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"I will be cleaning this out so please if you have suggestions feel free to let me know here."

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Name = Dante
Gender = Male Nephilim
Age = 26
Lives = Japan
Straight, Bi Or Gay = Bi
Status = Single
Personality = Sweet
Yaoi or Hentai Roleplay = Both
Weapons = 2 Pistols and 1 Sword Rebellion
Family = Vergil but hes dead to me i hate him i dont see him as my brother no more
Game = Devil May Cry
Anime = Devil May Cry
Powers = my hair becomes White and everything around me flies in the air and i get red demon Devil eyes

I am searching for a boyfriend That can treat me nice and loves me for what and Who i am Who wants to have a Relationship with me Let me know ok Alright i am tired of Being single i dont want it anymore i want to be loved by someone That exuatly cares about me i dont want to wait anymore please someone anyone love me...

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Name: Kani yaboto
Gender: Male
Personality: trouble maker, caring, sensitive with certain things
Likes: sweets, toys, nice people
Dislikes: dogs, veggies, loid noises
Talents: drawing and singing
Bio: abandoned when very young, and has had no luck finding a master
Looking for: 'play time' with master

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(Is this where I need to put it?)

Name: Kyo Anders
Age: 16
Personality: he's sweet caring and he's loving he can be A pervert sometimes though
Likes: he likes candy...
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Name: Neal Wildfire
Age: 17
Personality: Nice, fun to be around
Likes: Animals, Males, Females, Cuddling
Dislikes: Bullies
Talents: sings, Artistic
Bio: When i was 7 my parents left me and i was found by another happy and loving family 
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Name: James Tikushi
Age: 17
Personality: Nice, Persistent, Swift
Likes: Animals, Males, Females, Nature, Piano, Rough sex, Cuddling
Dislikes: Bullies, People leaving me for a long time
Talents: Plays piano, Artistic, Flexible
Bio: When i was 12 my parents left me, they just abandoned me and ran away to another state.

Satori was walking around the market looking for anything to get for dinner that night. Walking over to the fresh meat and fish. "Hmm, which would be best?"

Anyone alive?

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Name: cry (my parent was hippies)
Age: 16 but I just look 18 for being tall
Personality: I'm shy once you first meet me, but later on I'm the most random person ever
Likes : my family, friends, video games, book and reading, cats, nutella
Dislikes: reading 50 shades out loud to people, dying in video games over and over, bullies, school
Talents: singing, reading with my sexy voice, play video games
Bio: yet again my mom a hippie so I was named cry, I never really met my dad but he sounds like a awesome guy with the stories my mom told me. I already want to be a cool guy but something was off with me........ I hided it under a mask so no one can find out my small problem. I work at a small cafe with my mom and I get to sing on the stage, I lobe it at work because I get to met people and get to sing on the stage. School... It fine. Yea I get pick on but who doesn't really, people call me gay for weaning a mask and some other crap like that. I don't mind it......I lied but who cares what I think, I'm a cool guy
Looking for: a friend or something more
Pictures: 1th picture is me at outside
2th is me singing sadly
3th me alone
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