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Name: BluePi
Gender: Female
Personality: Swag, fast, jail mare, killer, (sorta) nice
Weapons: Knife, machine guns
Bio: 2 years after getting put in jail, the mare from Las Pegasus, BluePi received a letter from the Equestrian government (thinking she will die), she joined in the military. she is super fast, and is the most dangerous mare.
Faction: Allies, Britain

BluePi: waits silently for any enemy movement whispers Is everyone ok?

Nuxist)) Nuxist is walking around the base at night thinking about the events of his life

I walk around the base, waiting for a mission

Is in a Helicopter waiting for my to take me to a ship so i can go to the western front to assassinate a German general that has been capturing and destroying valuable hard points and preventing supplies from coming through to help our soldiers behind enemy lines 

Are alicorns allowed?

Name: Black Death
Age: 53
Sex: male
Faction: Allies, U.S.
Bio: Joined the army at age 18 to fight in WWI (Joined in the last year of the war, 1918), rose through the ranks for valor and strengh in the face of the enemy and an officer's death. By the time of WW2, he had become a Five Star General. Served as Supreme Allied Commander during WW2.

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(may I have two?)
Name: Nuxist Darkspark
Age: 24.
race: earthpony
Sex: Male
faction:  nazi
bio: bullied and beaten for having truble seeing during day (perfect at night) he hatter the unicorns for not trying to help and the pegasi for taking the sun for granted, he joind the nazi's as a sign of revenge
discription: a dark purple coat and a black and white mane. his eyes are a blackish gray

Name: Drago Ventus
age: 15
race: pegasus
faction: allied forces (britain)
Bio: a pegasus who loved a german mare, he was struck with greef as germany kept them apart. wanting to get her back sooner, he joined the armed forces hoping to find her.
(see pic)

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