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Looking for some help. This is a simple but super annoying glitch in my Google Drive. Somehow, my drive display has shrunk. There is extra space on the right side of the scroll bar resulting in all icons being smaller. I've tried zooming in and out from command +&-, changing the density (which does nothing in grid view), zooming by pinching and unpinching. I've used the view zoom menu at the top. I've signed in and out. Nothing has worked. All my other chrome accounts are still fine. Has anyone else seen this and does anyone have a fix??? I know it's just a design issue but it's really annoying. Thanks!

Using rubrics. Is there a way to use google classroom in which using rubrics (lots of the) can be very organized in record keeping? Clear as mud.....
A teacher uses rubrics like there is no tomorrow. So there are many rubrics, each one providing feedback to students' work.

Is there a tool where the rubrics are stored or named, each student listed, with the rubric score? This tool continues to collect this throughout the school year.


If you want to create your own video in YouTube Editor, what is the path to the photos area, it is not your Google Photos and it doesn't connect to Google Drive. You can redownload phtotos to this location, but does anyone know where the photos actually reside and how you can link it to your Google Drive?

UPDATE: There is currently no way to do this.

Can you turn off Private Conversations between students and teachers in Classroom?

Not a question, but YouTube support. It's understood if moderators choose to delete this post. All the best!

Just finished a playlist of 8 YouTube tutorials to get the most out of your YouTube use! More to come in the future, but this will get YouTube use by teachers started off! These videos are about how to add elements (like pop-ups) and editing YT your YouTube videos, as well as increasing interaction and functionality. Note: this playlist is not about classroom strategies for YouTube use.

Has anyone created any Escape Room activities using G Suite? I would love to use them for technology PD as well as have some of the admin in the district use them at their campuses for staff PD. I have seen looked through BreakoutEDU and there is one on Teachers Pay Teachers. I really want them to use the apps in G Suite throughout the activity. 

Hello! I am a hs math teacher. I love using Forms for assessments, but I cannot type equations (square roots, exponents, fractions mostly). Any suggestions? Am I just missing something? TIA!

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G Suite on premise backup solution.

Question for those of you who have set up Chromebooks to be used as a kiosk: I'm trying to create the app. I've set up a web site that has several links on it. Some links are to other pages on the web site and others are to external links. When I test the app, the links to the internal web pages work, but the external links do not. What is the best solution for getting both internal and external links to work?

Question with Google Classroom (for a school district)-
A teacher assigns a writing assignment through google classroom. This teacher edits students documents (crosses out words, inserts words, puts in comments, etc. on the doc.), the student then edits own doc for final revision. Now the teacher edits are no longer visible. The student submits the assignment, the teacher grades it, then releases it back to the student.

This teacher now wants to see the version with the comments and the edits (crossed out words, etc.).

Is it possible to regain that version? If so, how?


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