It seems to me that competition is the psycho killer behind the mask. Options? Lets create money and by creating money there goes the first subject of competition.

Everyone or almost everyone has a need to be better than someone else and materialism and the power that comes with a good bank account makes that happen.

Top model car, biggest and best house, vacations and flights from east to west and down south to Miami in a day. However, we can't do all of these things, can we?

Nope, because there had to be a way to limit it or else no one wins! The sad fact is that no one is ever going to win, no one is ever going to be the best.

They are just going to tear down the people who never had even a glimpse of a chance to compete against those who do.

Who made the rules? Who makes them now? The only reason we can't have some kind of heaven on Earth is because someone or a group of people don't want it to be and with the power they have gained, they use that to stop anything good for anyone but themselves.

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This book will help you become aware when wedging is happening to you, illustrate what wedging tactics look like, and provide alternative ways to think about problems that aren't sensationalized, black and white extremes. The breakdown and polarization of American politics has been driven by identity politics, and the way to overcome it is to create a culture that rejects this false identity and re-centers itself on the core values that Americans share.

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The video "Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know" at is 2.5 hours long but it's totally worth your time to watch the whole entire thing because it exposes how the cops, judges, prosecution attorneys, politicians, and car insurance salesmen have stolen BILLIONS from the common people as well as the secrets that anyone can follow to prevent them from stealing that money. Also check out the scripts related to the video at
This video can help put a stop to tyranny and in turn bring freedom and higher consciousness to all! So please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale.

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And here is the context to the alien controversy in the Ben Stein/Richard Dawkins interview. As I had suspected Stein edited the video to suit his own ID argument.

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Greetings everyone. Death gets put on that long list of unexplained phenomena. We don't know what death really is, except that your body stops working then starts to decompose...

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How to distinguish your enemy?

To understand our enemy, we have to understand enemy definition first, then will use that definition as a measurement to figure out the real enemy.

Enemy Definition:

1) Enemy or foe is an individual or a group that is seen as forcefully adverse or threatening. The concept of an enemy has been observed to be "basic for both individuals and communities".[1] The term "enemy" serves the social function of designating a particular entity as a threat, thereby invoking an intense emotional response to that entity.

2) A person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent.

3) antagonist. Enemy, foe refer to a dangerous public or personal adversary. 

Society enemy behavior.

1) Immoral (ɪˈmɒrəl)
1. transgressing accepted moral rules; corrupt
2. sexually dissolute; profligate or promiscuous
3. unscrupulous or unethical: immoral trading.
4. tending to corrupt or resulting from corruption: an immoral film; immoral earnings.

Based on above, you can know your enemy and the mankind enemy too.

And to find out the real enemy, all what you need? To make a quick research by visiting randomly, 10 Atheists communities, and 10 Religious communities, and 10 Social communities, and 10 Humanism communities, and compare each community activities to the above definitions as a measurement, Immediately, you will distinguish the real enemy.

I did that, and I know very well, who is the real mankind enemy?

Does anyone think that bad information is good for our progress?

I grant that bad information and/or ignorance can at times be comforting like one's supposedly faithful wife has been cheating on you with your best friend, but you don't know, so all is well in your mind.  Would anyone consider bad information and/or ignorance to be good if it kept you feeling good?

I often think about the character cypher who was prepared to choose the comforts of delusion as opposed to the harsh realities of his existence.  Would you choose the fantasy or reality to the extent that you could know it?

The idea of attempting to live and ideal versus dealing with and addressing reality has been a long battle in the war of ideals in human culture. Which is also seems to be biased by sex.

I did a small survey wherein I asked IF there were a truth that would improve your effectiveness in life BUT those who have known this truth tended to live 5-10 years shorts lives overall by comparison to other people; would you still want to know this truth?

Thus far out of just 7 women and 7 men only one 1 woman and 6 men wanted to know the truth.  The rest didn't want to know the truth. I grant this is an extremely small sample, however, it did dismiss the idea that people want the true regardless.

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Staying Unfit--   #NotMyType  

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There are many many many states of matter. The most important for us Humans to know about are:

The Four Fundamental States of matter
Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma

Do you know which of these many states of matter is your physical body most made up of? To heal ourselves, we need to know ourselves

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The art of understanding others and being decent is an ongoing development process at least from my perspective.  So, I am requesting suggestions for better engagements.  Here are two threads for review.

I would like critiques for better to the extent that you see possible. I also consider this fairly extreme, but it is the uglier points that one tends to learn more, since, there is so much more to review in the disconnects.  This is an Atheist Vs Atheist exchange with a Christian (Matt Bell - he has been a terror on occasion, but I think him honest in his perspective and seems to be working for better as I am) dropping by in the initial thread.

I understand that one can't do better if one doesn't know better.
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