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|| Welcome to Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Ressurection ||

Hello, everyone, I would like to welcome you all to Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Ressurection (NSSR). This is indeed a Naruto role-playing community, where you are, of course, welcomed to freely choose between role playing as a character previously dead or alive in the series or create your own story and legacy on the road to being a ninja as an original character.

Here are some guidelines you need to read and follow!

|| Rules and Regulations ||

| Character Information |

Use what's in your bio. What is on your page is on your person at all times in this roleplay.

| No God Modding |

God Modding is evading every attack that is thrown at you, being invincible, immortal, and not taking any damage. Characters are going to take damage at some point you aren't unstoppable and this will be shown accordingly overpowered will be kept to a minimum. Even in the RP if your character is too overpowered it will be subject to getting nerfed/changed to fit the guidelines of the RP.

| No Auto Hitting |

Auto Hitting is exactly as it sounds; do not state that an attack actually hits an opponent. An example of this would be 'RPer1 punches RPer2 in the face.' This does not allow the opponent to possibly evade, parry, and counter, which is a strict violation of Turn based regulations. Instead, do this: 'RPer1 attempts to punch RPer2 in the face.' The word attempt allows the opponent to do the possible evade, counter, etc...or take the hit. You can also word it differently not just with the word attempt in the attack so long as the attack can be noted if questioned after an opponent doesn't notice it and does, in fact, get hit and you can logically explain as to why it happened then it's fair game.

| No Meta Gaming |

Meta-Gaming would be taking information that is OOC (Out Of Character) and placing it into the knowledge IC (In Character.) It is also a variation of mind reading, if someone says that they think something, your character can not know what is said in this thought. It is exactly that, a thought. Example one would be if you as a person read a profile of another character OOC and your IC assumes to know this information about that other person's character without ever actually meeting them, or knowing who they are. Your character wouldn't know these things, period. Clearly, you can't know what the person is thinking, and would not be able to react to something your character hasn't experienced, heard, seen or felt IC directly.

| Character Growth Rule |

If you don't RP, then your character will not grow simple as that. If you don't take te time to advance them they won't gain anything positive and will remain at their initial level. Though we are highly understandable so long as you notify a mod or owner. Get out there and RP so your character can grow in strength, mind, and grace. If you don't RP then they will stay weak, unfamous etc. the more you RP, the more you grow and create relationships with others the happier your rp experience will be.

| Enemy NPC & Arc Villians |

We like to give the RP a large focal point with impossible or hard to reach odds. Thus NPC's will be made that may question some as to if were power gaming well the answer is No, we're not. We want a tough bad guy because where's the satisfaction of defeating him or her or if the task is made easy? No power gaming should be done meaning people will be limited to skills and perks. If your not an admin, you can not make a super powerful NPC For an Arc. No question's only Admins have access to this. You can still have an NPC bad guy but they can't be over the top we're watching you.

| Judges |

When ever there is a fight taking place, or anything that revolves around two characters or more, doing battle or some form of pursuit, gun fights etc. Then you might want to have two Judges within the room. Either IC ( In-Character.) Or OOC ( Out of character.)

| Death is Real |

Within our RP community, we like for our Roleplayers to understand DEATH. When you are in a combat situation and you no longer want to fight, you need to understand that you MUST write an exit post. This is the rule if you don't want to fight anymore. You tell the person who you're fighting that you want to tap out. Though it won't come with a lost. The one who surrenders must take any damage their opponent wants to add on to before he or she leaves. Meaning if you die you die. Thus the reason giving up against a powerful opponent who doesn't care for your life isn't a smart idea. If you also just happen to not respond to a vital RP for more than a week without notice consider yourself dead or to have lost that fight.

| No Hentai |

If you wanna do Hentai RP to make a child do it out of com rules then get a mod to confirm this happened or just write a pre-thing were everyone knows.

| Profile Template |

All mainstream cannon techniques must be learned if you are unsure what they are then a mod will assist and help you out with what they are (Rasengan and Chidori will have to be taught to OC's by Masters of the technique. )

Cannon Characters must post a profile as well although, Wiki are NOT allowed.

All OC's will begin at a Genin level straight out of the academy unless you are rogue than your character will not have Rank.

Profiles must be posted and APPROVED before you can begin Role playing.

| Moderater Announcement |

| Ninja Shop |

| Training System & OC Clans/Technique |

| Organizations |

| Traveling |

| Bingo Book |

| Prison |

| Sharingan |

| Uchiha and Senju |

| Sage Mode |

| Curse Mark |

| Jinchuuriki |

| Five Kage |

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Konoha is unfortunately closed but we still have Uchiha spots and many more spots open. Come and join!

I walk back into my office in the land of sand sitting down in the chair and reaching my hands out in front of my seeing them shake slightly and calming my nerves to have them stop as I take a deep breath closing my eyes.

//Final Flashback\\

I could feel my body sway as the cage was dropped that I was in and I hear a growl from outside opening my eyes and seeing I was now in the main camp. It had only been two hours since my friend had died and the rogues were not happy with their dead captive. I look to the closest one analysing him as I saw he had a kunai on his side and then scan over the rest of them. Due to how my body was after the month I didn't have a lot of chakra even after getting the seal off so I had to be smart.

Get that trash out of the cage and bring our real prize so that we can present him to the captain.

I heard this and ready while the cage door is unlocked and then pulled open by the rogue closest and I let him lean in before jumping in and driving the rib bone into his chest ripping it down tearing his chest open and feeling his insides fall over my right hand as I push on grabbing the kunai off of him with my left and dashing to the closest as he was still taking in the situation and slitting his throat the blood flying over my arm.

Bastard escaped kill or capture but no jutsu don't damage the goods!

The main one of this group yells and runs to get the leader as I lean my head back a ninjato flying to decapitate me and I catch it in my teeth looking sideways at the man before I could catch a glimpse of fear in his eyes. I was out for blood kicking his abdomen and making him let go of the blade as I jump back taking it from my mouth and dropping into a stance while cutting the man in two with his own sharp blade blood covering my torso as I stare down three other rogues. Charging me together I watch a kunai Gama come flying for my chest and use the small bit of chakra in my body to move quicker channeling it to my feet and stabbing the blade through one of the chain loops pulling the rogue forward causing him to have his head cut off by a comrade of his then jumping over him while he was still in shock and grabbing the third by his neck slamming the blade of the kusarigama into his head before turning to deal with the chain user ramming the blade through his neck and ripping it up through his skull.

My eyes would shape into my clan dojutsu as I see their organs and jump over the dead staring down the remaining ten as blood dripped over my nude body and I wasn't done yet. At a yell from the rogues I would dash forward while the ten charged to attack together. Ad the first got closest I quickly reach up grabbing his head and could tell he was a rookie as I snapped his neck and pulled his body close to block a hail of Shuriken that littered the corpse before shoving it forward while I pulled a explosive tag from the dead's tool pouch and slapped it on the second closest arm while grabbing his scythe and kicking him back into four before the tag explodes causing blood and guts to fly in the sky while I spin the scythe slamming ut through the chest of one and hearing him wheezing for air through the blood in his lungs I was making my way towards the captains tent quickly with only three others remaining alive and my entire body slice with blood.

The remaining three charged me from all sides but I was done playing lowering my body and twitching the fingers on my right hand they would all stop moving before turning into mist as their bodies exploded as if cut into a million pieces as I had caught them in chakra strings. Reaching the tent now fully covered in the maroon liquid of life I open the flap to see the two cowards were not there and yell.

Walking back with my tiger mask in my right hand and a bandits cloth covering my crotch I break the lock on the slave Kage's and look at the woman inside but she backed up cowering in fear as she looked at me. I freed them and they cowered all I hear from her throat is.

What are you?

Sighing I bring the mask up to my face putting it on and walk to the body of Zebimaru picking it up and beginning the struggled walk back to sand as my chakra was once again running on empty almost only a single thought moving through my mind.

Complete the mission no matter the cost.

I heard it over a thousand times repeating in my head making my discent slowly into the trama during the walk home.

Name: Black Leg Style
Rank: B
Parent Jutsu: None
Description: The Black Leg Style is a martial arts that only uses kicks and acrobatic movements.
Weakness: inability to use legs

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anyone wanna rp?

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This com will be on the back burner for a hiatus due to other matters. Aye Aye though head over to Naruto Bleach if you wish to rp in the mean time.

So could I start out as a rogue if at all possible
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