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Am i the only one dissapointed that there was no battle at the end of the game? (no dlc)
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yea u r
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Hi! Looking to play with anyone, no matter the level or life. Fc: 4098 7576 1879
Name: Joe
Dlc: Yes
Expert miner, god/creator paladin, magician and hunter

Bnjour je suis a la recherche de mebre pour jouer ak moi jai dlc mp moi
Je laiss mon ca
Dite moi la votre si vou voulez
Mon perso sappele rayden

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Anyone wanna play

Hello! I'm looking to have some fun or do trials, or anything really. :)

FC: 0275 - 7596 - 8364

Mii Name: Joe

DLC: Yes
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