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Name: Breasal Sarlic
Nickname: Brea
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Godly Parent: Acheron
Powers: Can afflict people with varying degrees of physical pain. Can afflict someone with the pain of extreme torture for a short time. Can summon and manipulate water from the River Acheron.
Weapon of Choice: A Jagdkommando dagger made of Acheronian titanium
Fatal Flaw: Short Temper
Strengths: Nearly immune to physical pain, expert combatant, and master of torture
Weaknesses: Loner, short temper, doesn't believe in diplomacy.
Height - 6' 2"
Weight - 190 lbs
Hair - Short black hair
Eye Color - Acid Green
Normal Outfit - A black shirt with dark green pants and tennis shoes
Personality: Brea is nice enough. He is slightly disturbed. He wants to interact with people, but generally stays away from other.
Bio: Growing up, Brea never fit in. He lived in Germany with his mom. The other kids made fun of him and would beat him, but he didn't feel any pain. One day, he came back from school and saw a man holding a gun to his mom. The man pulled the trigger and ran towards the door where Brea was. Brea, without realizing it, unleashed his power on the man. The man collapsed in pain as Brea ran to his mother. When he found that she was already dead, he grabbed his mother's special dagger and killed the man. He buried his mother then left his home. After many years of wandering, he met a sartyr. The sartyr guided him here, to Camp Half-Blood.

Natsu is reading her book sitting outside ignoring the group of people talking about their parents then you sit by her and she looks at you

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Name: Natsu
Gender: Female
Godly Parent:Hades
Sexuality: straight
Appearance: (Necessary. Be descriptive. Picture optional) picture
Weight -135
Height - 5'9ft
Hair Color -pink
Eye Color - it's actually sliver
Usual Outfit - look at the picture
Personality: Anger issues,brave,smart,can be mean,can be shy,artistic
Bio: (Optional)
Powers:can summon a monster from the underworld,can make things die by touching them so she always wear gloves.
Weapons:A custom made scythe
Fatal Flaw:the scar on her back,if someone hit her there she'll be temporary paralyzed
Strengths: the night,her weapon,her hands when she takes her gloves off
Weaknesses: (Optional)
Other: she down like talking to a large group of people unless they are dead.

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Please, have fun and try not to die. If you have any questions at all, please ask me. Thank you for joining and may the gods bless you!

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Name: Xavier Washington
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Koios
Powers: Magnetism (think Magneto), slight control over winter.
Strengths: Extremely intelligent, human compass, skilled in combat.
Weaknesses: Never lived around people before, is naive on certain topics
Fatal Flaw: Self-Doubting
Height - 6' 8"
Weight - 265 lbs
Hair - Short, white hair
Eye Color - Cold blue with tinges of grey
Normal outfit - A t-shirt and some athletic shorts with tennis shoes.
Personality: Xavier is very nice and polite, although he lacks social grace. He is patient. He is very encouraging to others, but doubts himself.
Bio: Xavier never knew his mother. He grew up under the care of his father, Koios. His father recent decided to send him to Camp Half-Blood. And now he had arrived.
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