Hello everybody, I just received my watch2 classic replacing my old LGgwatch2r urban. It looks pretty huawei. just the screen a bit small ...

Hi, just received a new Watch 2 Classic. Is there an easy way to switch between answering phone calls on the watch, and answering them on the phone? As far as I can see you have to go into settings / connectivity / Bluetooth to toggle the setting from one to the other. Is there any other quicker way to do it without having to go through so many menus?
I'm thinking there will be times when I want to use the watch for calls, but other times when I won't, so it would be handy to be able to switch between them quickly and easily. Thanks!

Hi all, just 2 days with my watch. Amazing .

But I primarily want it for trail and I cannot find a way of exporting gpx with heart data or been able to set it as ble sensor in the smartphone.

Any ideas?

Can anybody recommend a band that matches the colour of the body OR the ceramic bezel on my Huawei Watch 2 Classic please?
I have found a couple that look pretty close to the colour of the body, its just matter of taking the risk & buying them I suppose but I'd really like a band that matches the bezel.
If anyone has any recommendations, I'd appreciate it immensely.

Thanks in advance... 🖒🖒

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Any ideas what's suddenly started killing the battery?

Picked up my HW2 today. Feels good. Much lighter than my Moto 360-2 but having to adapt to the smaller screen. Any tips to share?
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