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Had a very strange thing happen today. Was scrolling through my "Added" recipe when suddenly I got the message "15 recipes deleted". Sure enough the category "Added" now showed 15 fewer than had been there before. I cleared cache, forced stop and no change. Quickly double-checked the Web and it still showed the right number ... weird. Going to switch back to the non-beta version.

Latest update is asking me to login every time I access it ... very annoying!

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a Serravalle di San Marino

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Gli stuzzicadenti si fanno a mano in Slovenia

Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out how to add items to the grocery list from the menu planner? I don't have the pro version, but it is a function that I use every week, and I'm going to be really sad if it has been removed. (Running version

My most wonderful beta testers,

I have FABULOUS news! We have just released our first beta of our entirely new, fully redesigned app. We are so excited to hear your feedback and have you try out all of our great new features and  the 2.0 version of some of our best-loved features.

First, some quick housekeeping:
- This beta will be released through Google Play. You will receive it without any action on your part required if you are enrolled in automatic updates. If you are not enrolled in automatic updates, keep an eye out for the notification from Google Play that the update is waiting!

- The update may take a few hours to reach your device. Fret not! You should see it no later than end of day tomorrow.

- The app version name will have "Alpha" in it; don't worry, it won't impact your ability to use it. We're just pushing it out of alpha and into beta.

- As beta testers, we encourage you to send us feedback often and, where it makes sense, in detail. As such, we have tried to make it as seamless as possible to do so. On almost every screen in the app you will see three dots (a "snowman") in the upper right corner. If you tap that, you will see "Send Feedback" as an option. This will trigger a chooser for you to pick your preferred email client. Pick the app you'd like to send the email from, type in your comments, and hit send! We'll pre-populate the to: and subject: lines, so don't worry about that. In fact, please don't change anything on those two fields! Otherwise your lovely feedback may never reach us :(

- Last but not least, a gentle reminder that this is a beta, so some features might be missing or not fully fleshed out yet, and you may experience crashes. Don't panic; just send us a note if you think something isn't behaving right. I can assure you I'm coding fixes as fast as my little fingers can go, but I need your help to find those tricky bugs!
** Of particular note: Menu Planner is very much in an alpha state. If you are a planner user, please sit tight. We're working on it right now.

NOW, for the fun stuff! I won't spoil too much but in case you didn't read the update notes, here they are:

Meet the NEW BigOven app. Cooking: Simplified.

Get Inspired
- See the latest Collections & most popular recipes
- Follow friends & bloggers to see what they're cooking
- Get the latest news in your Inbox
- Find what you're looking for with improved Search

And Organized
- Store all your recipes in one place with Recipe Clipper & RecipeScan
- Plan your Menu
- Create a Grocery List

In the Kitchen & On The Go!
- Access & sync your recipes & grocery list anywhere, even offline, from any device

I hope you all really enjoy what we've been cooking up!

Happy cooking!
-The BigOven Team

I subscribed to the early access program last week but still haven't got any update of the app, I am still at version 4.2.3. Any idea when I will be able to test out the beta?

I have subscribed to the Big Oven beta program on Google play but don't see any newer version than the one I have version 4.2.3
Anything in the work showcasing the new material design you said you have been working on?

I was just using the app and noticed something a bit strange when signing up. When I pressed "sign up with google" it filled in the email field, but not the confirm email field.
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