Species: Demon.

*Gender: Female.

Hair: A dark scarlet/maroon color, and past her shoulders.

Eyes: Bright ocean blue eyes.

Skin Color: Sun-kissed tan.

Accent(if any): German.

Body Type: Curvy, skinny, and athletic.

Scars: She has many scars, the biggest scar she has, is three claw marks going from the bottom of her neck, to her waist.

Clothing: Her clothing choice is a dark brown cloak, that goes to her mid-thigh, covered in red ribbons. Her hood is always over head. Her pants are brown like her cloak, just a shade darker. Her boots are plain black and goes almost to her knee. She has a metal snake bracelet on her left arm, and a black, skull bracelet on her left. Her necklace is made from stainless steal, and is the symbol of her creed.

Personality: She's mean, but not exactly evil. She's just misunderstood. She hotheaded but can be chill when she wants to. She's secretive and quiet.

Likes: Books, loud music, forest, training, Maroon not the color, quiet places, being an assassin, and her tattoos.

Dislikes: Talking about her past, the color pink, people, people trying to kill her.

Fears: None, that she talks of anyways.

Dreams/Goals: She wants to be a master assassin.

Abilities(like can run super fast, superhearing, etc): She's extremely flexible, and fast. Her assassin skills give her super senses, and extreme fighting skills.

Powers(If any): Precognition, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and fear manipulation.

Flaws: She always doubts herself.

Family/Relationships: She has no family, all of them are dead. She has no friends, but plenty of enemies.

Backstory: Not permitted to say.
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YAY! can my character have a pet wyvern? like a small one that sits on his shoulder and does nifty things like breath fire and bite people?
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