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5 Benefits of a design and build strategy.

Read the full article today. #Construction #Architect

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We start from the earliest evidence of abstract thought and conception of geometrical shapes by Sapiens Sapiens individuals: the lozenges carved on red ochre (which is also the first cosmetic, and the Sapiens is sapiens twice because he is “homo cosmeticus”) found in caves in Blombos, South Africa, and dating from 70-75,000 years ago. Without these abstract shapes we would not have all our everyday’s square-angled structures (doors, windows, pictures, screens, etc.).
Similarly, without the agricultural revolution of 10,000 years ago, and the birth of cities stemmed from the invention of bricks (or of squared stones), we would not have the culture of pictures.

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A handy guide for UK-based architects:

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El techo verde
Una espectacular cubierta ajardinada proteje el Centro de Convenciones Vancouver
El techo verde
El techo verde

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Panel bông sợi thủy tinh tường bao ngoài chống cháy
Panel bông sợi thủy tinh với lõi cách nhiệt là bông sợi thủy tinh không cháy loại 1 như là vật liệu cách nhiệt, ngăn ngừa sự cháy và không gây độc hại cho cơ thể người.
Panel bông sợi thủy tinh nhờ cấu trúc dạng sợi nên nó là vật liệu tuyệt vời trong hấp thụ âm thanh và có độ đàn hồi cao.
Cách nhiệt cao cấp với sợi thủy tinh mỏng và đồng đều.
Không giống như EPS và POLYURETHANE, panel sợi bông thủy tinh với bông sợi thủy tinh là vật liệu vô cơ tinh khiết không gây độc hại.
Ngoài ra panel bông sợi thủy tinh tường bao ngoài là loại giấu vít được giấu vào mối nối tấm panel, chống thấm nước.
Hotline: 0979 868 984 - 0222 3848 565
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Concept of Smart #Office #Market in terms of #technology advancement & business growth.

The smart office market has been segmented on the basis of product into smart lighting/lighting controls, security systems, energy management systems (EMSs), HVAC control systems, and audio–video conferencing systems.

The smart office market, on the basis of office type, has been segmented into retrofit offices and new construction offices. The market for the new construction offices segment is expected to grow at a high rate between 2017 and 2023.

New construction offices provide the ability to construct the new building with inbuilt smart office systems. Also, it helps in achieving eco-friendly operations due to economical use of the available resources resulting into the high demand for new construction office.

For more details, download this PDF:
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