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We will win the war

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SOLAS Life Buoy 2.5KGS -Application
–2.5kgs life buoy is suitable for all kinds of vessels,used by seamen and passengers for life-saving equipment.
– Standard
SOLAS 1974/1996, International Life-saving Appliance Code and MSC.81(70).
– Material
Outside is HDPE and inside is rigid polyurethane foam
-Max.Drop Height
-Approval Certificate

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Name: Rail Darros
Title: Phindian Biochemist
Weapons: N/A, except for several vials of HISS (Horax-Iridium Sarcpphyx Solution) solution and Umbras Haze Virus.
Age: 49
Bio: I was born on Phindar to Kar Darros and Pois Darros. I was interested in flora and fauna since a young age, and studied chemistry and biology later on. I resided on Serenno, and then Cato Neimoidia with me, before finally moving to Gala. I moved out of Phindar in the first place to study and research. I have helped Darth Lycenaeus and Wyk'Tar Stallin in creating the venom serums that heal and kill. I am currently on Cularin, working on a classified project.

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my person ship a heavily modified Kom'rk-Class Fighter/Transport
which even though is not part of a fleet, i will happily use it to to defend the CIS or take territory for it 

Research and Development Facilities and Corporate Shipyards, I built near my base on Dxun.

Name of Corporate Holding: Paradox-Ralax Industries
CEO: Darth Lycenaeus
Engineering Staff: Darth Maul, Darth Dirus
R&D Specialists: Darth Thanatos, Ayon Bose
Representatives: Sanau Hill (CIS)
Board of Directors (Closed): Thanatos, Maul, and Dirus
System: Japrael
Affiliated Parties: Dread Imperium; The Dark Order of the Sith(Home); The Galactic Empire; Confederation of Independent Systems

Description of Services: We at Paradox-Ralax are a corporation dedicated to the furtherment of the Sith cause. All of our products are high quality, throughly tested and proven to never breakdown nor interfere with inherent systems. We also have a facility dedicated to the design and fabrication of fully armored and armed warships. It is our policy at Paradox-Ralax to remain a neutral party to those whom we are affiliated with, except our patron social order.

When contacting your local Paradox-Ralax representative please be extremely detailed with what you want. Also, below is a list of our current list of products.

PARADOX Virtual Ship Intelligence
RALAX Standard Shielding Generator
RALAX Modular Shielding Generator
SCORPION Class Tungsten-Corbimite Kinetic Rods
MAVADRA Class Modular Ionization Array
VINDICTIVE Class Antimatter Torpedoes
Class IX Heavy Laser System
Class VII Medium Laser System
DAEDLUS Class Antiproton Engine Core
Fluidsteel Sentient (Semi Sentient) Armor Compound
CARAD Class Hardened Communication Hub
FENRIS Class Hardened Life Support Hub

For Designing Warships please contact your local P-R Representative for more details on this option.

We at PARADOX-RALAX thank you in advance for your patronage.

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I am currently working on a new ship, stats will be updated.
If you want one, I need Mandalorian Iron (Beskar) and Stygium Crystals for construction, I am open to a trade.

Affiliation: Dread Imperium
Model: EX-25.1.0

Materials: Mandalorian Iron, Quadranium, Alusteel, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Osmium, Matrix Armor, Armorplast, and Animated Metal Sealant.

Classification: Gunship
Length: 45 Meters
Height: 15 Meters 
Width: 30 Meters
5 KT6 Heavy Blaster Cannons (2 forward, 2 rear, 1 under)
7 Flex Tube Launchers (2 Concussion Missiles forward, 1 rear, 2 Proton Torpedoes forward, 1 rear, 1 Interchangeable forward)(Clips of 8 each)
1 Antimissile Octet (midline)
11 Mass Drivers (8 forward, 3 rear)
2 Assault Laser Cannon (forward)
5 Pulse Cannons (2 forward, 1 rear, 2 under)
4 SW-8 Ion Cannons (2 forward, 1 rear, 1 midline)
Special Features: 
Cloaking Device
4 Prototype Advanced Vectored Engines
4 High-output Quadex Power Cores
Experimental 3 Layer Shield
Advanced Sensor Network
Holonet Receiver

Hyperdrive Class: 0.5

(I know it looks like Bloodied Flowers, it is based on that appearance but the systems are completely different.)

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Thanks to +Darth Dirus I don't need a ship anymore

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Come at me bro!
Ri’ki Personal Fleet

Custom Mining and Construction Barge (not pictured)
Custom Devastator-Class Dreadnought (not pictured)

Capital Ships
Harrower-Class Dreadnoughts
Terminus-Class Destroyers

Rendili StarDrive Light Corvettes
Defender-Class Light Corvettes

YZ-3000 Tankers
YZ-2500 Heavy Transports
YZ-775 Medium Transports

Luxury 2800 Shuttles (not pictured)
Baudo-Class Star Yachts

X-70B Phantom-Class Prototypes

GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
Scimitar Assault Bomber
Lancet Aerial Artillery
Freefall-Class Bomber

Warpod Pinnace
StarViper-Class Attack Platform
Fury-Class Interceptor
Preybird-Class Starfighter (not pictured)
Hornet-Class Interceptor
Predator-Class Fighter
TIE/D Defender
Manta-Class Assault Starfighter
M3-A Scyk fighter
*Note: There are many other ships besides the ones mentioned, these are the most common.
15 Photos - View album

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Needed to update, so here's ze updated form.
Name: Darth Lycenaeus
Birth Name: Kelas Hord, Son of Tulak Hord, Son of Tengah Hord
Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith, Councilor of The Dark Council (Sphere of Arcane Knowledge)
Age: 7500+
Race: Pureblood Sith
Home World: Korriban, Kensa Province
Force Sensitivity: Master
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Weapons: Cross-guard Prototype and a shoto (Cross-guard crystal- Violet and Shoto crystal- Red)
Force powers: Horrify, Drain, Choke, Tempest (Gold/Black lightning), Battle Meditation (Corrupted Version), and the Six Forbidden Techniques.
Saber combat: Juyo (Master), Makashi (Expert), Inris (Master), Juyo (Corrupted Perfection) - Zuyishi (Creator), Ti Sha - (In Progress), Jarkai (Adept)
Eye color: Red/Gold (Russet when angered)
Height: 1.95m
Weight: 95.25kg
Pet(s): Adas, Adult Xenomorph
Ship: Ghost of the Past, Dominator Class Battleship Dreadnought
Bio: The only known son of Tulak Hord, gifted with saber combat just like his father. Developed the Zuyishi form of Juyo while in the library-temple of the Ancient Sith on Krayssis II. Last known location was Coruscant.
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