After registration the students have to plan out their idea and give a shot one page ‘catch’ of the project on 25 JAN via email with team member's name attested.
On 29 Jan shot listed participants will be given
A. Student detail form
B. Project detail form
C. Receipt for payment for participation (can also be collected on the day of event)
3. Student detail form will have to be submitted on 29 Jan.
4. Project detail form with requires presentation and report will have to be submitted on  4 Feb.
5. On the day of Exhibition the following rounds will be conducted:
A.  Elimination round: The basic round where a short 5 min viva about your project will be taken students/teams with insufficient knowledge of project will be eliminated.
B.  Exhibition cum group discussion round: This is the main round where the individual projects with ppt will be displayed and a group discussion will take place involving brainstorming on various prospects of respective projects.
C.  Final surprise round: this is a surprise round, details will be disclosed on the spot.
6. Exceptional projects will be taken for higher level national/ international competitions.

1st and 2nd: The overall winner will be awarded with certificates, trophy and if the innovation is good it will be up for higher national/international competitions.

If your project is good then it will be not only taken up as national and international events it may also be brought up as a complete product.

Here are the basic bindings for your project design

1. The project must serve a suitable purpose for the people and could be economically implemented as a product.
2. The project must be a working model.
3. The design and idea must be original.

Here are few examples of the  categories
1. Renewable energy
2. prosthetic
3. Hazard detection systems
4. Irrigation systems 
5. Harvesting systems
6. More ideas are open but we do not want you to recreate existing designs or projects.  
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