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Hi! It's so good to be here!! I'm a PR industry watcher and a reporter for which is always in the top 8k of all U.S. websites ranked by (They stop counting at 1 million) This month I was named a "must follow" PR resource in Cision North America’s list of the top 50 Twitter influencers utilizing rich media alongside Guy Kawasaki, Lee Odden, Gini Dietrich, Ann Tran, Ann Smarty, Ileane Smith, Wade Harman and Rebekah Radice In 2014 I spoke on The Social Network Show twice on various topics. I'm part of the G+ community. Upcoming appearances:
Launching Creative,
The Q&A Team (part of ProfNet)

I love words and English. It's the only language I speak. This ties into my fascination with what you guys discuss here, sort of. Does it sound like Greek to me? Yes, at this point. That's why I hang around here. To learn from you! :) I tend to gravitate toward things that aren't in the mainstream or aren't "yet" in the mainstream. I feel this is quite an erudite bunch and I'll hang around for as long as you'll allow. I likely won't say much here, but I'll give + 1's when I see things that intrigue me. Thank you. Alex H. Yong

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We are the new team behind the PRSA New Jersey, New York, Westchester, Connecticut, and Southern Connecticut PRSA chapters. Looking forward to connecting with more professionals in the upcoming weeks and months!

Hello I join the group from few weeks , but I did not produce my self 

My name is Khaled I am from Kuwait ( Arabian Gulf ) I'm working in public relations and marketing I happy to make friends and business deals from here.  

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Yesterday, our very own Tom Gable spoke at the +Public Relations Society of America International Conference about managing and motivating across generations for the best results in the workplace. Read more about his topic:

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Good look at the two platforms side-by-side.  

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Good points here. Some "PR Experts" should take note. 

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"Over the past few months, we’ve experienced a lot of changes here at Olive PR Solutions. We’re turning 5 this May, and it’s been an amazing time to reflect on how much we’ve grown."    #publicrelations  

Hi all. I'm in the same boat as +Lorrie Delk Walker , I've been a member of the community for a while. I am President of M4 Communications, a Palo Alto, CA marketing consultancy that helps tech, entertainment, education, and nonprofit organizations build and extend their brands. I blog and guest blog. Been reading some great posts in this community thus far!  

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"We are buzz-makers and social communicators that specialize in what we love: restaurants and hotels, food and wine, travel and leisure, design and home decor, fitness and beauty, and accessories and retail."
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