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Name: Orishita Matasuke
Age: 18
Weapon: Blades Of allusion
Uniform: ClemKetsu
Appearance: below
Bio: on her sweet 16 she went on a walk home until she heard something she followed the sound and ended up in a alley way. She turned around and saw a weird outfit. She put it on and it talked. After learning what it was she practiced with the suit and found 2 swords stuck into her door. She kept them and called them the blades of allusion.
Gender: Female
Friends: None
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tries to transform


I am a female and i am cool k?

Name: tomu erisu
Goku star: 0 i use a convoy
Club: i am the leader of combat clun
Weapon: black sizzor blade
Uniform: blue and red convoy with black eye in middle it is a boy moddle with the two bits that stick out and it fully covers me
Appearance: i have black hair with a blue fringe and grey eyes
Bio: i have been granted a convoy
Gender: male
Friends ???

Taken oc: lady satsky
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