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Designation: Raventail
Nickname: Raven
Gender: Femme
Age: 17 in human years (idk how the cybertronian age thing works)
Faction: Autobot
Warrior class: Spy
Weapon: arm sword and blaster
Alt-mode: Motorcycle
Personality: kind, caring, funny, can be serious at times, loyal, strong, & obedient.

Designation: Cloudjumper
Nickname: Cloud
Gender: Mech
Age: 17 in human years
Faction: Decepticon
Warrior class: Technician
Weapon: Blaster
Alt-mode: Jet
Personality: Nervous, kind, obedient, scare easily, brave (sometimes), happy around tech or in his happy place.

Bio for both: Raventail and Cloudjumper are twins, their sire and carrier died protecting them since they were little sparklings (6 years). They stayed together in hiding for a Deca-cycle (3 weeks) until they were accidentally separated. Megatron found Cloudjumper and took him in after he learned of the Mech's superior technician abilities. Cloudjumper didn't want to go without his other twin when Megatron lied to him saying that his sister was killed by an Autobot and that was when Cloudjumper went with him. Cloudjumper vowed that one day that he would get revenge for his sister but throughout his life-cycle he never felt the emptiness of the loss of his twin, confusing him. After the separation, Raventail was found by the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, like Cloudjumper, Raventail didn't want to leave her twin Optimus then had a search and rescue team to find the Mech but it was too late and they couldn't find him anywhere. Raventail went with the Autobots in hope that some day she would be reunited with her twin, just like Cloudjumper, she too neither felt the emptiness of the loss of her other half. (Maybe they will find each other in an RP)


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