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Name:Carlos "Charlie De Jeues Lance Ortiz Perez" Amezcua
Bio: I help others when needed and sometimes a insane guy
Speices: Creeper/human
Likes: video games,funny things,science, and history
Dislikes: cheaters, bullies,lairs
weapons: grapple hook,staff,bombs
Talents: tech

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Rank:Delta soilder
Species: human
Traits: combat fighter
Bio: Sendro really didn't know who his parent were he grew up with special eyes didn't no one try to see what it was he found out as he develop special fighting skills. His uncle was the closest person to him and they had a good bond his uncle died and he joined UFM army
Likes: fighting
Dislikes: sitting around all day
Weapon: sword

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Name:Alex Winterhold
Traits:Hand to Hand Combat,Close Quarter Combat,Master of all weapons,and Spetnaz Training
Species:German Shepard
Weapons:Electro Magnetic Assault Rifle,Electro Magnetic Pistol,and Electro Magnetic Grenade Pulsar Rifle
Armor:Ultimate Star Buster Suit
Weight:2 Tons
Likes:Fighting,Russia,America,and Eating
Dislikes:Smoking,His suit being scraped,and Iraq
Personality:Silent,Badass,and Serious
Bio:Born in Russia Alex was burned alive and was put into a Titanium,Steel,and Mercury suit. Alex can never take the suit off or he would die. Alex than moved to USA for freedom. Alex was in his home when he got mail about joining a Private Military Contact. Alex was on the frontline when a predator missile hit his suit. Alex was knocked out even though his suit can survive 10 nuclear bombs and the heat of 55 suns. With his whole squadron dead Alex made his way to India finding help. He wanted to continue fighting so he joined this military.
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so what do we do?

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Name: Thomas MacNeil
Rank: Captain
Gender: Male
Age 24
Specialty: recon/marksman
Weapons of choice:
Main weapon: M14EBR
Secondary: UMP .45
Side Arm: Five-Seven handgun

name: prince tdog sparkle
hobbies:gaming, helping others, and fighting mostly,
likes:helping others, fighting for whats right, and doing ninja stuff.
dislikes:having to kill, losing my temper, transforming into a werewolf and losing a friend.
bio:a pony with a short temper and well at fighting comes a prince that knows what to do. i'm well mannered, humble, and strong with the skills I have we'll be the greatest, but in the dark side i'm a monster if I lose control of my temper but it makes me 10x stronger.
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