Hello all, I'm back again after a long break (due to illness and other things), but I'm reviving the old project of Open Simulator GUI, I'm starting again from scratch, but it won't take long to get the core done.
I am looking for people to join the team on the open source project. we are looking for people to help with all areas of the project, from coding (php mysql, html, css, js, c#) to promoting the project and helping find funding, we also need help with testing the project out as well as graphic design for the project
if you wish to help please contact me

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You know it was bound to happen. Somebody had to do it! So I did make one.

Now available, free at Oshia of 3RD Rock grid. Your own customizable Selfie Stick. Come and get it!


PS: There are other cameras there too. All Free!

Sorry to see this community is none active
I have just too many communities I belong to to keep a dead one so I am out. I just hope +bladyblue Bommerang is ok and has gone on to better things. So many new and active communities for the Opensim Grids.

Does End of the Metaverse still exist?  I tried to connect earlier and got login errors.  Some months back it had been recommended I delete and re-insert the grid info in my viewer due to some changes in it, but apparently there was some sort of technical issue at the site that prevented that from working and I was told to wait a few days.  This situation remained for a long time, so I shelved it for awhile and then never got back to it.  Well, today I decided to delete and reinsert the grid info again, thinking maybe my login troubles were due to never having changed the grid info way back when, but today Firestorm couldn't pull in the info to do it either. And now the website gives Connection timed out.

ciao ^_^ 
per chi fosse interessato a conoscermi mi può trovare qui ...inserendo nella mappa del visualizzatore questo url.  login.clonelife.eu:8002:Ruben Lab

Whatever happened to the lovely +bladyblue Bommerang?
She was so full of ideas with a deep understanding of social networks and community building. I'm so sorry she is no longer around and I do hope she is well.

According to my Skype, Blady is "having fun" although I don't see or hear her having fun. Endofmeta? I know it's still not there. That's my update of what I know.

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is everything okay with this grid? It was recommended to me.
Can't access the website, grid, or anything.  o_o

I wanted to at least visit it!
Sounds like a dumb reason but I really liked it's name :b

quiet, quiet, very quiet, too quiet. :) where's that Blady lady?
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