Let's create guidance for management and auditors concerned about DevOps.
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Gareth Daine

Discussion  - 
Can #ITIL & #DevOps Co-Exist?

25 influential experts in the fields of #ITSM, #DevOps, #ITIL and #Agile share their insights!
Is ITIL® Agile enough? 25 influential experts share their insights on ITIL® vs. DevOps!
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Edwin Razz

Discussion  - 
Job Title - DevOps Architect
Location –Nationwide (USA)
Duration –Fulltime/Contract
Travel up to 50-70%

Mail your resume to edwin.lass@two95intl.com
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WANTED: DevOps Engineer/Linux Systems Administrator - £35k-£45k (doe) + benefits - Surrey

We have an excellent opportunity for an experienced DevOps Engineer/Linux Systems Administrator who has skills in Puppet/Linux/Red Hat.

Do you have a proven commercial Linux systems/Devops experience?

Do you want to join a top web development agency in Surrey & become an active member of a large PHP development team to take responsibility for managing their platform across multiple data centres (Puppet configuration management), developing & maintaining automated build processes, & internal services?

If the answer is YES, get in touch with Kevin TODAY on 01604 201030 or kevin@s-sa.co.uk
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Roane Holman

Discussion  - 
DevOps Toolchain eBook

eBook on the DevOps tool chain that explains what types of tools are out there, why you would need them, and what your options are.

free download below...

We've created an eBook on the DevOps toolchain that explains what types of tools are out there, why you would need them, and what your options are.
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Adarsh Mehrotra

Discussion  - 
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Tessa Costa

Discussion  - 
"The NEW DevOps eGuide is Now Available!
DevOps has moved into the spotlight of late. While developers and IT professionals have been coexisting for decades, DevOps as a formally recognized practice is relatively new and the inventory of reliable resources exploring how to innervate this movement is still rather sparse. This eGuide provides information you need both to start the DevOps conversation in your organization and to continue the momentum as the industry learns to navigate and strengthen the relationship between the development and IT groups.

Learn More: https://well.tc/33rj
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Check out how OpenMake Meister and Release Engineer creates a 'full strength" build to deploy DevOps process supporting multiple platforms including even - yes z/OS!  No one-off scripts were used in the creation of this demo which means that a full audit can be completed on the process.  Scripts are barriers to auditing.  It includes IBM RTC, CA Endevor and CA Harvest deploying to IBM WebSphere.  And yes you can download a free version from GitHub.  Search on OpenMake-Software/ReleaseEngineer or Meister. 
Kirk Brady's profile photoTracy Ragan's profile photo
I get it.  I see a lot of push back from folks who love their scripts.  Products like Meister, Ansible, Puppet and Chef are minimizing this type of scripting, and creating a platform where the scripts become highly reusable and not one-off.  Build Services, Activities, Playbooks are becoming the new norm and the success stories for a less scripted solution.  These types of tools improve the execution and usefulness of the underlying reusable scripts that are yes - highly parameterized.  These types of tools can better manage, report and expose what is going on in the overall process, which may have some logic driven by the back-end scripts themselves.  But the benefit is huge as a substantial amount of automation can then be achieved and because all of this  transparency, auditing becomes a breeze.  No more digging through logs and/or one-off scripts.  And most of our customers do not want to pay programmers to keep developing redundant, one-off scripts - which is most commonly the norm.  These factors are changing the way most large organizations manage DevOps and a key driver to adoption. 
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About this community

Vision: Define the authoritative guidance of how management and auditors should conduct audits where DevOps practices are in place, in support of accurate financial reporting, regulatory (e.g., SEC SOX-404, HIPAA, FedRamp, EU Model Clauses and the proposed SEC Reg-SCI regulations) or contractual obligations (e.g., PCI DSS, DOD DISA), or effective and efficient operations. By doing this, the Defensive Audit Toolkit will elevate the state of the management practice, defining how to understand risks to business objectives, correctly scope and the substantiate of effectiveness of controls, which reduces the costs of audits and increases effectiveness of audits. (This community can be access by http://bit.ly/DevOpsAudit)

Alexandre Cuva

Discussion  - 
XPDay Vietnam 2016 is open for speaker registration and sponsor

XP Day is an international conference on eXtreme Programming and Agile process. Every time it takes place, this event firmly prove itself as a place-to-be for tech lovers to get inspired and generate the next awesome softwares.

This year event is all about “Software Craftsmanship”, putting a closer look on extreme and pragmatic experience of how to create well-crafted codes, adding-value integration, sustainable deliveries, community of professionals and productive partnerships... In a sense, we build and redefine the new standards of professionalism and excellence of the future generation of developers.

XP Day Vietnam 2016 promises to be a spot-on event with full of exciting activities including keynote speeches, workshops, contests, games, business matching, networking...

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Enrico Meloni

Discussion  - 
Submit your talk NOW for your chance to be part of the second edition of ContainerSched - coming back to London in June 2016! Deadline is on March 27th 2016.
Want to meet the international Container & Scheduler community and learn and share skills with some of the world's top experts? Eager to discover the latest best practices and ideas? Then come and join us at ContainerSched 2016!

ContainerSched 2016 will focus on the current interest around both containers and schedulers, and aims to explore the core technologies and associated areas of interest such as networking, storage and security.

Following the suggestions we've received through the Call for Thoughts and your feedback, the submissions need to cover the below topics (other topics welcome too!);

- Networking
- Security
- Scaling
- In Production / Case studies
- Schedulers
- Other platforms (microsoft, joyent, rkt, etc)
- Databases
- Standardisation
- Orchestration

Your submissions need to be one of the following;
- 45 minutes talk
- 1 hour keynote
- 10 minutes lightning talk

Selection will be conducted by Skills Matter & the Programme Committee on the basis of making this a varied and valuable event. All speakers will receive a ticket to the conference plus one other to give away to a guest.

Deadline for Submission - Sunday 27th March 2016

Want to find out more? Visit https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/7429-containersched-2016-the-container-and-scheduler-conference#overview
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Leo G

Discussion  - 
List DevOps related Tools, Guides and Softwares
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WPG Americas

Discussion  - 
Educating programmers: 3 things universities need to learn from game-dev schools

Software development is unique in that developers are both the architects and the construction crew for their projects. There are very few industries… - WPG Americas - Google+
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