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No-Touch Torture (Remote torture) Interrogations and False Confession: would jesus approve of humans playing God?

some one took my real face of jesus christ next to me modertae1and numberplus1 at my profile imvery upset i wll call google for help

jesuschrist and i got a anwer simply for some aggressive bullying young members or old members who are not the word of god resist our communties have to be cast out of the google inc program or they are gossipers of the devil romans chapter one 28 to32 read in the bible  if you resist us and not listen the chances that we will not put your name in the bible in our home of heaven u will not be healed saved the spirit of the satan will be with u and gossip is the lying tongue of death and if u keep up teling me bad things in my google program the google team knows what im as a person peace be with u jesus christ is my support i work for him so people think it is funny well watch out he will come soon in the last day u cant  repent to  late jesus give  a time but he has a plan

some members took out real pictures of jesus christ with me i have to call thengoogle inc i wll fin out how rude people is jesus will punish u

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