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Linguistic Google Analytic Academy,is chosen by Lord Jens Peter Tomas Peter. Platon is asked to leave The Garden Academina with his philosophia,which is not more than love to wisdom.Linguistic scholars are asked welcome after the end of Platon and Aristoteles and other so defined philosophers,because linguistic scholars are root and stem analytic for branches on plants of languages in cultivated or in non-cultivated gardens,which can for example be defined as culture,each of them.Etymon-the true one can become logical for branches.For a huge example are defined here Philosophische Manuscripte,by alleged or possible dr.Mars X Trier possibly overagainst Mars Romanorum.Was it necessary for this huge alleged or possible dr.Mars X Trier to register Philosophische Manuscripte,with possible or obvious terror to right and terror to left,in east and west and north and south of a planet?Was it possible for the alleged dr.Mars X Trier,to understand and analyze his position as dr.Mars X Trier in a very complicated sustema or system of Semitic-Indo-European-Global context? See books of Lord Jens Peter Tomas Peter on possible more advanced ancient beginners,than ancient beginners were and in continuation better continuation or development,than development has been.I ask all the holy powers to the thrones of fate to correct me if I have errors about terror.
Tripod-Lycos-Google Scholar Jens Peter Thorisson

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