I'm recording

I'm going to the pool

Hai guys🤘🏻🤘🏻

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Sonic's on the way to save MEGAMAN!!
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Has anyone played the original 8 bit Megaman games from Android/Any other phone
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Who played Megaman x4?


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Here is my 2nd Megaman community

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This is the MegaMan Battle Network/Rockman EXE Series (GBA-DS) where in another dimension you have Lan Hikari A 5th Grader who creates MegaMan EXE out of network the games Dr wily makes 8 robot masters to attack cyberspace or taking over the Internet so it's up to MegaMan and Lan to stop them the games are from game boy advance to the Nintendo DS

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This is one of the Original DS Games you can play it on 3DS as well
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