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Everything you need to know about Imperial Shadow

[Table of contents]
What's this about?
Rebellions and how to start them.
How to tech up in several easy steps.
Making the money.
National Focuses.
Conquering the World.
Nation list.
Nation Overview.
A brief history of the world of TRFE.
Nation Application template.
Character Application template.
Rebellion Application template.
Faction Application template.
Corporation Application template.


"What's this about?"
Well dear reader, allow me to introduce you to the world of TRFE, an idea that has been banging around my head for awhile now. Well not wholly realistic (as it contains elements of steampunk and generally warped historical events) it is set in our own world, albeit drastically changed, in the year 1890. Below you will find all the information you need to begin roleplaying, good luck Emperor!

Rebellions and how to start them, a guide to anarchy
Are you unsatisfied with the available nations? Do you want to help bring down the global empires? Perhaps you just want to see the world burn...This option is for you, the more chaotic and challenging alternative to one of the great empires, you will start disadvantaged and more often than not, will require the aid of one or two larger nations to help get you started, however, once your rebellion gains momentum, you are well on your track towards dismantling the establishment. The only rules being that they are semi-realistic, you need a reason to rebel, and a large enough population to do so. You also cannot wholly dominate the nation you are rebelling in, without permission from the person RPing that nation, that doesn't prevent you however, from conquering large swathes of land

How to tech up in several easy steps
Are rifles and ironclads not enough for you? Perhaps you want to dominate the world with a literal flying fortress, wield warships capable of annihilating entire armadas? Or, for the less genocidally inclined, maybe you wish to invent the cure for cancer? or figure out how to prolong life indefinitely? Then I would recommend you pay close attention to the tech tree. As each tech is released you will be able to begin research on the next one, what is it? You won't know until it's finished of course. The four tech trees are along the lines of military, industrial, medical, and finally, cultural. How long does it take to tech up? Completely random, though if your national focus is scientific, it will be much much faster.

Making the money, and spending it
Money makes the world go round, just as much as heavy artillery, this will be the lifeblood of corporations, and will allow the Empires to continue their massive scale conquests, the longer your war wages, the more your coffers empty, is it reaches zero your armies will begin to disband, and supplies will be nearly non-existent, as such decisive victories will need to be won when fighting the larger empires, or a compromise must be reached. As a nation you can also support your ally, bogged down in war, by supplying them with money yourself, to prevent their collapse. Rebellions are not affected by upkeep, as such you may have trouble dealing with rebels if you allow yourself to be drained. Corporations can also fund nations, just as they make their money by selling to them

National focuses
This one is rather brief. National focuses provide bonuses to certain factors of your nation. Military, scientific, and political. Want a certain party to come to power? Pick political, want super-mega-death robots? Pick science. Want to conquer the world? Well...You get the idea. Keep in mind you cannot change your national focus unless your faction's leadership changes

World Domination
_Conquest, the ultimate goal of any leader, requires skill, men to fight, supplies

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