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To all new comers of Aensland household. Welcome. Here you will meet different Aenslands of various abilitys. To become an Aensland you must fight one of the following

Jalicea Aensland Me
Yuki Cross/Kuran (ყųƙı ƈཞơʂʂ) Aensland
Blake Belladonna Aensland (RIP)
Kakashi Aensland
Aelita Schaeffer Aensland
Taiyang Xiao Long Aensland
Hinamel Aensland
Maka Albarn Aensland and Soul Eva Eater Aensland together
Mizore Aensland
Qrow Branwen Aensland
Summer Rose Aensland
Alex Aensland
Kaito Aensland
Zander Aensland
Kurumu Aensland
Raven Branwen Aensland
Zero Aensland
Akemi Aensland
Anakin Skywalker Aensland
Pyrrha Nikos (ρүяянα ηιкσs) Aensland
Yang Xiao Long Aensland
Sora Arizuto Aensland
Zeren Centris Aensland
Kokoa Aensland
Ahsoka Tano Aensland
Professor Ozpin
Cinder Fall
White Heart Aensland
Ruby Rose (Ruby “SιlᏉєя єყєᎴ Ꮚαяяισя” Rose) Aensland
Weiss Schnee Aensland
Juuzou Aensland
иєσ иєσρσℓιтαи αєиѕℓαи∂
Jasper Thorne Aensland
Eric Draven Aensland
Todoroki Aensland
And Noire Aensland

If you fail then keep trying because we don't give up here


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"Guess Who's Baaaack! It's Me, Juuzou!" Giggles & Skips Around
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I wish to spar with +Jalicea Ꭿεηsℓαηδ​ 

Trying to decide if I should come up with a character or be lazy and use one from something... Whaddya think?

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Anybody up for a fight

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I would like to challenge an Aensland. Whomever.
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I need someone to fight with

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Open challenge time. Anyone wants to fight?
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(So, if you haven't played Dark Souls this probably won't make sense, since that's the world I based this character on) Tonnel of the Great Swamp leaves on a trip to gain more strength. His objective is to kill a God, and absorb their souls to gain immense power. He has two options in the land he resides in: Gwyn, keeping watch over the First Flame, and his son, Gwyndolin, the last God of Anor Londo.
"Goodbye, friends. I'm afraid I'm out of my league here. I'll return soon enough. Oh, and I do know someone who may be strong enough. I'll recommend they come here."

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∂яσωи ιи fєєℓѕ OwO
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