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To be intelligent is to look
directly, spontaneously
at the essence of things,
rather than be caught in trivia of
name, form, past, details.

~ Acharya Prashant

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Live simply, and that’s all!

You are alright just as you are. You cannot improve yourself. By trying to improve upon yourself, you only disfigure yourself. You are perfectly tuned machine, don’t fiddle with it.

The perfect one does not send imperfections. You are alright!

Don’t try to become something else. And if you have become something else, then return to what you are.

Don’t be so clever. Let those eyes not be eyes of suspicion. Allow yourself to be cheated a little. If the world wants to cheat you, allow yourself to be cheated.

It’s alright to be cheated a little. It’s alright to be losing a few things than to be robbed of your innocence. Stay innocent!

~ Acharya Prashant (Speaking in Kids and Parents Camp at Kainchidhaam, Nainital)

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What is meditation?

Is meditation about, sitting in a particular place, following a particular set of physical and mental disciplines, subjecting the body to behave in a certain way, reserving a certain time in your daily schedule for peace? Is this what meditation is?

Is meditation something that can be taught as an activity?

Surely, if meditation is to be sold then, it needs to be taught as an activity. Because if meditation is not really an activity that, how will it become tangible? And if it is not tangible, why would you pay for it?

Meditation is the mind looking directly at that, which it really wants. The mind wants peace; the mind wants to relax and go, to sleep. The total sleep is also called Samadhi.

When the mind is not acting as its own enemy.

When the mind is going in a direction, it anyway intends to go. That is meditation.

The meditation that is usually sold and practiced, is the meditation in which you can very conveniently make allowance for everything that you stand for.

You say, “1 hr of my day belongs to meditation and BINGO 23 hrs belong to me. Not only do these 23 hrs belong to me, I can now use these 23 hrs, with the added confidence and pride that, I’m a meditator.”

If meditation really is so dear to you then, why do you meditate only for 1 hr? If meditation really so precious, then why do you meditate only for 1 hr, why not 24 hrs? What kind of love is this that reserves itself to a very small fraction of the day? Don’t you want to be with the beloved continuously?

You don’t want that when you have ten other things to be attracted to. Real meditativeness is your life-breath. And because it is your life-breath, it must remain unnoticed. If you can know, when you are meditating than, you are not meditating at all. That is the one test.

Just as if you know when you are loving then you are not loving at all. If you know when you are speaking the Truth, the Truth is alien to you.

Meditation is either continuous or never. It cannot be intermittent.

To be continuously in service of the deepest is meditation.

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The more deeply spiritual you get, the more deeply fulfilling your relationships get. That is why when people come to me and talk about their relationships with each other, man and wife, I say, forget each other, you talk about your relationship with yourself.

If you are alright with yourself, you will be alright with the other as well. If you are not alright with your wife, I immediately get to know that there is something missing between you and God. Because you are not yet fully exposed in front of God and hence you cannot be fully exposed in front of your wife either.

You hide so much from God, obviously you will hide from your wife also.

You cannot belong to God, how will you belong to your wife?

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'Book of Myths', now available in print!
Yoga is not about oiling your machinery, so that it becomes more productive and even more lethal. Yoga is about getting rid of the machine altogether. Now it is no more mechanical, now nobody can push the button, and demand a product.

Real Yoga is not about self-improvement,
Real Yoga is self-annihilation.

Real Yoga is not self-decoration,
Real Yoga is self-dissolution.

An excerpt from the book 'Book of Myths' by Acharya Prashant

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Must Read!
A rape is not limited to sexual intercourse. Rape is a much wider thing. Whenever you approach anything in any state other than love, it is called rape.

When you are raping a woman, you are consuming her. Right? You are looking at her just as a body, as a material to be consumed. Right? Anything that you look at just as a body, or a material to be consumed is rape.

Are you not raping the earth? Look at the way we consume our rivers. Are we not raping them? Who told you that rape is merely a sexual activity? Rape is a state of mind. A mind that cannot love, will only rape. And we all rape. Please do not think that rape is limited to a few men. No! This entire society rapes. Is there anything that you do not rape?

We are all rapists. And we do not exempt anybody. We rape small animals. We rape our own children. We rape our clothes. We rape the classroom. We rape the pen that we are holding in our hands. We have not spared anything. We are raping all the time. But we do not see that the entire thing is all pervasive. We are bothered only when the act becomes very sexual and very explicit, then our morality suddenly wakes up. Then we say that something bad has happened. But that is happening all the time. You are blind if you cannot see it. It is happening all the time but you do not object.

We rape our own bodies. Don’t you see that? When we use our bodies just as material; that is rape. Don’t we look at our bodies just as material things to be displayed, exhibited? Don’t we do that? And that includes both, men and women. When you say that my eyes are objects that must attract other people, my hair, my entire body is something that must attract other people, then you have raped your own body, because you have reduced your own body to just an object.

Whatever is objectified is raped.

And don’t think that you can reduce rape by making some laws, or by hanging a few people. Till the mind of the individual does not change, rape will not stop.

Rapes do not start in the body. Rape starts in the mind.

And it is a collective mind, it is a social mind that rapes, that mind needs to be changed, otherwise, your laws and policing won’t be of any help. Till the time you have these television serials, till the time you have a consumer mindset, till the time you live only as a material being, till the time you are ambitious, greedy and full of fear, the raping mind will persist.

But no, you will say that being ambitious is alright, but rape is bad. If being ambitious is alright, then it will inevitably result in rape. You do not understand the origin of the whole thing.

You just want to cut down the leaves of the tree. You do not understand where the roots are. And unless you understand the roots, just cutting the leaves, again and again, will be of no help. There are a thousand leaves, how many leaves will you cut? And even if you cut them, they will grow again because you are not prepared to look at the roots of the whole thing.

This mind is the root. This mind that looks at the world as something to be consumed. ‘I want to consume! I want to eat more and more. I want to satisfy my body’- that is what is rape. What else do you do in a shopping mall? You consume and satisfy your body.

‘What will look good on me? What can I eat? What is nice to touch? What kind of smell do I like?’

Can this mind resist raping? It rapes! And for god’s sake do not think that only that incident of rape is violent where a woman is being raped and thousand people are looking. Rape is happening every day, every time.

There is no better way to stop rape than to stop raping yourself. See this thing very clearly, and take an oath that I will not rape. I will not rape anything or anyone around me. I will not use anybody. I will not objectify anything or anybody.

Everything is breathing. Even the stone is breathing. Even the stone is pulsating with life. Do not look even at the stone as if it is only an object that is rape. Do not think that the river is just flowing water that is rape. The river is a living entity, the river is alive and if you do not see that, you will end up raping the river. That’s what we have done to our rivers. We think that it is just flowing water.

What do you think? A tree is just roots, stem and the leaves? No. A tree lives. Do not rape it. How do you get your food? How you kill animals and eat them? Is that not rape? If rape is just a violation of the body, are we not violating the bodies of animals all the time? A woman’s body is exposed and penetrated, and you call it rape. And what else are you doing to a chicken? Are you not cutting its body apart? Is that not rape? But then you have no issues in eating chicken. You do not realize what you are doing.

So, to begin with, stop raping. Everything, every object, every person and everything that you can perceive is worthy of respect. It deserves your love. Treat it with love. When you touch it, your touch must be sacred. Do not touch it as if it is something to be eaten, to be consumed. Touch only with love, and that is not rape.

~ From the book "A flying kiss to The Sky" by Acharya Prashant

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The urge to control comes from a moralistic mind. It comes from a violent mind. It comes from a mind that has already been tutored that something is good and something is bad, something needs to be controlled.

Nothing needs to be controlled. Everything is alright. There is nothing in existence which needs to be controlled.

Drop this approach that something needs to be controlled. Nothing needs to be controlled; it is all fine, good, alright. Nothing needs to be controlled. You only need to understand, not control.

Understand, not control.

~ Acharya Prashant

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