It is coming close to this holiday and wanted to speak to all of my social media friends and family to let you know that it’s important to keep your family and your friends close. This is the time for you to understand that some people make mistakes. We have to look to what our God would do. It is not our job to judge others; it is not our job to tell people what to do with their lives. It is our job to love them and live our lives according to God’s rules. Some people read too much of the Bible that it takes them confused. They don’t have a great understanding of the Bible but a better understanding of how to demand changes in others. God doesn’t want us to change others, he wants us to change ourselves. When people see good most will follow. Do well onto you and other and you will receive an abundance of blessings.

Life is for living and live is what I will do.
I will not be discourage by the negative side of life.
I will hold my head high and walk into the unknown 

~~`KG 2015

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In the Sun Journal New Bern paper. 

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National Poetry Month. 
I am so happy to be apart of the movement in New Bern NC. The poets in this town are welcoming and ready to take poetry to the next level. Join me and so many talented poets on April 10 2015 at 6 pm at the Bear Towne Java on 323 Middle St behind the building; if weather allows it. This is an Open Mic event. SPEAK POET SPEAK

Poetry night. Can't wait. Poetry is art. A form of mental expression. The same as painting a picture. The soul of that artist is in the picture. My soul is in my poems. Creativity is life.

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During Art walk Crawl let support poets. It is an art. Come out and read some powerful and wonder pieces and enjoy an evening of inspiration.
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