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Creating interactive dashboards with IPython

Since Python can output everywhere (desktop, web browser, static images), inclusion of IPython output into an interactive or static website is easy and can be automated for continuous updates.

More interesting it the ability of PostgreSQL to "notify" a Python script, when data has changed. Watch this video by Brendon Tubbs howto build a web server in pure Python to display realtime data:

Source code you find here:

Have fun!

#BusinessIntegration #BI #Tableau #PowerBI #SAP #Oracle

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Workers and Pylons - Python AI in StarCraft II tutorial p.2

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Whether you say yes to REST, so-called-REST, or GraphQL, it is essential that you understand the consequences of the noes you tell to the other styles. What aspect are you buying when you say yes to a particular style? What other properties are you loosing when you say no to others?

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Hello Gents,

the following is the new wrapper I've made to interact with Synology NAS API with python.

I hope somebody may find useful and contribute to my work!

See you around!

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Introduction and Collecting Minerals - Python AI in StarCraft II tutorial p.1

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new Flask-like web framework

Looks interesting, async built in, tons of other new stuff

Only a week old so fresh out of the oven, may need time to mature

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Sentdex on Udemy. Udemy is a massive spammer in this community. Most of which gets filtered out via moderation.

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A collection of design patterns and idioms in Python.

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Python module to find the etymological origins of a word

Ety uses research data that was scraped from Wiktionary so you can discover and visualise the history of words. It's really fun to play around with!
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