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Hi, I am Nina Blaicher with +Tronex Tools which produces precision hand tools for medical device and electronics manufacturing. Really excited to be here, I hope to contribute much and learn more, please add me to your circles! I look forward to working with you all!

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We just released a new version of the Balanduino Android app.
It now supports landscape mode on tablets and you are now able to set the Kalman filter values via the app as well.
Furthermore you are now able to upload new firmware using the USB host interface on your phone/tablet (no root required).

The new app is available on the Google Play Store:

And the source code is available on Github:

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Finally, after many hours of designing and programming, the new homepage for our Balanduino, balancing robot project, has been released.
Please visit it at:

We have just released a beta version of the Balanduino Android app. For all of you who are interested. Simply join this community and then navigate to the following link:

Please let me know what you think :)

Dear all fellow readers.
We are currently being exposed to a major Malware/Virus attack to both our main site and blog, which is why Google warns you about visiting our site.
We are working hard on fixing the issue and will let you know when the site is up again, as soon as possible.

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Check out the new video of the Balanduino filmed using a GoPro: Balanduino with GoPro

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We are happy to announce the launch of our new Kickstarter project, the Balanduino - an Arduino compatible Balancing Robot.

A full kit with everything you need to get the robot to balance, will be sold at $299 on the Kickstarter - but smaller options are available too!

Please visit our Kickstarter to get more detailed information about the project, the features of the Balanduino, kit pricing and when you can expect to receive your own kit if you decide to fund us.
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