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Here's the characters that I'll make cards for.

And if I forgot some characters. Just let me know and I'll add them

(Main characters)
Andrew Clark the hedgehog (me)
Niko Amadeus Prower +Niko Amadeus Prower
Marcus Uchiha the hedgehog +Marcus Uchiha
Mina Prower the mongoose +Mina Prower
Nem Genisis the hedgehog +Nem Genisis
Princess bloomy Jaffa the wolfcat +Princess Bloomy Jaffa
Chloe Nelson roach +Chloe nelson roach +Mike Roach
Flora the echidna
Dandelion the seedrian +Mina Prower
Raichu and his pre evolved forms
Blaziken and her pre evolved forms
Sceptile and his pre evolved forms
Dewgong and her pre evolved form
Chandelure and her pre evolved forms
Gardevoir and her pre evolved forms
Arceus and the light Pokémon gods

(Andrews search)
Eli tornado +Crashikku Tornado
Isabella the mongoose
Demonia the hedgehog +Demonprincess 8888
Laurence the wolf
Garroth the wolf
Roku the hedgehog +RokuNami4ever (Sora Lockhart)
Luna the fox +Sołī Xiao Long
Satan the hedgehog
Dr Marcus Prower
Xena the hedgehog
Dr xiron the hedgehog
Lah the ghost +Lah The Ghost +Mina Prower +Princess Bloomy Jaffa
Su and wu +Ghost Photographer 1 +Ghost Photographer 2 +Mina Prower +Princess Bloomy Jaffa
Donald duck
The princesses of heart
Gen the hedgehog
Serenity power +serenity power
Garnet (if I had a picture of her for her card)
Master aqua
Jiminy cricket
Master xehanort
Princess Sally acorn +Sally Acorn Archie Comics
Melody Prower +Melody Prower
Skye Prower +Skye Prower
Miles tails Prower +Miles tails prower Archie Comics
Aeris Cole +Wake Whenseptemberends
Mephiles the dark
Sonic the hedgehog

(The rise of the ronin)
Tikal the echidna
Dr finitevus the echidna +Dr. Finitevus
Herato the hedgehog
Legion the hedgehog
The dark hedgehog organization
Beni the hedgehog
Captain jack sparrow
Princess Arwen the hedgehog +Princess Arwen The Hedge-Angel
Prince tolin the hedgehog +Prince Tolin The Prince of Dark Shadows
Miley the fox +Miley the fox
King Cornelius jaffa +Cornelius Handy

(The eggman empire strikes back)
Sanctum the hedgehog +Sanctum The Hedgehog
Dr eggman
Metal sonic
Orbot and cubot
Eggmans badnik horde army
Officer Judy hoops
Futurr the fox +Futurr the Fox
Dan the hedgehog +Dan the hedgehog
Metal tails +Miles tails prower Archie Comics
Mecha sonic
Metal chloe

(Zenix and the shadow knights)
The shadow lord
The shadow knights

(Eli returns and the ultimate battle)
Zalichi the hedgehog
Zane the hedgehog
Jasmine the fox (maybe)
Yiron the hedgehog

(The blood games)
Blood games Andrew
Blood games Niko
Blood games Marcus
Blood games Mina
Blood games nem
Blood games bloomy
Blood games Chloe
Gens team
The hunters
Xion Genisis the hedgehog
The dark Pokémon gods

(The movie)
Xandrew the hedgehog

(The x fighters vs shuriken sentai ninninger)
Bloo earthling the hedgehog +Bloo Earthling
Aurora the hedgehog +Soul Igniter
Snowy the cat +Snowy the Cat
Ryoko the hedgehog +shizuko and ryoko
Frosty the wolf/hedgehog +Frosty The kawaii wolf/hedgehog
Shadow the hedgehog
All of the characters from the x fighters games and anime

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I'm out side at recess feel free to ask how I'm doing!

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Can someone make a theme song for this please?
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Hey +Niko Amadeus Prower can you send me pictures of caramel, sarabi, ginis and his hunters please? I need them for cards that I'm making.
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