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Name: Jason
Height: 7.9
Gender: Male

I seek Seras Victoria

Name:Lilly Tepes
Powers: Can summon Swords and guns, grows limbs back, can teleport, shape shift, sings like a siren, reads minds
Personality: cocky, can be evil, has little to no feelings, likes to read
Bio: My name is Lilly Tepes I am Vlad Tepes The III younger sister I was killed by one of he's wifes.

(My character is Lilly she looks like alucard but in all black and 5'9 this is an open rp) Lilly was walking in the woods trying to find a meal but all she could find was birds and bats, the air was clear the stars shone bright and the moon was full

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Name-Samantha Lynn Collins
Nickname- Sam sammi mandi
likes-animals fun her sisters kind people
Dislikes-being alone
Family-mom (deceased) dad (deceased) Alexis (sister) emilia (sister) lyrabella (baby sister)
Hair color-blonde
eye color-blue
Birthday-March 5th
Looks-pink hat and blonde wavy hair
Personality-kind fun loving caring

Name-alexis rose Collins
likes-animals fun music kind people
Dislikes-the dark
Family-mom (deceased) dad (deceased) samantha (sister) emilia (sister) lyrabella (sister)
Hair color-black
Eye color-blue
Birthday-December 24th
Looks-Brown hair white shirt
Personality-kind bubbly sweet loving caring

Name-Emilia lyen Collins
Likes-adventuring her bunny sweets kind people
Dislikes-the dark
Family-mom (deceased) dad (deceased) samantha (sister) alexis (sister) lyrabella (sister)
Hair color-blonde
Eye color-blue
Birthday-april 10th
Looks-blonde hair blue eyes
Personality-Sweet loving caring adventurous

Name-Lyrabella Marie Collins
Likes-fun kind people sweets her sisters
Family-mom (deceased) dad (deceased) samantha (sister) alexis (sister) emilia (sister)
Hair color-black
Eye color-blue
Birthday-Febuary 14th
Looks-yellow shirt and blue shorts
Personality-shy sweet loving caring clumsy

Bio-their parents were murdered by bandits and they were taken in by alucard
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Name: Natsuno Yuuki

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 150 Ibs

Height: 5:8 in

Sexuality: bisexual

Species: Human

Personality: he's a good friend and likes to hangout at graveyards, but he is also very shy.

Skill: none

Likes: music.

Dislikes: people who stab him in the back, bullies.

Bio: Natsuno is a human whos family was killed in a terrible accident and he was left all alone. He had to fend for himself until the day he finally found a home to live in alone. He mostly spends his time walking around the woods and sitting in graveyards because that's the only time he can have his mind calm. 

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Fix please
Who wins? Team Badass? Or Team Faggots?
+The Crimson Fucker: Alucard, Lord Ţepeş​, spread the word Crimson Fucker
This poll is not available.

Is this community active? Also can I share a poll here that needs to be fixed. I can't stand the sight of edward and bella from twilight beating alucard and seras in it. We need votes from as many hellsing fans as possible to beat them in their own community. Leaving it as it is is a mockery to hellsing and proves that no one cares about it anymore. True hellsing fans would help out.

Name: Rose Lohr Black
Nickname: Black Rose
Age: 18
Type: Neko and Vampire
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black with red tips
Hair length: long
Eyes Color: Midnight blue
Weapons: Katana (black) pistol (red) daggers (one black other red)
Special power: pure blood vampire and changing in to a cat

Oc Information.

Name: Charles Norman Bradshaw (nickname Norman)

Date Of Birth: twenty-fourth of September, 1979.

Gender: Male

Species: Human (ages 1-8), super human experiment (ages 8- onward)

Power: Increased strength, increased IQ.

Weapons: Colt Single Action Army, mid nineteenth century short sword.

Special skills: pistol expertise (mostly in revolvers), and some training in swords, he has some expertise in the occult.

Story: Born on September 24th, 1979, Charles Norman Bradshaw was a normal Child, sure he was slow in the head, but had a heart of gold. Because his family was mostly in the United States Marine Corps (father, Grand father, and Great Grandfather all serving under the Marine flag). With that in mind he was a heavy traveler inside the states, and with that he never really adjusted to having a social life because he would always have to start again with making friends again. From ages 5-8 he finally settled down in North Carolina, where his grandfather was now working as a drill instructor. With that he finally settled down, made some friends, and in a way had a normal life. That changed when on his eighth birthday, when a Marine doctor, Named Lancaster decided to use 9 kids in a superhuman experiment. In a way they where similar to the same experiments that another Nazi doctor tried to do, but instead of using DNA from Vampires, they began to use souls of past soldiers to create super beings. One of the problems; however, was trying to get souls. The doctor sank to a new low by binding death to himself and ordering death to bring back souls of the best examples of the perfect soldiers. Death obliged to this mostly, but would trick the doctor by giving him only 8 souls of perfect soldiers, but a wild card of a long forgotten super natural fighter by the name of Abraham Van Hellsing, the first vampire hunter. eight kids of the nine died, the so called "lucky" one was Norman. In a way he was considered a breakthrough, with him now being considered a super human, the United States Government, in an attempt to keep ahead of the Soviets (if another hot war did break out like the scale of Vietnam or Korea) took him, and began to train him to the best of their abilities to make this new creation a patriot. In a way it as both a success and a failure. With this new soul he was able to pass accuracy tests with both pistols and rifles, but his most favorite where revolvers, and swords. He also became very fascinated with both mastering the English language, philosophy, and the old stories of the occult. By age 10 he began to show signs of insanity, whatever was haunting him must of been from the soul's past life. He fell into a depression that seemed endless that soon boiled over when he made it back onto the Marine base, and killed the man who did the horrible experiment on him. Knowing what crime he just committed, he quickly went on the run, changed his name to John Williams Bradshaw, and started moving again, he finally stops in Rio de Janeriro. He now mostly lives a silent life off the grid there, until meeting the Dandy Man when he was age 15. He was thankfully let into Millennium once they heard his story. With him being still young, Rip Van Winkle decides to let him stay with her. He now spends his time training with the valentine brothers to prepare for whatever attack they are planning in the future.

(If interested at all in role playing with me, I have a kik account: cbrads96, and a steam account: Prince Charles. Nature Prince.)

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Name: sears victoria
Age: 49
Gender: female
Species: pure blood vampire
Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed/reflexes
Advanced Marksmanship
Superhuman senses
Advanced Combat
Familiar summoning
Weapons anti tank rifle
Special Skills
Crush/Spouse: none
Likes: idk
Dislikes: nazis
Personality:brave strong tomboy
Bio: my name is sears im 49 i work at hellsing
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