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Channel 7

Discussion  - 
i am working God work in Pakistan. i need your Guideline and support to start my this vision for help of many poor people. i am share some of my work pictures in this community Group. please do comments on my this post gives me ur advice how i can do this more professional way.

thanks and regards.  
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peter f

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Thandiwe Chama is a young educational rights activist in Zambia, most known for winning the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2007 at the age of sixteen. Thandiwe’s efforts in ensuring that every child have access to education has earned her fame throughout the world, primarily because of the courage and persistence that she has shown even at a young age. She is also the recipient of the first ever Zambian award given to children due to her influence through her activist work.

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Thank you for sharing with Asikana Network
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Lupupa Mutale

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David Ridwan

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Thanks for the add.how can I help?
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Ella Ethel Mbewe

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Connect Forum Zambia is here!!!  #CFZ13  
The Connect Forum is a one day event for women in technology. Its purpose is to highlight women in tech, offer participants opportunities to share experiences, discuss new ideas, form networks and partnerships for mutual support and mentorship.

Asikana Network hosts the event with support from BongoHive, InfoDev, Alchemy Women in Leadership, Corporate Heelz and C1rca1964 
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