'm sorry to have to say this to everyone here, but I have been feeling really upset with people on here and it needs to be cleared up right now. I don't come on the Internet to bring drama. I don't come on the Internet to be a troll, I come on the Internet to fulfill needs in myself, and if people do not fulfill a need they will be deleted. I'm really tired of stressing this, but it needs to be stressed. I'm too old to have to tell people about why. So I'm going to do it now:

Why I don't like to go on forums, message often, or message boards and texting too much on IMs:

Well the reason is because a lot of people don't like what I type, and I do this to avoid people who are 'grammar-Nazi's', and also people who are careless about me. Also the furry fandom didn't;' make it any better. I'm not blaming, and if this sounds like a blame game, it's not. Let's just say after leaving form the fandom, I had a few friends but then it got sour real quick with some of them. And I got board of the shenanigans. So that made me have a emotional depression whihc is the reason why I call more or VC/AC (video chat / audio chat) than posting or texting.

Do you hate my story so much? Do you want me to leave?

So,this is the story I made up from my dream of becoming a Xenomorph. Hope you like it. Please, keep in mind, that I haven`t seen the Aliens movies, so this might be not what you expect, compared to the movies.

It was great fun, writing it, and if you like the story, and want me to continue, feel free to give me some ideas, what you would like to happen, or what you would like to see.

Here we go:

Gizmo`s Xenomorph Journey

1. Lost

The last thing, I heard, was the squishy noise, as the door sealed shut. And then it was just me, and the air surrounding me. Well, no, that sounds pathetic, my flight was rather a fall, and it was over pretty soon, when I crashed into something. What ever it was, it was hard as a rock, my body was not.

And here I was, flat on my back, my whole body hurting like hell, my legs seemed to be useless. I had no idea, where I was, all I could see, was a dimmly lit surrounding, I could hear water dripping somewhere nearby, and there was a musty odor in the air. I sighed. Should this be the end? To die all alone in such a depressingly cold and dark place?

Then I noticed a movement to my left side. I turned my head and saw a facehugger, who was preparing to jump right into my face. „ Stop! Please!,“ I yelled at him, but my voice was weak,“ I don`t wanna be a host! I wanna be one of you! I wanna be a xenomorph warrior, too! Please! Don`t jump!“ The facehugger stopped in his tracks, and I could tell he was confused.

There was another movement to my right side, and as I turned my head, I saw a warrior appearing out of the dark. Now I was afraid. Would he kill me? If the facehugger didn`t impregnate me, what would the warrior do?
I had seen warriors before, but laying flat on the ground, he looked like a giant.

To my very surprise he knelt down beside me, and with a dark voice, he said:“ You sure, you wanna be one of us?“ I nodded. He said:“ Ok. But only the queen can help you. Can you walk?“ I shook my head. „ Don`t worry,“ he answered,“ I`m gonna carry you.“ And he picked me up. The facehugger crawled onto my left shoulder, and started purring like a cat.

While I was laying on the arms of the creature, I felt like a fragile doll, but he was very careful. „Relax,“ the facehugger purred. And I did.

After a while we entered a room, also dimmly lit. There was a table- like structure, and the warrior placed me on it. „ I`m gonna get the queen,“ he said, and left. The queen.. No one had ever really seen her, but she was said to be much bigger than the warriors, and must look very frightening.
I was nervous, once again. „ Don`t worry, she will help you,“ purred the facehugger on my shoulder.

And then she entered the room, followed by the warrior. Yes, she was huge, very huge, and she also looked frightening. But her voice was soft and warm. „Sid here,“ she said, nodding towards the warrior,“ told me, you want to become a warrior.“ I nodded:“ Yes, mylady! Or what should I call you? Uhm... I mean... ah... I haven`t talked to a queen before.“ She laughed heartily:“ You`re cute! Just call me Queen!“

„But coming back to your wish,“ she continued,“ I can transform you into a warrior, but it`s not that easy. You will have to learn to get used to your new body and your new abilities. And that will take time. Also I have to give you a kind of narcosis, as you can`t stay awake during the procedure. That is, what you need to know in advance.“ Once again I nodded. I was feeling weaker by the minute, and the pain began to fog my mind. „ Can he stay alive,“ I asked her, looking at the little creature on my shoulder,“ he is so cute!“ „Sure he can,“ she answered,“ he is your companion. You will be the warrior with a facehugger on his shoulder.“ I noticed, that the facehugger had stopped purring, but I didn`t know, when.
„ We got to be fast,“ she said,“ your injuries are severe, and your human body is about to shut down.“ „ There is just one more thing, I`d like to know,“ I said, „ do you have eyes? I mean, everybody is talking about that, but no one knows for sure.“ She giggled:“ You will find out, soon.“
Then she placed her huge hand softly on my chest, and the facehugger began purring, again. „Sleep now, my son,“ she said softly, like every good mother does.

2. Waking up

From her hand there was a cozy warmth running through my body, the pain was gone, I sighed with relief. And then it all turned black.

I didn`t wake up, like I was used to, after having had surgery, when your whole body awakes, step by step. But now, my body didn`t seem to wake up, or to even be there, at all. It was like my mind was floating in an isolated and dark room, none of my senses seemed to be working. No sound, no sight, no smell, no sensivity of skin, nothing. Just my mind, floating and thinking. It started to make me nervous.
„ Hey, warrior!,“ I heard her say,“ the procedure went well. You don`t have to be afraid, because this is just a part of the process. I wish I could have explained it to you in detail, before we started. But to be honest, you were just seconds away from death. Now, as there is so much new and different to your body, and your new surrounding, it would be way too much for you to take, if I would let you just wake up. So, what we are going to do, is, to give you back, nah, back is not correct, as you didn`t have it, before.. Well, ok, I`ll give you your new body bit by bit.
Another thing is, you may not feel like it, but the procedure was very exhausting for your body, and it needs to relax and recover. So, at the moment, you can only speak to me, but be assured, Sid is right at your side, watching over you. And, whenever you would like to talk to me, just think my name!“ I started to feel better. „ Oh, I think, there is one thing, I can give you, right now,“ I heard her say, and she giggled. „ Tell me, what you feel,“ she said. At first, there was nothing, but then I felt a slight pressure on what seemed to be my left shoulder. But I wasn`t sure. „Ok, I`ll give you another hint,“ she giggled. And I heard a purring sound coming from the shoulder. „It`s my kitten,“ I thought happily. She giggled and left, so this meant, I was also able, to feel her presence. „Meow,“ said the facehugger on my shoulder. And I chuckled.

Although I didn`t feel tired at all, the purring started to calm me down. „ You know what,“ I said to the facehugger,“ I`m gonna call you Kitten. Do you like it?“ The purring got louder, and he said:“ Oh, yes! That`s a real good name! Normally we don`t have names, because our lifespan is so short. The only ones, that gives us names, are the humans. But being called: spider, crab, bugger, shitbird, cripple and other strange names, is not nice.“ I nodded, and was surprised:“ Did I just nod?“ „Not visibly,“ he answered. „This is crazy, totally crazy,“ I murmured.
Kitten purred, and I concentrated on just listening to him. It worked for a while, then I fell asleep.

The queen was back:“ Ok, first thing today is, you need a name. Do you want to stick with your human name, or do you want to get a new name?“ „My nickname is Gizmo, and nearly everybody called me that,“ I said,“ so, I`m used to it, and I like that name. I would like to keep it.“ „Ok, Gizmo. Nice choice,“ she answered.
„I will tell you a bit about your new body, and what to expect during the coming days,“ she explained. „ The table, Sid placed you on, is a special construction we use for medical procedures and surgeries. Due to our anatomy, we can`t lie flat on our backs. So this construction moulds around your body, so that you are on your back, but without damaging any parts of your body. This also means, you can`t move, while in the mould. I tell you, because many wake up, try to move, and start to panic, because they can`t.“ I started to become curious what would happen next. This was, for sure, the biggest adventure of my whole life! And I started loving it. I could tell, she was grinning broadly.

„ You make me happy, Gizmo,“ she said, before continuing to explain what was to follow.
„ Well, today I will give you your head, that means, you will learn how to use your jaws. As you know, we also have an inner set of jaws, that is also a weapon, as we can extend it very fast. It has the strength to shutter another creature`s skull. But as you are used to have just one jaw, and, sorry to say that, a rather weak one, it will need some practice for you, to learn how to use them both.,“ she said,“ are you ready?“
„Yes,“ I said. „So, Gizmo,“ she giggled,“ it`s about time, to open your eyes.“
My eyes... My mind told my eyes, to open, as it was used to, but nothing happened. My surrounding was as dark, as before.“ „Nothing,“ she asked,“ uhm, maybe it is easier, once you feel your head..“
It was a strange sensation, when my head came alive, a feeling I can`t explain. First I felt my forehead, than the top of my head, my mind said, now it`s time for the back of the head, and that`s all. But there was no back, just another part of skull, and another, and.. How dumb I was, I thought, being a xenomorph means having that huge and elongated head. I tried to imagine the head, and suddenly I was able to feel the whole thing, and could tell every part of it.
„Now,“ the queen said, still giggling,“ try it again!“ I went through every part of my new head, that I could feel, but had to realize, there were no eyes. „ No eyes,“ she asked. I shook my head, well, I thought about shaking it, as it was fixed in the mould. „Look,“ she said softly, and there was a flickering picture, a greenish color, like looking though a night vision device. I saw blurred shadows moving around. But after a few moments, the flickering stopped, and the picture became clear, still greenish, but clear. I saw her in front of me, she waved like a little girl, and we both had to lough.

„Ok, now you have sight, even without eyes,“ she said,“ Let`s learn how to use that jaws! Can you open your outer jaw?“ My mind told my mouth to open, like it was used to, and I felt the outer jaw opening. „ Great,“ she said,“ now try to feel the inner jaw. And once you think, you have found it, open it.“ Again I walked through the parts of my new head, and found something, that I didn`t know. As it seemed to be inside of my head, I guessed it was the inner jaw. My mind told it to open. I could feel something move inside of my mouth. It must have been right, because she was applauding me.
„ Now here comes the tricky part. Extend the inner jaw, slowly at first, and once it works, increase the speed,“ she said. Ok, I thought, first thing should be to open the outer jaw, otherwise, it will be quite painful. Now my mind told the inner jaw, to extend, but the only thing, that happened, was it opened and closed, again. No, you shall extend, like sticking out my tongue! Damn it, I was talking to a jaw! The queen laughed. My mind, now, told my tongue to stick out, and I felt the inner jaw moving. „You did it,“ I heard her yell in excitement. Ok, if I want to move that jaw, I have to give commands to my tongue, I think, I can handle that.

„ There`s another sense, that is connected with your head,“ she explained,“ it`s hearing. Say hello to Sid!“ „Hi, Sid,“ I said. „Hey, Gizmo, how are you,“ I heard him answer. „Great,“ I said happily.

„Now it`s time to relax, Gizmo,“ she said,“ try to sleep! Tomorrow will be a big day. You will stand up and learn to walk and to move your body!“

3 Up again

I had slept peacefully, only woke up twice, to Sid`s complaints:“ Damn it, Gizmo! Stop snoring!“
When the queen entered the room, I was already awake, and debating with Sid, if it`s possible for a sleeping person, to realize, that he is snoring, and to stop it.
She seemed to be in a great mood, as she almost sang:“ Good morning, my lovely sons! How was your night? Aside from the noise coming from somewhere inside of him.“ She pointed at me.
I knew, how humans snore, but I had no idea, if Xenomorphs snore of the same reason. And in the end, it didn`t matter, because, in my opinion, you can`t stop snoring, once you fall asleep.

„Can I go get some sleep,“ Sid asked. „No, I need you here,“ the queen said,“ today he will stand up, and I need a second person to hold him, until he is able to walk alone.“ Sid seemed to be in a pretty bad mood, and I started to feel bad. „Can I get somebody else,“ he asked. „Sid,“ she said, with a sharp tone in her voice. „Ok, I will stay,“ and he sat back down. I didn`t want him to be angry, so I said:“ Maybe we could train something else, today, and Sid can get some sleep. And tomorrow we stand up?“ „No,Giz, don`t worry,“ she said,“ all his brothers are snoring, and he himself as well. Whatever the reason was, for him, to not get enough sleep, it was not you.“

„So, Giz,“ she explained,“ before we start, I will tell you what to expect. Your new body is much larger than your human body, but you already know that. And you will get used to that, quickly. Another thing is, you now have a tail, and at the beginning you will possibly forget about it, and slam it against things, or other people. Which they won`t be happy about. And, you have 4 dorsal tubes on your back. They will only become a problem, when you try to lie on your back. This would be quite painful. So, until you get used to it, remind yourself from time to time, of the tubes, and check what your tail is doing. Ok?“ I nodded.
„ Once the mould is gone, I will help you to sit up. So you will get a first feeling of your new body. We will train how to use your arms and hands. And if everything goes well, we will help you to stand up und take your first steps.“ she said, and I nodded, again.

There was a hissing sound, and I felt the mould releasing my body. She held out her hands, and I lifted my arms. It worked, but felt strange. She took my hands and pulled me to a sitting position.
„How do you feel,“ she asked,“ if you feel dizzy, let me know it, and we will slow down.“ „No, I`m ok,“ I answered, „ only my head feels really heavy.“ „That`s because it`s much bigger, than your old one,“ she giggled. „Of course,“ I murmured, and felt silly, because I should have known that.
She turned and picked up something, it was a stone. She held it out to me, and said:“ Take it! With your right hand first, and then with your left.“
I looked at my hands, they looked funny. I had two thumbs, one on either side of the hand. The trigger finger was fused to the middle finger, and the ring finger was fused to the pinkie finger.
I lifted my right hand, and thought about, how to do it. But then I thought, it can`t be very different to using a human hand, and I wrapped my fingers around the stone, and took it off her hand. Then I placed it back at her hand, and did the same with my left hand. „ That looks great,“ she said,“ so we can continue to the next level. Take Kitten off you shoulder and hand him to me!“
I placed my right hand on his back, but was afraid I could hurt him, so I started petting him, instead. He started purring almost immediately, but that was not, what she wanted to see. „ Giz, you won`t hurt him, believe me! I mean, it`s great, that you are able to pet him, and he seems to love it, but, please, pick him up and hand him to me,“ she said. So I wrapped my fingers carefully around him and tightened my grip a bit. „ It`s ok,“ I heard him whisper,“ let`s get it over with! Don`t worry!“
so I tightened my grip a bit more, and took him off my shoulder, and placed him in her hand. „Thank you,“ she said, and petted Kitten for a while, before she said:“ Take him back to your shoulder.“ So I did.

„You did great, so far,“ she said, satisfied,“ but now comes the hard part. Try to swing your legs from the table.“ So I tried to lift them, but it was not high enough, to get them over the side wall of this strange structure I was sitting in. Then I bend my knees, and tried again, and after the fifth try, I was sitting on the edge of the table, with my legs dangling in the air. She applauded.
Then she said:“ Ok, now we need Sid. We will hold you, while you stand up, and try to walk. Ok?“
I nodded. „Sid? Sid!,“ she called to the obviously sleeping person next to the door, but he didn`t react. „SID!!!!!,“ her voice was now hard and loud, and Sid almost jumped to his feet, and ran over to us.

While she hold me under my left armpit, he did the same under the right one, and I slowly pushed myself from the table. My feet found the ground, and I tried to straighten my body, which was not as easy, as I had thought. But then I was standing there, the queen still towering over me, but I now had the same height than Sid. „ You decide, when you will continue,“ she said. But I felt good, so I took my first step, and my second, and third, and it went really well. Sid let go off my armpit, and a few minutes later, I was walking around the room all by myself and unaided.

„How do you feel,“ she asked. „ Good,“ I answered. „Ok, so Sid will now show you around your new home, and you will get to know the others. Your brothers, I mean. You still need to recover, so take it slow. If you feel like it, you can stay with them, if not, you can come back to this room, and I will put you back in the mould for the night.,“ she explained,“ anyway, I`m always there for you. Don`t hesitate to contact me. You are my son,now, and I love you as much, as I love all the others.“

Then she nodded to Sid, who seemed to be in a better mood, and we left the room.

4 Brothers

My new home seemed to be a kind of cave, a dark, wet and musty cave, but in a way, I instantly liked it. „ We are just a small hive,“ Sid said,“ that`s what we call our families. So we only have a rather small home, not much to show you, though.“ He stopped infront of a steel door. „This,“ he explained,“ is the queen`s chamber. Sometimes, she is laying eggs in there, to enlarge the family. If she does, she isn`t able to move, and we have to take care of her.“ It was hard to imagine, seeing this huge and strong creature sitting motionless and helpless on the ground. „Can we take a look inside,“ I asked. He shook his head,: „Only by invitation.“ And he turned to leave. „ Of course, you can take a look,“ we heard her voice from inside,“ come on in!“ Sid sighed, but opened the heavy door. I had imagined her room to be decorated and to look somewhat female, but it was just another part of the cave, only the door gave her a bit of privacy. She was sitting on a throne-like structure that resembled insect legs. There where no eggs to be seen. „ No need to enlarge the family, at the moment,“ she explained and giggled,“ we just recently got a new member of our hive. And a very special one, so to say.“ „Thank you for letting me be a member of your family,“ I said, and a comforting warmth filled my body. „Oh, I noticed, you wondered about the doors,“ she said,“ they are from crashed spaceships. Now go on and meet your new brothers! I will see you later!“

We left her room and stopped again infront of a doorless entrance. From inside we could hear snoring and whispering voices. „That`s our room,“ Sid explained,“ and as I said, we only have a rather small home. So, this is the last room. Come on in! This is also your room, now.“

I could see four other warriors lounging on the floor, that seemed to be covered with old blankets and clothing, or rugs. Most likely also taken from the crashed ships.
As we entered, the two, that were awake and talking to each other, nudged the ones, that were sleeping. They all stood up and walked over to us, what gave me a strange feeling , but it only lasted a few seconds. Why should they want to harm me? I was one of them.

They welcomed me, and told me their names, Neon,Spitty, Sabre and Spark. The only thing was, that to me, they all looked the same, so I was not able to tell them apart. But I would learn, I told myself.
One of them walked over to the end of the room, and came back with some more blankets and rugs, and placed it on a free space on the ground. „ That`s your bed,“ he explained, and we all sat down.
„ Where do you come from,“ one of them asked,“ I have never heard of a human becoming a Xenomorph, before.“

I knew, there would come a time, when I would have to tell my story, and I was willing, to do so.
„But it`s a rather long story,“ I said. „Let`s sleep for a while,“ Sid said,“ and tell it later.“ Everyone agreed, and soon I was surrounded by snoring, even Kitten was snoring. So I lay down on my new bed, and fell asleep soon.

5 A trip to the past

When I woke up, I was curled up on my side, like a cat. This seemed to be the best way to sleep, due to the huge head and the dorsal tubes. My tail was laying on my right hip, and it`s tip, that wore a spear, was right infront of my head. As the others were still sleeping, I decided to train a bit. So I moved my tail in every possible direction, and I learned to control the speed of it`s movements.
Then I relaxed and thought about my life, up to this point, and I realized, I still had some questions to my new family.

It was the queen who woke us up, by entering our room. We all lounged on our beds, while she brought her own rugs, to sit on. It seemed, like she could read my mind, as she told me, to ask everything, that was still unclear to me.
So I said:“ Well, I just wonder, how are we able to communicate? Did you implant a kind of translator to me?“ She shook her head:“ No, this is just a sign, on how special you are. You wouldn`t believe, how many humans are asking to become a warrior, just to save their lives. We do understand them. So we ask them, if they are sure, they want to be one of us. Normally, they don`t understand. So they get killed. But if they do understand, that means, that deep down inside, they are already one of us, so we will help them to get a matching body and to integrate into the hive.“
„ How many others like me, are there,“ I asked. „You`re the first,“ she said. „ Thank you! That`s a great honor,“ I mumbled. The others were laughing.

„How did you find me,“ I asked. „ Sid and me were on patrol,“ one of my brothers said, I think, it was Neon,“ when we saw that human landing ship. But instead of landing, they opened a kind of door, and we saw a person dropping out. The ship then disappeared. The person dropped heavily with his back and legs on a huge rock. While I went back to inform the others, Sid went to look what happened to that person.“ „ I thought, that a human body could not be able to survive such an impact,“ Sid explained,“ so I hid in the shadow and looked for any lifesigns on you. At first you really seemed to be dead, but then you started moving slightly. I sent Kitten over to get a closer look. Once you pleaded him not to jump, I had to ask you that certain question, and as you were able to understand what I was saying, I knew, that I had to carry you to our queen.“ For a moment, everybody was quiet, then I asked:“ Would Kitten have really jumped on my face to impregnate me?“ And it was Kitten, who answered the question:“ No, because I knew, you were about to die, so there wouldn`t have been enough time for the Chestburster to fully grow.“

„ But, Giz,“ the queen asked,“ why did they drop you out of that ship?“ „Did you screw the commander`s wife,“ someone asked and everybody laughed. „ Oh, Sabre,“ the queen said, slightly embarassed. „ Yeah, I mean, I heard, they are doing such things,“ Sabre said.
„No,“ I said,“ I didn`t screw anybody`s wife. It was my cousin Rick, who pushed me outta that ship.“ „ Cousin,“ Spitty asked, „ what`s a cousin?“ Sure, they only had a mother and brothers. So how should they know?
„He is the son of my mother`s sister,“ I explained. „But why does he hate you,“ Sid asked,“ a family should stick together. Because only together we are really strong.“ „I know,“ I said,“ and back when we were kids, we were more like real brothers, we were best friends. But when we grew up, he changed, he became arrogant, and he started to hate me. Because I never wanted to become a soldier and fight other beings that didn`t do us any harm, except living on some planets, that the humans wanted to own themselves. But, as I said, it`s a long story.“

Everybody shifted to a more comfortable position, and the queen nodded in my direction, as if to say: go ahead.

„ When we were kids, our parents liked doing things together, like trips with their motorbikes, or going on sailing trips, skiing trips, etc. Sometimes, they took Rick and me with them, but on this day, they brought us to our grandparents for the weekend. A friend of Rick`s father was a pilot and had a small aircraft. He had invited our parents to join in a flight to Canada, with him and his wife.
Somewhere on that flight, something went wrong, and the plane crashed. They all died. We never found out, what went wrong.
Well, Rick and me had to stay with our grandparents. Rick was a multitalented guy, he was a good baseball player, he was a great swimmer, he played the guitar very well, and he had a good singing voice. Also, he was a good looking guy, and the girls loved him.
While I was not as good looking, as him, I also played Baseball, but not nearly as good. I was rather quiet, I liked to be in the nature, roaming around the woods, and girls had no interest in me. But at that time, it was no problem at all, Rick and me, we were close friends.
That changed the day, Rick came home from his swimming lessons, and told us, that there had been a recruiter, who had told them, how great it would be, to become a soldier, and to fly small combat ships in space. Rick fell to this immediately, he already saw himself as a hero, walking around the town, with old men applauding him, and girls and woman screaming and collapsing. He talked about the car he would get, and a big house, and maybe an own little aircraft, or a sailing yacht.
My grandparents always seemed to prefer him, over me, and now, they told him, what a great idea this was, and gratulated him, once he said, that he had already enlisted. To me this seemed like a dumb idea, I could imagine becoming a soldier to defend our planet from any possible invaders. But to go out there to be an invader, myself, was not what I wanted to do.
Unfortunately, my grandparents decided, that I had to join, as well. They thought, this would be good, as Rick was two years older, than me, so he could take care of me. I said, I didn`t want to join, and that I could take care of myself, but I had no choice.

Rick was, once again, the very talented guy, who became an excellent pilot in no time. I was a good pilot, too, but when it came to a combat situation, I always fell back. I just couldn`t push myself to continue, to harm other beings, who never harmed me in advance. The other pilots began taunting Rick, with his useless cousin, who acted like a little girl, who retreated like a coward. And Rick became angry on me, he yelled at me, to go out there and fight like a man. But after I didn`t do it, he got our commander to degrade me to the position of cleaner. Maybe they had the hope, that this would embarass me so much, that I would do anything, to get rid of that job, like going into fights while flying a fighter. But to me, this job was ok, as I had much time being all by myself, cleaning the rooms, while the others were out there, flying. And I dreamed me back home, I imagined, what it felt like, to walk on gras, to hear the wind in the trees, to feel the warm air on my skin, the rain, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the soft fur of my cat. And I hoped, this duty would be over, soon, and we could return back home. I didn`t mind, if Rick would really get all the things, he had talked of, because to me, they didn`t matter. I never had any interest in becoming rich.

But the others still taunted Rick, and I think, that was the moment, when he started hating me. To him, I was like his ball and chains. I know, that he tried to talk the commander in sending me home, but it didn`t happen. And the taunting continued, so Rick seemed to make his own plans, on how to get rid of me.

On that day, while I was cleaning our little kitchen, someone called me, and said to come over to the hangar, as there was something to be cleaned up. So I went to the hangar, and I saw Rick and some others standing together and pointing at something on the floor. I put down my cleaning equipment and asked them to let me see, what it was. There was nothing on the floor, and as I wanted to turn around and go back to the kitchen, they opened this door, and Rick pushed me outside. The last thing I saw, was his devilish grin. And the rest, we all know.“ My head dropped down to my chest, and the memories produced a cold feeling inside my chest. Would my grandparents get to know, what really happened? Or would Rick tell them, I had an accident?
Some weeks earlier, Rick and me had a debate, again, on how to act as a pilot, about bravery, heroism, and all the things, that were important to him. He urged me to go out there, and show everybody, that I`m able to fight, but I asked him:“ Why should I do this? What do you think is so great about going out there, and shooting at my friends?!“ His eyes grew large, and his jaw dropped down:“ Your....what....??? Did you really just say, your friends??? How can you call those ugly bastards your friends?? I can find nothing friendly on them!!“
Well, in the end, this seems to be the reason, why he pushed me out at this certain place. He knew, you were there.

We were quiet for a while, than Sid said:“ What would you do, if you would meet him, again?“ „You should kill him,“ Spitty said. I shook my head:“ No, that would be too easy. Because that`s what they would expect me to do. I don`t hate him, so I would like him to learn a lesson.“
„How can you not hate him,“ Neon asked astounded,“, I mean, he tried to kill you!“
„Think about it, Giz,“ the queen said,“ I`m sure, you will make the right decision. And be sure, you will meet again.“

6 On patrol

A few days went by, and I kept recovering from the procedure, so I had slept a lot. My brothers had tought me how to use my body in fight, and this time it felt right to fight, as it would be to defend my family, and my home.
Eventually I got used to my new body, that had recovered fully, so I was sent out on a patrol, with Neon.

We left our part of the cave, and soon came to a place, that I could remember quite well. While we looked at the blank spot that was covered with dried blood, Neon said:“ This must be the place, where Sid found you.“ I nodded, and it seemed, like I was feeling this excruciating pain again. Again I looked at the spot, and said:“ I didn`t notice, I was bleeding..“
He waved at me to follow him, and we left the cave. This was the first time, I saw the surface of this planet. It looked like a mixture of the Grand Canyon and a variety of mountains and ridges, but without any plants. The main color was brown and grey, Sand and stone.

Neon stopped at a huge rock and looked at me. „This is were I crashed upon,“ I asked. He nodded and pointed to some parts of cloth, that were pinned to the rock, and here, also,were blood stains to be seen. I looked up into the air and tried to imagine, what my drop must have looked like. „It looked pretty bad,“ Neon said, „ really bad. Must have shattered your spine and legs.“

The memory came back, and again, I saw myself looking at the non existant dirt on the ground, infront of that door. I saw Rick and his companions, and it became clear, that they must have known, what he was about to do. Why didn`t they stop him? I could understand his anger on me, but to all the others, I might have been a loser, but not an enemy.
Once again, I saw Rick grinning, felt my body rushing through the air, felt the sudden stop, the crash, that pressed all the air out of my lungs, the pain flooding my body like a fire.
But there was one thing I couldn`t remember:“ How did I manage to get from this rock to the spot inside the cave, where Sid found me?“ „You were crawling,“ Neon said quietly,“ you were pulling yourself forward only with the power of your arms. Your legs trailing behind, bend at a strange angle, useless. At this time, we didn`t know, if you were an enemy, or not, but still it looked really painful, even to us.“

We met the other patrol, consisting of Sid and Spark. While we were going home, I asked Sid:“ Can you tell me about the procedure I underwent?“ He shook his head:“ No one knows what`s happening during this procedure, except the queen. And she won`t tell anybody about it. As soon, as she was about to begin, she demanded to be left alone. So I went to our room and slept for a while.“
„How long did the procedure take,“ I asked. „A while,“ he said,“ but our time is not like the time, you are used to. We don`t measure time in seconds, minutes and hours. It`s hard to explain, but you will learn and get used to it. Like you already got used to your new body, seeing without eyes, and calling that creepy little creature on your shoulder a kitten.“ We laughed, I knew that to him Kitten was not creepy, but to humans he was. As to myself, when we first met, back there at that spot in the cave, where I had dragged my shattered body to.

7 Final encounter

Some day, Spitty came racing to our cave:“ Landingship! They are already opening their doors! Let`s go!“ Was this Rick? I joined my brothers, we ran to a hiding place, and watched what was happening. We saw humans walking around in space suits, some were measuring something, and eventually they took off their helmets. So the athmosphere was ok for humans.
Suddenly my body tensed up, when another human stepped out of the ship. „That`s him“, I whispered,“ that`s my cousin Rick.“ We saw him walking around like the boss, himself. Was this really they guy, I grew up with?
„What are they searching for,“ Neon asked me. I shrugged my shoulders:“ I don`t know. I`ve never heard them talking about this planet. To me it doesn`t seem to be a good place for humans, no plants, nearly no water, to many rocks and mountains.“ „Could they be searching for you,“ Spitty asked. Again I shrugged my shoulders:“ Why should they be searching for me, after they tried to kill me, and left me on this planet. For quite a long time, that is.“

When I saw Rick walking off alone, we all decided, I should go out and confront him. I had made a plan in advance, everybody was informed, and had his, or her role. Although it was sad, due to all that happened, between Rick and me, I was looking forward to it.

Rick seemed to be searching something on the ground, he noticed me, when he nearly bumped into me. He looked at my feet, then his head wandered slowly up to my head, his chin dropped, then he gulped, and then he leaped backwards. I didn`t move, except tilting my head slowly from side to side. Another crewmember came running by, to defend Rick. He held a rifle, but he was shivering so much, that it was useless.
With the tip of my tail, I began writing something in the sand. „Look,“ I heared the crewmember say,“ this thing is writing something!“ With the little distance between us, and the armored guy at his side, Rick fell back to his arrogant self. „ Are you nuts,“ he asked his campanion,“ this is just a dumb animal! He can`t write, nor read, or even talk!“ The other guy pointed him at what I had written. Than he looked at Rick, whose jaw dropped again, as he read: Hi, cousin!

Looking at me, he stuttered:“ Gizmo?! I.... I thought.... Well, I thought, you was.... You gotta believe me, I never wanted you to fall out of that door! You slipped and I tried to catch you, but it was too late! Really, I never wanted you to die!“ He was nearing a panic, but that was part of my plan. Now came Kitten`s part, he jumped from my shoulder, and onto Rick`s shoulder. Rick began screaming instantly:“ For godssake, Gizmo!! Take that bugger offa me!! Don`t let him do that! Please! I am your cousin! I love you, man! Take it away!!“ I could see, he was starting to cry. Good.. Still I didn`t move. I felt my brothers rushing to my side, unnoticed by Rick, who was still trying to fight off Kitten. But I knew, that he couldn`t hurt Kitten, and that Kitten couldn`t impregnate him, as he had to give up this ability, to stay alive. After a while, Kitten placed a little device in Rick`s ear.

„ What did it do?!,“ he cried in horror,“ what is this thing doing to me?! Will there be such a thing coming out of my head?! Gizmo, please, man! Make it stop!“
„Shut up, Rick,“ I said calmly,“ it is just a translator, so we can talk.“ Kitten came back to me, and Rick sat up, and wiped the sweat and dirt from his face, he was still panting heavily. „ You said, you didn`t want me to die,“ I said,“ and you tried to catch me. So, why didn`t you land, to look for me? To get me back aboard and let the doc treat my injuries?“ He didn`t dare looking up, as he said:“ We thought you were dead. We saw you crash into that rock, and we really thought, you didn`t survive.“
„Rick, everybody, who would have cared over my wellbeing, would have landed that damn ship. And even if I wouldn`t have survived, you could have taken my corpse back home, so I could have had a funeral, and Granny and Grampa would have a place to remember me, and mourn for me,“ I said calmly. He still didn`t look up, so I continued:“ No, Rick. You were annoyed by me. By me not fighting, and by me, calling these creatures my friends. Be honest, Rick. After the cleaning job was ok with me, and after the commander was not willing, to send me home, you wanted me dead. You wanted me dead, so that the others would stop taunting you. And you decided to drop me on this very spot, because you knew, they are here. And even if I would have survived the crash, they would, most likely, kill me.“

He sighed and looked slowly up, then he murmured:“ I`m sorry... I don`t know, what happed to us. Why can`t you be like me? So everything would be ok.. And now? Will you and your friends... will you... kill me?“ He looked from one to another, from left to right, he saw 5 Xenomorph warriors standing infront of him, obviously looking at him, and I could tell, he was expecting one, or even all of us, jumping on him and killing him. But we didn`t move.

Suddenly he started panicking and screaming, and he tried to get on his feet. He called to his companion, who had left a while ago. I knew, why he was so scared, I felt she was standing behind us, and I knew, how terrifying she looked. „ Where is your friend, Rick,“ I heard her say, with her soft voice. „ Is he gone? Left you all alone? Alone with the enemy?,“ she asked, and Rick nodded without looking up. He was shivering madly. „How do you feel about that, Rick,“ she asked.
„Bad,“ he murmured. „ What do you think, I have felt like,“ I asked,“ after my own cousin pushed me out of the ship, to see me die?“ Rick held his hands infront of his face, and wept, his body shuddering. „What will you tell our grandparents,“ I asked,“ will you tell them the truth? „
He looked at us and shrugged:“ I don`t know. I really don`t know. They wanted me to take care of you, and if I tell them the truth, they will kill me. If I tell them, you had an accident, they will be mad at me, cause I didn`t take care. And if I tell them, you was shot down in a fight, well, they wouldn`t believe, cause there was no Officer coming to their door, to tell them about your death.“
He sighed and gulped again:“ Maybe it is better, if you kill me.. Go on, feel free to do so! Maybe I deserve it. But, please, do it quick, don`t let that scorpion like thing kill me!“

I slowly walked up to him, and knelt beside him. First he tried to move away from me, but than he stopped. I placed a hand on his shoulder and I could see the fear in his eyes. On the front of his pants there was a dark spot growing larger. „Rick,“ I said,“ I want you to tell them, that I have found a new family, that I am happy, and that I will never forget, what they`ve done for us. I won`t kill you, Rick. I don`t hate you. I`m just sad, that this happened, but we are changing, when we get older. You wanted to become a fighter pilot, and for me, it would have been better, to stay at home, and maybe become a biologist. But now it is, like it is, and we have to deal with it. I want you to go and tell them that! And I also want you to think about what you`re doing to other species, before you invade their planets. And, as you can see, we are not just dumb animals. Don`t be such an arrogant asshole, Rick. Because next time, maybe you won`t get away so easily..Think about it!“

I helped him to stand up, and he suddenly pressed against my body, wrapping his arms around me and cried:“ I`m so sorry, Gizmo! I wish I could take you back home! I will resign, I don`t wanna be a soldier, any longer! I wanna go home with you, and be best friends, like we used to be as kids. And we could both go on to study something, and help Grampa doing the gardening. Please, come back home, Gizmo!“ I hugged him, too, but then pushed him off me, gently:“ No, Rick, I can`t. It`s too late. You should have thought about that before you pushed me out of the ship. This is my new family, and I`m happy to be with them. These are my brothers, and there, behind us, is the best mom, one can have!“ „Can I join your family,“ he asked. „ Take the translator out of your ear,“ I said,“ and if you still understand, what I`m saying, you can stay.“ So he did, and I asked him:“ You sure, you want to be one of us?“ He looked at me, and shook his head. I signaled him, to put the device back into his ear. „ Sorry, Rick,“ I said,“ it`s time for you to go now! Go back home, and enjoy your life! And don`t worry too much about me. In the end, you did me a favor, because this is the place I always wanted to be.“ He turned and walked slowly towards the ship, and the others, who were waiting anxiously right at the door. „Hey, Rick,“ I heard Sid call. Rick turned around. „ Rick, better change your pants, man!“ We laughed and went back home, while we heard the ship start it`s engines, and lift off.

I think I have an idea on how to continue the story related to my xenomorph dream. Give me some days to write it.

I`m a bit confused, so maybe you can help me get it straight?

Well, I have never seen any of the Aliens- movies, as I didn`t like stories about aliens who kill other beings, or kidnapp and abuse other beings, as well as I hate zombie- movies.

But, a few days ago, I stumbled over a picture, showing a Xenomorph, the alien creature from the movies, games, comics, etc. And I thought it is very interesting, so I looked up everything I could find about them, and after a while, I noticed, I really like them, I`m drawn towards them. I thought this is odd, but well, ok, why not?

Yesterday night I had a really strange dream, I was somewhere in a rather dark surrounding, don`t know, if it was a spaceship, or where it was. I was hurt pretty bad, don`t know how it happened, but I was flat on the ground and couldn`t use my legs, my whole body was hurting like hell.

So, there I was, when I suddenly saw a movement beside me, and I noticed it was a facehugger, ready to jump into my face. I looked at him and said:" Stop! Please! I don`t wanna be a host. I wanna be one of you! I wanna be a Xenomorph warrior! Please! Don`t jump!" And it stopped, and I could tell, it was confused. From the other side of me, out of the dark, there appeared a warrior, and I was scared, if he would kill me, instead of the facehugger impregnating me.

The warrior said with a dark voice:" You really sure, you wanna be one of us?" I nodded. " Ok, only the queen can help you", he said. " Can you walk?", he asked. I shook my head. " Ok, I`m gonna carry you", he answered, and picked me up. While I lay there on the arms of this creature, I felt like a fragile doll, but he was very carefull. The facehugger crawled onto my left shoulder, and started purring, like a cat. " Relax", it said. And I did.

We entered a room and the warrior lay me on a table. " I`m gonna get the queen", he said and left the room. The facehugger still purred and said softly:" Don`t be afraid, she will help you!"

And then she entered the room, followed by the warrior. She was huge, real huge, but her voice was soft and warm. " Sid here," she said, nodding towards the warrior," told me you want to become a warrior, too." I nodded and said, stuttering:" Yes, Mylady. Or what should I call you? I mean, I`ve never talked to a queen before." She laughed, then she said:" Don`t worry. Just call me Queen."

"So, coming back to your wish. I can transform you into a warrior, but it`s not that easy. That`s what you should know in advance," she explained. I nodded again, I was feeling weak and the pain started to fog my mind. She knew it, as she said:" I will make you unconcious, like a narcosis. You can`t stay awake during the procedure. When you wake up, you will have to learn to use your new body. Sid will assist you, he will help you, and he will train you to become a good warrior. But we need to be fast, your injuries are severe, and your human body is about to shut down." I turned my head and looked at the facehugger, who was still sitting on my shoulder, but had stopped purring. When? I didn`t notice.
" Can he stay alive," I asked the queen," he is really cute, I think." She laughed again, then she said:" Sure, he can, he will be your companion. You will be the warrior with a facehugger on his shoulder." " Oh, and there is one more thing, I would like to know," I said," do you have eyes? I mean, everyone is talking about that, but no one knows for sure." She giggled:" You will find out, soon."
The facehugger started purring again, as she placed her huge hand softly on my chest:" Sleep now, my son," she said.

Unfortunately, I didn`t sleep, but woke up, so I don`t know, if I bacame a good warrior.

But what`s that all about? That sudden interest in Xenomorphs, this dream? Why do I feel drawn towards a creature, that everyone thinks is pure evil? And why do I wish to be one of them?

I used to think, I`m just a tiger, but could this mean, I`m also a Xenomorph?

This is General asking chatter, How is everyone because honestly, I miss people here and I feel at least some kin here are not so weak minded. so how is everyone doing.

Sorry for being absent for so long. But, uhm, to be honest, I just don`t get used to our new Google+ platform. It`s, well, I just don`t like it, but I can`t tell, why.
I do understand, that forums are outdated, and we can reach more people on here, but I miss our old forum, and I wish we could go back.

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Welp. this base is a wolf's base. ._. crap XD

I suck at drawing so i tried to use a fox base for my animal. this is one i atleast feel a deep connection with

Time for a rave!! Anyone else playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

I've played Zelda games since the very first one. The Minish Cap was my longstanding favorite. It was a charming game full of silly quips and just fun. If you have a chance to play it, please do!

I don't want to spoil anything but Breath of the Wild...omg. I'm in love! <3 Not only is the game just absolutely beautiful, but they thought of so much stuff to put into it. Even down to subtle details...I've caught myself just staring at random things because the landscape is breathtaking. There is so much to love about it. And the horses! OMG! Just listen, if you managed to grab a Switch or have a WiiU, get Breath of The Wild. You won't regret it. I'm still exploring only two map locations because there's so much to see and explore and it's literally my favorite game of all time.

What is your favorite past time activity?
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