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Name: Neopolitan

Nickname: Ice cream queen

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: in pic

Weapon: Umbrella, that also has a blade that pops out from the top

Semblance: Reflection, Allows teleportation, etc

Team: None

Year: 1

Occupation: Criminal

Likes: Ice cream, fighting, etc.

Dislikes: Yang, Ruby, Etc.

Hey guys! I've noticed our Role play kind of died. But we have quite a few more people that have joined so lets start it up again!

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Quote: Yes - it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book... That I will continue to read... As soon as you leave...

Name: Blake Belladonna
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Amber
Race: Faunus
Complexion: Pale White
Hair Color: Black
Semblance: Shadow. Allows her to create clones of herself. These clones are solid, but can be dispelled easily if hit or if Blake moves too far away from them. They can be used to distract foes or take hits for Blake, and they appear to propel her in whatever direction she chooses.
Occupation: Student
Team: RWBY
Weapon: Gambol Shroud. Gambol Shroud has a thick, gray sheath with a sharp edge, similar to that of an oversized cleaver. Although serving as a sheath, it does possess a cutting edge and can be used effectively as a weapon. Gambol Shroud, when unsheathed, appears to be a dark gray katana and is equally as effective as, if not more than, its sheath. Blake typically carries this duo on a magnetic sheet of metal strapped to her back.
Height: 5'6
Status: Active

+Ruby Rose​ is reserved for this role play group as Ruby.

Okay anyone who wants to role play Rwby that's profile is aprroved, let the Role play start! XD
But know that right now I cannot Role play with you. I will join in later. :3

Everyone, the role play starts later today. Once we start the roleplay, as long as you posted your profile and it is approved, feel free to join and start the role play up again and keep going, because I will not always be able to role play with you. Just make sure you are roleplaying on the role play folder. Anyway I will announce when the role play is starting later today. Have fun!!! ;)

I shall now use my Marshmallow powers to bring people in.
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