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Welcome New Beta Testers!:

First, some ground rules....
We understand there are issues you wish to have addressed, but please understand the Rheti team is hard at work in making the best possible experience for all future app developers. 

If what you wish to report is not within the announcements posts, you may report a BUG that is limited to the BETA version by specifying the following:

-Manufacturer of phone
-Model of phone
-Android software version
-which BETA version of the app
-What steps to replicate said BUG 
-Screenshot of said bug (if possible) 
-Have your restarted your phone? Did it alleviate the issue?
-Have you uninstalled & re-installed the app to see if this resolved the issue?

There's a possibility that your requests are already on the list of requests. Have a look here:!forum/rheti


First I must say, when you post, please try and refrain from using smileys they take up a lot of space and are pretty pointless.

Why did we create this community?
The reason this whole community exists is to provide testing for new features in Rheti.  The updates can include new features, components, bug fixes, UI improvements, and much more.   

There isn't anything new!!
Yes there is silly!  At times it may seem that nothing is new, but in fact the team is testing bug fixes to release to the public.  If these bug fixes cause more bugs then you tell us, when you tell us we know what to fix.

I can't download the app 
If you cannot download the app then make sure you follow all steps
If you need anything, please contact us at

What Will Be Deleted
Moderators and other caretakers will delete any requests such as
--- Add me username
---Repeated feature requests
---Pictures of you and/or your friends
---Anything not related to beta

What Should I Post Here?
I will explain each section of this community.

Spam - Yes, there is a spam section and yes it says not to post there....If you have spammy posts, that's where they're going so don't think you'll get away with them. Don't post there!

General Discussion - Here you should post general discussion to Rheti, this should not be a place to meet new people by posting awesome selfies with you and Ellen(there isn't a place for doing that since you shouldn't here anyway).  This should only be about Rheti Beta.

Q&A - Self Explanatory, you ask questions here.  Ask things like why is this happening, how do I fix this, and if you have to, ask something about this page (MAKE SURE IS HASN'T BEEN ASKED/ANSWERED ALREADY AND IT ISN'T IN THE DESCRIPTION!!!!)

Bug Reports - Post bugs you have and any errors you get, screenshots definitely help especially if you're programming new functionalities.

Feature Suggestions - Ask us if you have good ideas for features, look below first, if it has already been suggested a bunch of times, don't ask it again (We see it!).

Announcements - This is for us to post announcements about new releases, etc. This shouldn't really be for your general use.


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Where can I download it?

Where can I download it?

hello, I just downloaded Rheti to my android phone but the firs page (startup page)where it has the big plus sign to build an app does not have the background images like it shows on the website, the share icon is inactive, did i download the wrong app? what are the points for?

i created my home page and added a button so when i click, it should open another page,  though when i go to live mode to test it, it doesnt work, why?

How can I cut the tutorial and strat using the app freely ?

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How can i fix this problem?

Cuando intento generar la apk, aparece un error de conexión no se como corregir este error, ya q me impide generar el apk para instalar la aplicación que edité.
¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

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How can I fix this problem?
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