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This community is abandoned. Do whatever you like, post spam and be all blah blah blah about it, faggots!


"Anti-Fictional Character Society Act of 2013" What the fuck is that supposed to mean? So you hate all fictional characters that have ever existed? How does that make any sense? Is this supposed to be some kind of anti-creativity movement or something? Should everyone all have the same bland ideas and never come up with anything new? If fictional characters shouldn't exist, then does that mean that all forms of media must be eliminated? I don't get what this community is trying to do. Can someone explain to me what this shit is supposed to mean?

Why is this community so cringey?

I am breaking all the rules:
#1: I am a Lucy Van Pelt fan.
#2: Hitler sucksr.
#3: I like Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, Queers and Bisexuals.
#4: I love Disney's Robin Hood.
#5: This group Sucks.
#6: I like white people and people of their color different from white people.
#7: This community is racist, bigot, terrorist, homophobic, bully and transphobic.
#8: 你他妈的混蛋!Insulted in Chinese.
#9: I love SuperMarioLogan.
#10: Promote me as a moderator.

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Fuck you for deleting my post, faggots.

We're back on Google+, we were experiencing technical difficulties.

This community is not qualified to be on Google+.

Can I be a mod? I want to hack this community and change it to a Summer Wars fanclub. The ACCS will be gone for good after this.

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Crafty in his robotic suit got you motherfuckers.
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