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|| Welcome to Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Ressurection ||

Hello, everyone, I would like to welcome you all to Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Ressurection (NSSR). This is indeed a Naruto role-playing community, where you are, of course, welcomed to freely choose between role playing as a character previously dead or alive in the series or create your own story and legacy on the road to being a ninja as an original character.

Here are some guidelines you need to read and follow!

|| Rules and Regulations ||

| Character Information |

Use what's in your bio. What is on your page is on your person at all times in this roleplay.

| No God Modding |

God Modding is evading every attack that is thrown at you, being invincible, immortal, and not taking any damage. Characters are going to take damage at some point you aren't unstoppable and this will be shown accordingly overpowered will be kept to a minimum. Even in the RP if your character is too overpowered it will be subject to getting nerfed/changed to fit the guidelines of the RP.

| No Auto Hitting |

Auto Hitting is exactly as it sounds; do not state that an attack actually hits an opponent. An example of this would be 'RPer1 punches RPer2 in the face.' This does not allow the opponent to possibly evade, parry, and counter, which is a strict violation of Turn based regulations. Instead, do this: 'RPer1 attempts to punch RPer2 in the face.' The word attempt allows the opponent to do the possible evade, counter, etc...or take the hit. You can also word it differently not just with the word attempt in the attack so long as the attack can be noted if questioned after an opponent doesn't notice it and does, in fact, get hit and you can logically explain as to why it happened then it's fair game.

| No Meta Gaming |

Meta-Gaming would be taking information that is OOC (Out Of Character) and placing it into the knowledge IC (In Character.) It is also a variation of mind reading, if someone says that they think something, your character can not know what is said in this thought. It is exactly that, a thought. Example one would be if you as a person read a profile of another character OOC and your IC assumes to know this information about that other person's character without ever actually meeting them, or knowing who they are. Your character wouldn't know these things, period. Clearly, you can't know what the person is thinking, and would not be able to react to something your character hasn't experienced, heard, seen or felt IC directly.

| Character Growth Rule |

If you don't RP, then your character will not grow simple as that. If you don't take the time to advance them they won't gain anything positive and will remain at their initial level. Though we are highly understandable so long as you notify a mod or owner. Get out there and RP so your character can grow in strength, mind, and grace. If you don't RP then they will stay weak, un-famous etc. the more you RP, the more you grow and create relationships with others the happier your rp experience will be.

| Enemy NPC & Arc Villians |

We like to give the RP a large focal point with impossible or hard to reach odds. Thus NPC's will be made that may question some as to if were power gaming well the answer is No, we're not. We want a tough bad guy because where's the satisfaction of defeating him or her or if the task is made easy? No power gaming should be done meaning people will be limited to skills and perks. If you're not an admin, you can not make a super powerful NPC For an Arc. No question's only Admins have access to this. You can still have an NPC bad guy but they can't be over the top we're watching you.

| Judges |

When ever there is a fight taking place, or anything that revolves around two characters or more, doing battle or some form of pursuit, gun fights etc. Then you might want to have two Judges within the room. Either IC ( In-Character.) Or OOC ( Out of character.)

| Death is Real |

Within our RP community, we like for our Roleplayers to understand DEATH. When you are in a combat situation and you no longer want to fight, you need to understand that you MUST write an exit post. This is the rule if you don't want to fight anymore. You tell the person who you're fighting that you want to tap out, though it won't come with a lost. The one who surrenders must take any damage their opponent wants to add on to before he or she leaves. Meaning if you die you die. Thus the reason giving up against a powerful opponent who doesn't care for your life isn't a smart idea. If you also just happen to not respond to a vital RP for more than a week without notice consider yourself dead or to have lost that fight.

| No Hentai |

If you wanna do Hentai RP to make a child do it out of com rules then get a mod to confirm this happened or just write a pre-thing were everyone knows.

| Banned Techniques |

Dark Release, Edo Tensei, Dead Bone Pulse

| Profile Template |

All mainstream cannon techniques must be learned if you are unsure what they are then a mod will assist and help you out with what they are (Rasengan and Chidori will have to be taught to OC's by Masters of the technique. )

Canon Characters are not allowed.

All OC's will begin at a Genin level straight out of the academy unless you are rogue than your character will not have Rank.

Profiles must be posted and APPROVED before you can begin Role playing.

| Moderater Announcement |

| Clan Heads |

| Legendary Ninjutsu |

| Ninja Shop |

| Training System & OC Clans/Technique |

| Organizations |

| Traveling |

| Bingo Book |

| Prison |

| Sharingan |

| Uchiha and Senju |

| Sage Mode |

| Curse Mark |

| Jinchuuriki |

| Five Kage |

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"W I P"

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”Act II: Destruction of Konoha; Tsuyoki Uzumaki vs. The Mysterious Assassin!”

Konoha was now under completely shut down after an ongoing assault was taking place upon the village. The Nine Tailed fox Kurama had run rampant upon the village destroying anything upon its center. The Hokage wanted to be there aiding his comrades but he was dealing with a situation of his own. See the same male responsible for unleashing the tail beast upon the village hidden by the leaves was standing before the Hokage. Tsuyoki stood before the male with the destruction of the office falling behind him in flames as the failed assassination was the result of that. So he couldn’t stop to worry them because if he failed here then he’d have nothing to worry about.

”So… You’re the coward responsible for this destruction?”

A burning cigarette would continue to burn between his lips as the ash followed down to the ground. Tsuyoki would get in a stance regardless if the male had answer him or not he was ready to fight to not only stay alive but protect his village. Ready and willing to die till the very end. Tsuyoki remained cool, calm and collected minus the destruction going on in the background he had singled everything else as the reason why he became Hokage would finally be put to the test against the savage before him.

Wonder what’s his goal… I better be careful and not to underestimate him.

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| OC Clan Template |

Clan Name:
The Sutōn u~ībāzu (The Stone Weavers)

Clan Crest
Rocky Mountain


Chakra Nature:

Known as the people of the earth the Sutōn u~ībāzu lived underground, they became one with the earth and created there own utopia where they can live peaceful. There are no recorded history that they was involved in any battle by some say that they are the reason for some violate earthquakes that happens when Iwakurage or they are attacked

Kekki Genkai:
The Sutōn u~ībāzu are known for their mastery in the art of earth release as they alter way of earth we know today by they revealed that they possessed a hidden trait known as Konshīrumentorirīsu.

Also known as Concealment Release, this power is used to Seal Charka Natures with Earth and manipulates it to create a sense of utility. They can also seal them with the earth as they are one with the ground

A Notable Clan member such as Terra uses this release to create pillars these pillars has earth with a different nature

Fire and Earth creates a pillar in which turns the ground into lava. When broken into runes they become fiery projectiles thats ignite on contact

Water and Earth creates a pillar that softens the earth causing it to turn into mud. This allows the user to manlipulate the mud to slow they opponent. However if someone stays in it for to long they will sink like if it was quick sand

Wind and earth creates a sand storm that binds visions, prefect for a sneak attack or cover from Vision

Pillar Duration 2 comments

Leader of Clan:
The leader did nothing special
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~ Arc ~

~ Act One ~ Unexpected Guest

+Persia Gambino +Tsuyoki Sarutobi + Fujiwari Senju

~ Open to Leaf Village ~

The Land of Fire a lush and mountainous geographic part of the the Ninja World it wishing its massive forest and enormous mountains where the Village Hidden in the Leaf takes shelter. Other wise known as Konohagakure, home to a vast amount of clans ranging from the strongest to the wisest. Legendary shinobi have hailed from the land some going so far as to being called Heroes and others known for their dishonorable actions. Though even with these actions the village still retains its mighty Will of Fire.

During a cool and beautiful starry night one Clan Head was up enjoying the night for everything it hid. That man was none other then the Namikaze Clan Head, The Prodigy Hiding in the Leaf, Mikoto Namikaze. The white haired male would be lying down atop the roof of his home. He had a relaxed expression upon his handsome face. The males aqua blue eyes shined fiercely under the twinkling stars. His snow white hair looked pure thanks to the comforting rays of Luna the infamous moon. At this time of night the weather was perfect. The winds were gently blowing making the already cool weather that much better by providing a source of fresh wind that would caress the males gentle skin. Mikoto as glowing being in perfect harmony with everything around him.

Up high above the male was an elegant cherry blossom tree. The beautiful embodiment of nature bellowed with the wind, the small rustling of the branches would would fill the night with sound. As the branches gently danced the pink leafs would float over the males head. Their pink hue gave of a beautiful luminescence to the scene before him. It was whimsical something that one wouldn't believe until they had seen it. The vibrant leafs would fall down upon the man, raising a single hand up Mikoto would catch one of the leaves within his palm. Using a slight amount of wind release chakra the petal would spiral upwards into the sky. The sight was beautiful it was as if the leaf had come to life dancing across the canvas that was space. This view surely was capable of relaxing anyone and Mikoto was no different. Releasing a light yawn the Prodigy would have to sit up so he wouldn't fall asleep. He usually wasn't the type to not get his proper sleep but tonight was different. Something was calling the male to stay awake it was almost like he knew that today wasn't a regular day. Mikoto had a sense that tonight something was going to turn the balance in the ninja world.
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“These Nations see's nothing but what leads them to self-glory and righteousness if your not a friend of the world there's no way true peace will be upheld. I'll force all to understand and eventually come to realize why separation isn't always what's right.”
~Fujiwari Senju

Character Name: Fujiwari Senju/Uchiha
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthday: December 18
Blood Type: O
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 71.3 kg
Family Members: Unknown


Fujiwari has long black hair his eyes are a bright green, the underneath of his eyes are red he's fair skinned and muscular he wears barrier Talisman all around his chest back and neck that protects him from lethal injuries. He wears a teal haori with orange outlines around the sleeve area. He ties his haori with a thick brown rope that weighs three hundred pounds. His pants are baggy and a darker shade of green he doesn't wear sandals but instead wraps his feet in Barrier Talisman.


Fujiwari is an extremely cocky and passive male. He was always kind and quite wanting to be strong for the village in hopes of one day becoming Hokage. Though after going on mission after mission Fujiwari's mindset changed.

During his chunin exam, Fujiwari leads his team to victory but as he did so he became bloodlust and only stoop to killing never giving anyone a chance to face their crime. This changed Fujiwari from the happy and prideful kid he was a much darker and unemotional male.

When he joined the Foundation he became a cocky asshole that didn't want to work with his team cause he believed he could everything himself. This drove hi to eventually leave the village and be on his own.

Going on his journey Fujiwari eventually realized he capped at his limit and searched for Orochimaru taking under his wing he learned tons and also changed. He becomes more wise and patient. Although he was still a cocky jerk that believed he was the overall best shinobi to stand though this wasn't true as Itachi Uchiha was still around.

Now he's 25 he's more passive but does fight and believe strongly in changing the Five Nations in the attempt to bring them closer together. Fujiwari is still a complete jerk and certainly now believes to be the most powerful shinobi in the land. With this, he'd planning on completely bending the Five Nations at his will and be the stepping stone to a new Era.


Village of Birth: Konohagakure
Affiliations: Konohagakure, Foundation, Rouge
Ninja Rank: Anbu, S-Rank Missing Nin
Classification: S-Rank Missing Nin
Economic Status: Wealthy
Amount of Money: 500 Ryo
Ninja Registration Code: 021896


S-Rank: 17

A-Rank: 34

B-Rank: 56

C-Rank: 78

D-Rank: 123


Chakra Nature: Fire Release, Earth Release, Water Release, Wood Release, Yang Release
Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release, Massive Chakra Reserves and Life Force.
Dojutsu: Three Tomoe Sharingan

~Ninjutsu Master~

Fujiwari is a Master at the elements of Earth Water Wind and Fire. He was able to master the Senju clans special Kekkei Genkai Wood Release as well as mastering Scorch Release. He wastes no chakra casting jutsu and has shown to be intellectual extremely flexible with the specific techniques he uses.

~Taijutsu Master~

Fujiwari has excellent taijutsu skill finding much ease wth this type of fighting style. As he never found it difficult to move his body in reaction to others. Training in this constantly he became outstanding in taijutsu being compared to Minato Namikaze in the way he fought.

~Bukijutsu Expert.~

Fujiwari is highly advance at using all forms off weaponry from Kunai all the way to the War Fan. He excels greatly in shuriken Jutsu as well as the Katana and War Fan. He isn't an opponent to underestimate or take lightly.

~Genjutsu Expert~

Fujiwari wasnt the best at Genjutsu that was until after obtaining his sharingan. Once he obtained the Cursed Eye his Genjutsu prowess skyrocketing. He began to show a knack for using it in various tricky and confusing ways that drove his superios and enemies mad. He a sly one watch out for his expertise in the art.

~Fuinjutsu Expert~

Sealing Jutsu was something the Fujiwari wasn't already gifted at. He had to work the hardest to learn Fuinjutsu and so he did that and had a rough time learning and practicing until one day it all just made sense and he understood how to properly and tactically use fuinjutsu both offensively and defensively.

~Speed and Reflexes~

Fujiwari speed and reflexes are on levels of high Ranking Jonin. He's so fast when he moves he leaves behind a green streak. This is the males natural speed other shinobi awe at the sight of his movements. He's been said to move at the speed of the Sanin but that's still unknown as he hasn't been seen in over 15 years.

~Strength and Durability~

Fujiwari is strong enough to punch massive boulder with his simple straight. After long hours of fighting under the Foundation Orochimaru and his goons. Even just selfish rogues Fujiwari went through lots of strength and durability training. This leads him to not take much physical damage plus it makes his fighting deadly as his strength is as powerful as Tsunade of the Legendary Sanin.



Shadow Clone
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
Transformation Jutsu
Sensing Technique


Barrier Method Formation — Triple Formula
Barrier Talisman
Chakra Draining Seal
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Evil Releasing Method
Evil Sealing Method
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Five-Seal Barrier
Self-Cursing Seal


Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Hazy Genjutsu
Interrogation Genjutsu
Time Reversal Technique
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Coercion Sharingan


Water Release: Water Attacking Gorgon
Water Release: Water Bowl
Water Release: Water Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Biting Explosion
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Whip
Water Release: Water Dragon Whirlpool Technique
Water Release: Water Clone


Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Earth Release: Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot
Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon
Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart
Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall
Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri
Earth Release: Mud clone


Fire Release: Majestic Destroyer Flame
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
Fire release: Explosive Clone


Wood Release: Cutting Technique
Wood Release: Great Spear Tree
Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique
Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence
Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique
Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
Wood Release: Wood Clone

Ninja tool(s): Basic Ninja Tools,
War Fan, Katana, Explosive Tags, Ninja Wire.


Likes: Redheads, Nature, living his own life the way he pleases
Dislikes: The Five Nations
Best Friend: Unknown
Sensei: Unknown
Rival: No One Yet.
Dream Opponent: Kato Senju, Mikoto Namikaze, Tsuyoki Uzumaki, Yatō Tenjin, Jiraiya Haachi


Fujiwari was passive once upon a time. He was an outstanding Leaf shinobi who was admired for his ridiculous growth rate and advancement in Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu.

Fujiwari never met his mother and was solely raised by his father trained in the way of the Senju, his father not once brought up that Fujiwari was part Uchiha. Trained in the Senju way but with the body of both Uchiha and Senju Fujiwari grew faster than any before him. Fujiwari picked up on this and before he knew it he became stronger and much more adept than his father could ever possibly dream of becoming.

One night Fujiwari would have been training late coming home he overheard his father speak of his real mother and how Fujiwari was an Uchiha an Illegal child that had to be hidden from both Senju and Uchiha thus the reason they lived so far away from the village. This fact shocked Fujiwari's heart striking his heart causing his eyes to burn vigorously activating his first stage of the sharingan at the young age of 4.

In the next 3 years, Fujiwari continued to live with his Dad and his younger brother who was also an Uchiha. He loved both of them but his patience grew thin. So one day after his training he was enraged thinking about how his father lied to him for all these years. This got his blood boiling as he not once ever got to meet his mother. His eyes spiralled out of control they burned by then he had his two tomoe. Fujiwari entered a blind rage running through the night all that could be seen was his red eyes. Blood red like a curse, storming through the night until he stood on top of a tree branch looking down over a pair of Konoha Jonin. All that was heard were two silent groans and the sight of his shadow slashing down both the shinobi. Appearing back on the tree branch a new aura had dwelved into Fujiwari. His eyes had once again transformed tears fell from his eyes as what could be seen was a third tomoe spiraling into existence.

Growing up he looked up to Itachi Uchiha hearing of his accomplishments he desired to do just that and prolonged his life training until he got accepted into the academy in which he'd excel and graduate at the age of nine. This allowed him to go on countless D rank missions enough as to where he left his team behind and started going on the mission on his own.

During his chunin exam, Fujiwari leads his team to victory but as he did so he became bloodlust and only stoop to killing never giving anyone a chance to face their crime. He lost his passive way of the Senju and became tainted by evil.

Months later he was picked up by The Foundation joining the group his need to kill would have been filled for several months until he got tired of the Foundation and planned his escape. In which he'd had to fight the Leader ultimately leading to the leader losing and having to let Fujiwari go free.

That night Fujiwari no longer wanted to be a part of the village and would make his way out not before being stopped by several Foundations members who would find their lives stolen in seconds as Fujiwari no longer felt anything but darkness.

Setting out Fujiwari would search for Orochimaru in need of jutsu. Finding the Legendary Sanin Fujiwaru would learn from the Evil Snake until his time was up and he learned what he needed. This being the Edo Tensai something he stole from the Sanin without his knowing besides that Fujiwari also learned several Elemental ninjutsu and stole the formula for creating Curse Seals. Manipulating Orochimaru wasn't difficult as he simply took under Orochimaru for an entire year learning but keeping his way before leaving the snake.

After his leave, Fujiwari would find himself traveling learning training finding his goal. He still loved to fight and kill but didn't find himself doing it much. He witnessed the growth of both Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha. Their decisions how they were so different yet so similar. It taught him a lot he wanted peace but not the way the Five Nations wanted it. Though he didn't want to guide everyone he didn't want anyone to guide anything. He wants everything to flow smoothly like a river.

In this want of his, he created a Forbidden Jutsu derived from the Edo Tensai. This version brought the people entirely back to life. Not thinking this entirely through Fujiwari found himself bringing back two forces that would surely strike emotion into some people's hearts but he didn't wager in the will that coursed through these two shinobi.

He's still unknown but soon the entire Ninja World will have to face Fujiwari and his vision of the future unless the Heroes of today have what it takes to defeat Fujiwari in a battle to either death or to turn the evil Fujiwari back towards the light that the village emits.

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❝ Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once ❞
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Name 】Usagi Senju
【 First Name Meaning 】Usagi 一 Literally Meaning “Rabbit”
【 Surname Meaning 】Senju 一 Literally meaning ”A thousand skills”
【 Alias 】Raikage, Tempest
【 Nickname 】Lady Usagi
【 Age 】 Twenty
【 Sex 】Female
【 Sexual Orientation 】Heterosexual
【 Birth Date 】July 27th
【 Zodiac 】Year of the Dragon, Leo
【 Month’s Birthstone 】ruby
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Species 】 Human
【 Race 】Narutonese
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Biography 】Much of Usagi’s past and history is unknown to most ninjas of her village in spite of being the Raikage. The soul reason for being so, is for years she has kept the past and everything to do with it under close wraps. To her, the past is only a variable in which she can learn from. From mistakes wisdom was nurtured. Therefore Usagi finds it completely unnecessary to reveal her past. Not to mention something distraught, downright vile was committed against her. Savages they were, but corpses they now lay.

【 Personality 】
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Height 】Five Feet, Six Inches
【 Weight 】50 kg
【 Hair Color 】 Plum Purple
【 Eye Color 】Blood Red, Deep Intimidating Maroon
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Relationship Status 】Single
【 Family 】Massacred and then crucified by a religious clan
【 Allies 】
【 Enemies 】Anyone who threatens the wellbeing of her village is instantly placed at the apex of her Hitlist
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Rank 】Kage
【 Occupation 】Raikage
【 Birth Place 】Unknown
【 Birth Residence 】Kumogakure No Sato
【 Ninja Registration Number 】824061
【 Current Residence 】Kumogakure
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Likes 】Honesty, Loyalty, Green Tea, Hot Tea, Snow, Sparing, Kumogakure, Chunin Exams, Progression, Kumo Nin, Overseeing her villagers, Dango, Sweets, Night Time, Meditating, Sleeping, Debating, Interesting Situations, Pets, Lances, Logic, Common Sense, Confident but not the overly confident, Humbleness
【 Dislikes 】Traitors, Rogue Ninjas, Opposers, Conspirators, Extreme Heat, Another question her decisions, Dictators, Lack of Rational Perspectives, Lack of common sense, Betrayal, Disloyal, Lot’s of Paperwork, Sour Food, Harsh Climate
【 Fears 】The Destruction of her village.
【 Physiological Weaknesses 】Stubborn, Hot-Headed, Easily Angered
【 Physiological Strengths 】Cautious, Always Questioning, Tactful, Multiple Perspectives, Charismatic, Manipulative [ When she needs to be ], Heedful, Calculative
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

【 Chakra Nature 】Lightning, Water, Earth
【 Affiliations 】Kumogakure
【 Kekkei Genkai 】None
【 Jutsu 】W I P
【 Ninja Equipment 】Kunai [ 15x ], Bandages [ 4x ], Shuriken [ 10x], Seals [ 10x ],

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
【 Talents 】
Time - Efficient
Multiple Perspective
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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》° Kāto, The Tree That Hoists The Leaf °《


❝ Whenever you live, there will always be war ❞


》 ☆ Alias《

" The Leafs Tree "

》 ☆ Age 《

" Told by Kato, to his fellow clan members, the male is known to be 27 years of age. "

》 ☆ Body Age 《

" Bodily, the male is supernaturally fit, seemingly at peak physical condition. With this minor 'feat', the male is seemingly 20 to 30 tears of bodily age. "

》 ☆ Gender 《

" He's male "

》 ☆ Species 《

" Human, Homosapien, CWH "

》 ☆ P.O.B《

" Konoha Hospital "

》 ☆ D.O.B 《

" 6 | 10 | XXX "

》 ☆ Height《

" The male's height is estimated to be around 6'2, to 6'3. "

》 ☆ Weight《

" His weight is an hefty 210lbs "

》 ☆ Hair Colour 《

" Vanta Black "

》 ☆ Ethnicity 《

" In naruto, you're either black, or not black "

》 ☆ Appearance《

" Kato is an tall man with tanned skin and dark eyes. He has waist-length black hair typically styled in a centre-parted fringe that framed his face. He often wore the standard shinobi dress of the pass era, consisting of dark red armour worn over a simple black suit with sandals. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body; each collar of his shoulder guards bore the Senju symbol. "

》 ☆ Voice《

" Hashirama Senju ~ Naruto "

》 ☆ Theme《

" Currently, none "

》 ☆ Persona《

" Kato is an head strong male, who's quite compassionate towards the hidden leaf, and more so towards his own clan. Heavily differing from Co head, the male has an actual liking towards the Uchiha, simply wanting to keep the peace between the two. It's noted that he enjoys gambling, and is somewhat a drinker, thpugh he tends to only trey himself to the finest of a alchaholic beverages. "

" Despite the first impression he may give, Kato was capable of being serious when it came to matters that were important to him. "

》 ☆ Orientation《

" Hetero Sexual "

》 ☆ Status《

" Alive, and well. Possibly drinking his sorrows away. "

》 ☆ Likes《

[◇ Drinking

[◇ Gambling

[◇ Teaching minors how to be a great shinobi.

》 ☆ Dislikes《

[◇ Dairy products, he's lactose intolerant

[◇ Saki

[◇ The male shows a great disliking towards anyone who either puts down his own village, or his clansmen.

》 ☆ History《

" To be worked on "

》 ☆ Citizenship《

" Konohagakure "

》 ☆ Affiliations《

" The Senju Clan "

》 ☆ Occupations《

" Elite Shinobi "

》 ☆ Education《

" Konoha Academy, Land of the birds academy "

》 ☆ Perfered Handiness《

" Right "

》 ☆ Motives《

" He simply aspires to keep the peace between the villages "


》 ☆ Parents《

" Unknown "

》 ☆ Siblings《

" None that he knows of "

》 ☆ Person Of Interest《

" Currently none. "

》 ☆ Offspring《

" None. "

》 ☆ Allies《

" Hmmm. "

》 ☆ Enemies《

" Currently, none "

》 ☆ Rivals《

" None "

》 ☆ Sensei《

" None "


》 ☆ Registration Number《

" 234400 "

》 ☆ Village《

" Konohagakure"

》 ☆ Rank《

" Elite Jonin "

》 ☆ Grad. Ages《

Academy: 8

Genin: 13

Chūnin: 15

Jonin: 23

》 ☆ Missions Completed《

D: 23

C: 17

B: 89

A: 37

S: 123

》 ☆ Natures《

`° Earth

`° Water

`° Wind

》 ☆ Kekkei Genkai •|• Hiden《

" Wood Release ~ Style | Mokuton | 木遁

》 ☆ Classification《

Sensory Nin, Minor Konowlede of Medical Jutsu


| ● | TOOLS ~ NINJA ITEMS | ● |


☆▪☆ JUTSU ☆▪☆

`° Suiton:

《• Hidden In Water Technique

`° Futon:

None known

`° Doton:

《• Earth Spear Technique

`° Mokuton:

《• Wood Clone Technique

《• Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees

《• Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees

《• Wood Release: Great Forest Technique

《• Wood Release: Hōbi Technique

《• Wood Release: Hotei Technique

《• Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique

《• Wood Release: Wood Human Technique

《• Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall

`° Other:

All academy student jutsu

《• Summoning Technique; No current summons

《• Chakra Transfer

《• Four Red Yang Formation

》☆ Summon Lists《

" Shut tightly, this menacing gate when summoned provides a tremendous defence for its summoner and is able to completely intercept an opponent's physical attack. Can only reach triple gate "
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