does anyone want to trade komasan S for my jibanyan S and also a gilgaros too but for gilgaros if you have it SV snaggerjag i'm trying to get all of the boss
yo-kai you can befriend from yo-kai watch 1 and i have slimamander and sproink

Add me
FC : 3883-9124-6750
Username : Vini

does anyone want to trade a slimamander for a jibanyan s also im offering cause i can get another one

does anyone want to trade a Lv. 83 Jibanyan S for a komasan S and the level doesn't matter

Anyone wanna Battle? I am a tough opponent to beat!

(New Update! New areas for you to chat on! I added Trading, Battling, Friend Codes, And Community Updates!)

anyone willing to trade a shadow venoct for allnyta or wydeawake

Any one willing to trade a robonyan F
or machonyan for sailornyan

Hey everyone

While this community is beginning to grow... although people dont play ykw2 I want to start the exchange, so if anyone is interested in trading, I will try to be open.

I want salornyan or robonyan F
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