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Hi and welcome to my new community!
No godmodding ( - )
No spam ( - )
No sex or gore posts (-)
Have respect for our mods (+)
Keep swearing to a minimum (+)
Please try to post in the correct area (+)
No hate on art or profiles (+)
Only a mod/owner and the maker of the OC can comment on the profile ~this is to prevent RP's in profile and just makes my job a lot easier~ (+)
No irrelevant posts (+)
all posts with a - will result in a warning. 3 warnings and you will have a temporary ban, then if you break these rules again then you will have a permanent ban. However any posts with a + sign next to them mean that I just wish you wouldn't do them, their just annoying little things that make my job as the owner harder


Leader: Silverstar +•Echo•
Med cat:
Med cat apprentice:

Leader: Cinderstar +moon ((sorry can't tag))
Med cat:
Med cat apprentice:

Leader: Flamestar +Maddens23 Aj
Med cat: Icefire
Med cat apprentice:

Leader: Runningstar
Deputy: Puffclaw
Med cat:
Med cat apprentice:

{please comment below if you wish to have one of the other roles}

Clan ~if loner/rouge, etc put N/A:
Step brother(s):
Step sister(s):
Other relatives:
Mentor(s) ~current:
Mentor(s) ~ past:
Apprentice(s) ~current:
Apprentice(s) ~past:

So your mods are



Who wants to roleplay?

Current Name- Amberstorm
Past Name(s)- Amberkit, Amberpaw
Future Name(s)- None
Nickname(s)- None
Prefix- Amber (Because of her eye color.)
Suffex- Storm (Because of her love for storms.)

Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Warrior
Future Rank: Elder
Past Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Female
Age: 25 moons
Season Born: Leaf-fall
Scent: Fresh scent before calm rain

Young and free spirted. Seems happy, but has a sad side that she hides.

Positive Traits
Clever, Loyal, Courageous, Kind, Patient.

Neutral Traits
Logical, Proud, Says what's on her mind.

Negative Traits
Aggressive and Protective.

Cat- Dewkit
Prey- Squirell (Because Squirell was her first caught prey.)
Scent- Fresh caught squirell (Because squirell is her favorite prey.)
Time Of Day- Midnight
Season- Leaf-fall (She was born in Leaf-fall, she likes the scent of Leaf-fall leaves, the wind ruffling her fur, and the crisp colors.)
Place- Tree Den (Information below.)
Plant- Fern (She likes the way the ferns brush against her fur.)
Sound- Light Drizzle (She likes the sound of the dripping drizzle.)

Cat- Hawkpelt
Food- Rainbow Trout
Scent- Rotting Crow Food
Time Of Day- Sun-High
Season- Leaf-bare
Place- Twoleg place
Plant- Poinsettia

- Twolegs
- Monsters
- Thunderpath
- Droughts
- Hawks

Pelt- Grey
Markings- Dark grey rings on tail
Paw Pad- Pink
Nose- Pink with a black spot.
Left Eye- Amber
Right Eye- Amber
Scars- None

Mother- NightFlower (Deceased)
Father- unknown
Siblings- (None)
Mentor- (None)
Past Mentor- unknown
Apprentice- (None~Open)
Past Apprentice- (None)
Friends- Dewkit (Deceased)
Rivals- (None)
Enemies- Hawkpelt (Deceased)
Mate- (None-Open)
Past Mate- (None)
Kits- (None)

Fighting: 9/10
Hunting: 10/10
Stalking: 8/10
Climbing: 9/10
Swimming: 2/10
Speed: 8/10
Herb Knowlege: 7/10
Vision: 10/10
Hearing: 10/10
Smelling: 10/10

Amberstorm was born loving storms. When she was three moons old, she ran out of camp in the middle of a heavy storm. Lightning struck down a tree and Amberstorm claims that she saw a Starclan cat appear in the mist and run away. Amberstorm goes out in every heavy storm to try and find that cat.

The Tree Den

The tree den is a spot where Amberkit and her former friend Dewkit found. It is a small hole that leads to a large hollow tree. In the tree, the kits set up a nest, a freshkill pile, and carved their names in the wood with their claws. A few moons later when Amberkit and Dewkit tried to sneak out of camp, Dewkit got caught. Hawkpelt, (Elder that lost his wits.) murdered Dewkit in the name of "Unhonorable". Hawkpelt later died from old age. Amberstorm goes to the Tree Den everyday now. That's why its her favorite place. (The Tree Den is secret, only her and Dewkit know about it. Amberstorm plans to keep The Tree Den secret.)

Amberstorm clumsily trips over the bracken
"Ow!!" She yelps. She hears pawsteps. Amberstorm ducks behind a bush

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I like Ashfur. I feel bad for Ashfur. Let's take a look into his past, then at his present. First, when he was a kit... Ashfur was a normal kit, playing and having fun, complaining about not being able to go places, just like normal. Then, he becomes an apprentice. Ashpaw was a wonderful apprentice, and his mentor, Longtail, was a great mentor. Ashpaw had a pretty bad past, but he did good things anyway. As annapprentice, he refused to go with Swiftpaw and Brightpaw to fight the dog pack, then warned everyone, of course feeling guilty because he didn't want to betray them. Then, his mother gets murdered by Tigerstar, leaving him devestated. Ashpaw then stays by his sister's side when fighting the dog pack, as it said they were running together. And in the Darkest Hour, Ashpaw and the rest of the living apprentices fought in the biggest battle of his life, helping kill one of the bad guys with the other apprentices. The sad part... was that he did it for someone.
His mother.
Ashpaw, fought with the will of Starclan, because he did it for his mother. He would never forget what happened, and if you ask mr, losing your mother isn't fun, and neither is losing your best friend, getting chased by dogs that are 3 times bigger than you, and fighting in a battle against a strong force. As an apprentice too, so he was only young. Then once he became Ashfur, he had become a wonderful warrior, serving his clan best he could, with little to no complaints.
Ashfur saw Squirrelpaw, and just loved her. He loved the way she moved, the way she spoke, the way she smiled... but he loved it all too well. This cat, was rejected. Imagine, being rejected after caring so much? His past never helped, and it sucks to know this cat didn't get to love anyone. Squirrelflight had his kits, but they were stillborn, which she took as a sign..
I think it wasn't a sign.
Ashfur was so nice to her, and he really cared... but then she leaves him because she thinks that their stillborn kits were a sign from StarClan saying that they shouldn't be together, and it's annoying to see that she left him so easily. I am not saying she was harsh about it, but she didn't have to just... leave. Ashfur didn't even get anyone after that. He was broken. This cat, just go so caught up, that he did something you can tell he regretted, and then the whole Fandom just decides to hate on him. If you really think about it, he just really loved her, and couldn't easily let go. I think Ashfur deserves to be in StarClan, to see his mother, and his friend. It's just so unfair that people think it's easy to hate him. He didn't kill them, but then one kills him, and it's so terrible to see. Please, just think about him for a second.
This is just my opinion on him, and mif you don't accept that, then I understand.

Have you changed your mind?
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A little
Not really
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Yes, totally
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I have a brand new community on Amino called the Nervou

Please all join!

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Name: Leafdapple
Age: 31 moons
Gender: Tom
Clan: ThunderClan
Role: Med cat??? (if not warrior)
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Step brother(s): N/A
Step sister(s): N/A
Other relatives: Unknown
Mentor(s) ~current: None
Mentor(s) ~ past: Unknown
Apprentice(s) ~current: (None yet)
Apprentice(s) ~past: None

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Name: Puffclaw
Age: 23 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan ~ WindClan
Role: I can be leader, but then i will edit the name to Puffstar, because WindClan doent seem to have any cats at all...
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Step brother(s): None
Step sister(s): None
Other relatives: Unknown, possibly later...
Mentor(s) ~current: None
Mentor(s) ~ past: Was rouge in past.
Apprentice(s) ~current: None yet, i can if u want.
Apprentice(s) ~past: ^^^
Picture: Below \/


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Sorry for spamming if I am XD

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Hello everyone!! I'm new. My Name is Crystalheart and i'm from Windclan. I'm from Germany and i just Love Warrior Cats. I have a brother his Name is Shadowclaw.He's the cat on the right. We have blue eys,but i don't find some pictutes of cat's with blue eys... I'm sorry about that.. .I hope,i can stay here.
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Um random sorry if I'm spamming

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* tundra remembered what her twoleg owner said to her as a kit she walked on slowly *
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