Any one know what the standard circumference of the character tokens on the mobile version??? I want to give some uploaded tokens some custom borders but want to fit in within the standard border so can see the custom border

Hi there, I've come back to support/make use of this app a few times over the last few years, but always found myself doing so at unlucky times (like when the ipad and android versions had different versions and were incompatible)

From what I've read you're concentrating on the internet-based version (by the way, all the new features since the projects beginnings are amazing, hats off to you sir..!)

I've been having a few problems trying to join an internet based game (hosted from my mac) with an old Ipad 3. Is this browser version only working properly with pc/macs? The main issues are that the ipad very much lags behind whats happening and loses connection/requires reloading the page, or having the fog of war not work properly when the DM adds/removes it (this seems random, the first few will work, then it freaks out). Are these general problems, or something only happening to me?

I'm using different google accounts, and tried in safari and firefox on the ipad, and tried before/after an Ios update with no change.

What is the best way to get this set up at the moment, so players can play on one device (the ipad) and watch it on another (my large-screened mac) whilst I manipulate it from another (laptop) ?

Any ETA when we can expect the full shop-fearure? A rough estimation works well for me as well. :)

I pledged at the Colossus do I got about claiming this in the application? I never received an email for this info.

Feature request:

I'm a longtime subscriber of the ipad version, and recent web-based subscriber also. I DM an old group of friends (playing D&D together since '87) with some local players and 1-2 remote players (remote via free rooms, which has amazing video / whiteboard /screen sharing; we used to use skype).

So, my remote player(s) have no problem with the map as the fog of war works well for them. Locally, however, I am mirroring one of my Mac's screens to a projector / monitor for the local players to view. Thus, I'd really like something like either:

1) A GM Mode / Players Mode toggle so that I can use the fog of war without players seeing the unrevealed map

2) Better still, I'd like to say have DM mode running on one browser (eg: Chrome) and Player mode running on another browser / window (eg: Safari), and just mirror the Safari window to our external projector. I have been trying to do this but the web 3DVTT seems to remember my DM gmail account even when I log out of it on that browser.

3) It'd be great to be able to change associated gmail account from web app login each time (or via a setting). If I could do that I'd also like to associate my dedicated 3DVTT gmail email account with my subscription, rather than my general email which i am using now!

I have made a new gmail account specifically for this purpose and will see if that works also.

Excellent app.


Is there a way to disable/remove/reduce the messages (e.g. Chat, Connected, disconnected)?

For The Connected/disconnected status messages, I think a single last updated would suffice.

The issue I'm thinking of fixing is that they take relatively large amount of real esteet, especially on smaller screens, while providing little value? 

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Easier 3D Terrain in 3D Virtual Tabletop

Using 3D terrain in 3D Virtual Tabletop is now much easier. You can do things in less clicks and Modify button is gone, since you don’t need it any more. Check out the video to see the refined experience.

The latest online version also allows Kickstarter backers to claim their subscription rewards by entering a promo code. Instructions on how to do that are in the latest Kickstarter update. If you supported the campaign with a late pledge, email me at and I’ll tell you how to claim yours.


I would like to suggest a very nice and useful addition: spells!
In Pathfinder or D&D, many times we have to figure out at a glance the size and radius of area spells like Fireball, Lightnint Bolt, Burning Hands, dragon's breath and so forth, deciding which minis are affected and which ones are not.
These for istantaneous effect.

Other times, we have to consider such area of effect spells for a longer time, like a Web or an Entangle spell.

It would be a nice feature if you could add, under the "Terrain" tab, some fixed spells or even better let the users add their own spells.

In this way, I as a GM could add e.g. the "Web" template to the map for a limited time, that would be very useful in battle. Using it as a mini is noth the same thing as you can imagine.

Is that feasible?


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Having an issue with weird shadows in the app on my tablet, anyone else run into this, or any suggested ways to stop it? Happy to lose shadows totally in order to get rid of the shadow issues.

They're variable in how much they show, but they're around enough to be annoying, and they're more present in the 3d version, meaning I don't use that. 
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Adding maps...

Many of my maps are taken directly from Adventure Paths.
For commodity and precision reasons, i leave the printed grid visible on the map.
The problem is that with the new system is very difficult to match the existing grid with the one printed on the map.
It would become very simple if I could manually enlarge, reduce, drag around the uploaded map until the grids are matching. Manually modifying the values of offset and size is VERY difficult and time consuming.

Could it be done?

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