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So I've noticed someone is taking advantage of their job as moderator/owner. Earlier today, I saw a link that is addressing to Porn Hub and RedTube Like..WTF people. Even the community has a rule to post/send links and that is to not post stuff that is inappropriate and not related to SU. If any of you guys know who is doing any stuff that is against our rules in this community, please contact us immediatly.

Remember, this isn't just a community, or a fandom, we are family <3

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Gonna edit my gemsona.
Cause my Emerald was cringy AF-

Name: Apatite

Age: 5,000 Years Old

Weapon: Paintbrush

Personality: Apatite is a gem who believes that every living being deserves to be free and have the chance to do what makes them happy. Apatite admires creativity. He isn't the type who doesn't go well with strict rules. Although he may used to served Homeworld, it doesn't change the fact that he wants to have some creativity in his gem life. Apatite loves his friends and highly respects the earth. He is a bit quiet. But he isn't afraid to speak what he loves.

Bio: I'll put this later cause I'm too tired Also I can't really think of a biography for Apatite

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Name: Lilac Pearl

age: 6.000 years old

court: used to be in pink diamond's court but now is in blue diamonds court

Gem type: Pearl

Gem placement: right cheek

Owner: purple Iolite (my other gemsona)

Likes: The Crystal Gems, the earth, the diamonds (sometimes) and homeworld (sometimes)

Dislikes: The diamonds (sometimes), homeworld (sometimes), the day pink diamond was shattered

dreams: to one day be a crystal gem

opinions on the diamonds and homeworld: she doesn't love homeworld and the diamonds but doesn't hate them either

opinions on the crystal gems: she loves them

why doesn't she just become a crystal gem?: she is afraid she'll get caught

idol: looks up to Pearl (crystal gem Pearl) and hopes to one day be like her and maybe even meet her

Fusion dance:

bio (it's kinda short)
was made before the war in pink diamond's court long story short the gem war happened and pink diamond was shattered
after pink diamond's death lilac pearl was transferred to blue diamond's court a couple of years later is when she saw a pearl (crystal gem pearl) take down 4 quartz soldiers. from that day on she wanted to be like her, a crystal gem

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Name: Amber (Experiment X)
Age: ???
Weapons: Swords
Bio: Created to be the perfect gem during the beginning of the Gem War years of her training and her first time on the battlefield just seconds away from victory something snapped and she fled and fought for herself only till several years later she joined the Crystal Gems
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Name: Amber (Experiment X)
Age: ???
Weapons: Swords
Loves: Peridot
Like: Blacksmithing, Art, music
Bio: ???

Citrine was Somewhere around her place, she was angry and kept throwing Huge rocks at the Statues she made a little while ago..

its been a while since i posted here

Wow this place is dead dead, was this community active before? Did something killed it? just curious

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Hello my friendly people

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Hey, hey, hey everyone im new here thanks for accepting me!

Tanzanite was just singing. While the other 6 gems were enjoying listening to the song.
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