Ever been fired from your government job as you tried to get better?

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To: Johnny Isakson chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
The VA is in Violation of the Consitution V, IX, XIV, and is Murdering "us" Veterans. Stop the murdering on American soil.

As a veteran, the Senate must get this right, this time, or more veterans are going to continue to die every day. "Us" Veterans don’t care what the nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs has done in the past. We care about what the nominee is going to do "right now" to save the lives of our veteran on American soil, and to provide them with proper care, “Now, not tomorrow, but now.” Not one pretext is acceptable other than “zero veterans will die” Here is a confirmation guide designed to get those answers that, as a veteran, I would want the Senate to consider. Pass this on to your fellow senators.

Questions to ask candidates: Dan Martinez, Pete Hegseth, Scott Brown, Toby Cosgrove, Sarah Palin, John Miller, Louis Quinonez, and other candidates that think they can make the Veterans Administration more productive as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in a confirmation hearing. The Senate/ Congress does not care what a candidate has accomplished in the past, nor do our veterans. We simply want answers from the nominee of what he/she is going to do as Secretary of Veterans Affairs - to save our veterans- that is ALL.

1. What is the definition of a Root Cause Analysis?

2. Based on your answer, what did Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob Mc Donald do wrong base on your understand of Root Cause Analysis(RCA).
3. Why haven’t you studied the fallacies of Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob Mc Donald before you came before this congress/senate?
4. Do you want to postpone this confirmation hearing until you have time to analyze the Root Cause of Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob MC Donald? If not, we will proceed.
5. How can you guarantee to this Senate that no more Veterans will die in your administration due to long waiting lines and inefficient medical care? If not, why not.?
6. Based on the average of 20 veterans dying per day, how many veterans will die while you perfect the root cause of the VA’s failures and correct them to Zero a day?
7. What is wrong with Martinez’s root cause analysis (RCA) by closing ALL VA Hospitals transferring treatment to Local Hospitals and Doctors.
8. Are you in the opinion that local Hospital and Doctors do not have the special skills to treat VA Patients effectively? If yes, why, if No why not?
9. Would closing the VA Hospital save taxpayers money and at the same time give better treatment to our Veterans?
10. Are you going to ask this congress/ senate for more money to operate the VA Hospitals, when there are Local Hospitals already up and running and don’t need any special funds to run their hospitals?
11. How can you attract the best doctors to work at the VA when the best doctors work at local hospitals or in private practice?
12. Are doctors paid more in private Hospitals than the VA Hospitals? Note you are here to be confirmed, why do you not know the answer?
13. Are you trying to run the VA Hospitals as a business? If that is correct what are the advantage? Be specific.
14. If you are an MD, would there be a medical ethical problem on other duties you are required to do at the VA hospitals such as disability benefits, rating disabilities, educational benefits, IME’s, pension, etc.?
15. Would there be a conflict of interest for your VA doctors to give an Independent medical evaluation (IME) knowing the VA has a budget to consider when establishing disability benefits? If not, why Not?
16. Have you checked with the Medical ethics board to see if there is a conflict of interest?
17. Have you ever rated a veteran for disability, pension, educational benefits rehabilitation before?
18. How can you supervise VA executives when they know more than you will ever know? If you fire them, then you would be lost. Therefore, how can you assure this will not happen, especially, if the federal unions are involved.
19. Do you understand the constitution amendment V, IX, and XIV?
20. Based on your understanding has the VA violated the constitution if no why not? If yes Why?
21. Does Title 38 CFR exempt the VA from Violating the Constitution of the United States, V, IX? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs


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My name is Michael. I, as well as the Board of Directors, run a veterans program called Veterans Hope Project for at risk veterans by showing them there is an alternative to drugs, alcohol and suicide by teaching them life skills such as metalworking, woodworking, welding, husbandry, small farming techniques, antique clock repair and a host of other classes. The program is tailored for veterans that have no hope of ever working for anyone ever again yet MUST feel useful not only to themselves but so they feel useful to their families again. So many have given up and permanently quit due to feeling useless. I myself am a 100% disabled combat veteran who had to come to terms with who I am now. I was a certified genius before I volunteered to serve my country with plans to continue my education in Physics at the doctorate level yet now due to combat injuries, I have trauma induced epilepsy which causes brain seizures. Sometimes I can't even talk right. It took me a long time and the love of my wife to see I still had something to give. Our program needs partnerships in order to be able to reach as many veterans as possible. Sure there is Wounded Warriors Project but frankly it has gotten too big and veterans don't trust big. I still make contact with every veteran in the program and so far I have funded the entire bill from my own pocket. I'm almost bankrupt and my wife is not happy. I need help. Be it equipment, money, experts to teach classes, help spreading the word about our program or what have you, I will take whatever you are willing to throw my way. Everyday counts so don't delay in stepping up to support this program. We are for real and are here solely for the veterans and their families be the veterans living or deceased. The need is great and they have sacrificed so much for you, now support them. If you can only afford $5 a month then that is 100% better than $0 a month. Just do something. They need our help. Thanks for listening.

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WHAT IS PTSD. Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation is helping.
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