Set you in motion,
With irresistable momentum,
The enormous unstoppable being.
Born of idea and twisted desire,
Brought forth with plan and scheme,
Breaking wires, snapping tethers, forever.
Not Rhodian statues,
Nor Liberty ladies,
No, 'tis a living thing.
The simply unquenchable,
In gargantuan form,
From the concert of misguided men.


There we are each waiting for the other. To make their move, to grow old together, to commiserate, to die instantly with each other. Intentionally attracted to one another, by accident. And she waits there for me alone, just me, to do what I say, or not, doing whatever it is that I do, however bold or ridiculous. Waiting to feel my firm embrace again, enveloped, for brief seconds, completely in an alien love so very intense that the pain fades. Something that can't go on, does. Something that must end, doesn't. She won't believe a word of it and knows I'm telling the truth. Sensitivity gone awry, the moment, never forgotten, that this bizarre man gazed straight into her soul and she in mine, mistaken for love, or not. And we get more absurd, more crazy for different reasons and the same one. Treating each other like some plaything. It's all inappropriate and inescapable, doomed and childlike, a dissonant, perfect, painful bliss.

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Hey guys!! This is a story written by me on the seven + Nico and Reyna.. It would be appreciated if you would take out time to read it..!! And if you like it do leave a review~!! Thanks and I love ya for your support!!

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Hey everyone! Could you do me a favor and come back? I noticed no one has been on for four weeks. I miss the posts and idea sharing. And I have ideas I want you to hear about! So, do me a favor, come back and post! :)

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Keep writing, guys.
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This. Is. Gold.
Some writing stuff I use a lot.

Hope some people can get use of these like I did.
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This is my prolougue. Thoughts?

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Too important. It goes for writers too, tho.
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