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New Join Chrome Extension feature: Custom Commands!

Check out the demo video :)

This works in conjunction with Tasker (if the commands are sent to Android devices) or EventGhost (if commands are sent to PCs).

Basically, with this you can create any custom command you want to do whatever you want on any of your devices :D Really excited about this one.

In the video example I have a Tasker profile that opens an app on Android using the openapp=:= AutoApps command ( I simply configure the command in Chrome and use it :)

These commands can also be called via the last command keyboard shortcut as you can see in the video when I make it open Play Music on my phone.

If you want to try this out right now you can do so by using the code on github:

Let me know how it works for you if you can! :)

there is a solution to switch the voice and the mic on my pc when i answer a call?
actually i answer a call on my pc but the voice and the mic are on the phone

(sorry for my bad english)

How do I disable notifications about the clipboard? I don't use this functionality and don't want to however I keep getting notification tips ala "Can't share clipboard. Please allow join to draw overlays...".

Is there a way to stop receiving these notifications?

Also I don't want to long hold and disable all of Join's notifications because I still like to send browser tabs to my phone from the computer.

When sending a Tasker command from the Join Chrome extension - can you make it so carriage returns / multi-line format is accepted?

(Basically the same as the "Note To Self" dialog.)

Hello, I am testing Join to have notifications mainly from WhatsApp on my cars head unit.
Notifications work fine but if I try to reply it opens the reply window on my phone instead on my head unit. Is this the expected behaviour?

Anyone else with this problem? I had SMS sync to my tablet enabled. Once in a while, I don't receive and find an SMS on my phone, but can see a notification for it on my tablet. When I tap it, the message isn't there. This happened quite a few times, but not regularly (since I don't write a lot), and it seems most SMS get through. Since I don't spend my day with my tablet, I often miss out on messages then.

I share things from my phone to Chrome all the time. Is there any way to:

1. Open all of the shared items at once. It's pretty annoying to click multiple times to open 5-10 shared items. An "Open All" button would be nice.

2. Make the shared items disappear from the Chrome list when I click to open them? They aren't notifications on my phone, so there's no reason not to dismiss them when I open them in Chrome.

I have gone through the settings a few times but have yet to find these two things.


Hey guys
The call from chrome extension dosent work when phone is locked also the speakerphone option dosent work. Any way to fix this thanks

Is there a clipboard size limit? I can't send long text from my laptop to my phone.

Will Firefox extension be easier to make with Firefox 57.0? Should be pretty similar to chrome now, right?
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