Hi guys i would love it if you would check out my videos! I am new to this group,and i hope to be active. :)

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Plz join my new community! 

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In animal jam i am going to be making a wolf pack here are some of the things you can be if you chose to join...
-Caregiver (person that takes care of pups)
thanks if you want to join send me a jam a gram saying 'Animal jam rocks!' and if you don't have an account but want to join click the link!

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hey my user is aprillugo s feel free to buddy me and my 3 cuz usernames r 1: beangalbeast1234  sec:kamila067 and the third: starfire067 
 starfire is a boy just 2 let u know XP

I like animal jam, I'm esme1131 :3

Hey everyone! I got a snazzy new KANGAROO on Animal Jam! I bought it with an ARCTIC WOLF CARD from Walmart using the ten diamonds I recieved! Once I finish my three-month term and renew, I'll be able to purchase an arctic wolf to FINISH my COLLECTION!
(Lol, my try at AJHQ's broken speech)

hi nothing new well i got an arctic wolf :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Im ajlover19! Im inviting anyone to meh den!

im flowerpot2468 on animaljam so feel free to add me everyone
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