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We have openings for Clojure & Cloud developers who are is interested in working in a collaborative environment while working on new technologies and building amazing cool things. Take a look at the job specs #clojure #startup

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Clojure Developer

#startup #clojure #jobs #SanFrancisco @FundingCircle 

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Greetings from Uniqsoft!!!
We have "Clojure Developer “positions at " Princeton NJ"–Full time 
Title: Clojure Developer
Location: Princeton NJ
Position Type: Full time 
Salary : DOE
Candidate must be prepared to:
Ø  Work on a small team developing a full-stack Clojure application
Ø  Quickly evaluate and learn new technologies, libraries, concepts
Ø  Independently take projects from conception and design through to completion
Ø  Reason about and build concurrent, distributed processing flows
Ø  Move fast and break things, then fix them
Ø  Take on the most ambitious and challenging project of their career
Ø  Laugh at danger, scoff at failure, eat the impossible for breakfast
Skills Required
Ø  At least 1 year of experience with Clojure, or another functional language or lisp
Ø  Experience with good unit test coverage
Ø  Experience with databases
Ø  CI/CD technologies
Ø  Datomic, Cassandra (or other NoSQL databases, ex: Riak, Couchbase, DynamoDB, HBase)
Ø  Storm, Hadoop with Cascalog, or Spark
Ø  ElasticSearch or Solr
Ø  RDF/Semantic Web experience, or graph databases/algorithms experience
Ø  Projects on Github
Ø  Clojurescript and Om (or React.js)
Ø  Has read the book, The Reasoned Schemer and done the exercises in core.logic

Thanks and Have A Wonderful Day,
Thanks and Have A Wonderful Day,
 contact: 443-288-3231
(Sr. Recruiter)
Uniqsoft INC, |4025 Tiber Falls Dr, Ellicott City , MD 21043 |
Direct: 443-288-3231 | FAX: 443-288-4584

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A slightly more general job community for any Lisp.

Fantastic opportunity to work for possibly the best agile software development company in London. My client are looking for Agile Polyglot Developers with experience using Clojure, Scala, Java, F#, Haskell, Erlang as programming languages. They also use many of the NoSQL databases including Neo4J, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Cassandra. Additionally they operate in an intense Agile environment usingTDD, BDD, CD and CI. Interested? Please get in touch with your CV ASAP! or call me on 0207 444 4085.

Looking for an HTML5 Developer with  Clojure experience to work at an investment bank! Message me on if your interested or know anybody! The role can pay up to £700/day!

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The manager told that banking experience is not necessarily needed. So strong HTML5 and Clojure guys.. 

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At last a job proposal for Clojure in Switzerland :D
We are looking for an outstanding software engineer to join our Development team. You will be responsible for the technical soundness, scalability and operational effectiveness of our platform services. Your role will focus on problem solving, design and implementation, as well as providing guidance and insights for business decisions.
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