The traveling wind scattering on the cloak
Eternal winter in an endless dessert
The one know as outlander
Knows this place as home
Alone he know his home will be his end
But it wasn’t his beginning
He wonders how he got so lost
Crumbling wasteland shatters in his wake
The dessert thirsts
Thirst for the warmth of the living
He knows this well
One moment
One is all it takes for the cold to freeze
If ones guard isn’t up
The outlander knows this well
For his heart has become its first victim
He feels the cold across his mask
he sits on the brittle ground
The moon shines brightest in the day
The son retired with the heavens
The only warmth
comes from his final destination
But he knows
That earth costs too much
To fall would be a dishonor on the life
Others visit him
he greats the intruders
Always with a smile made of plastic
Keeping all away
For his presents is like poison
Slow and methodical
Happiness drains
He knows the exit but to leave his home
It would mean the pain of all around him
The Outlander know this mustn’t be done
For he would destroy everything
For he is always suffering and this once
Beautiful landscape paid the price
The price of your presents
He looks around naturally
such beauty wasted

Shadow kiss

Inner pain rapped in the past
My smile trained to ignore
Left with myself I wonder how it feels
Feels to smile for no one
Pain crippling the soul
Wishing for relieve

Relief such a trivial thing
It’s embrace cloaks me in happiness
On departure it leaves a farewell kiss
One that burns a scare
sizzling infusing the rush of regret
The rush of pain

There is no escape
The shadow never leaves my side
And I am forced to live with it
Or face meeting the shadow
In its own realm of eternal darkness
Where no light exists
so that it may kiss me to it’s heart content


The ones with homes are on there back
Exiled from community
Filled with the undesire to reach out
He who wonders
The ones that never complain
He who braces the piercing wind
The once that spill there soul for them
Them who live in others life
Not him the one that chooses to be alone
He who embraces and inflicts pain to self
this is life’s best teacher
None teaches more
Nor better
Pain the path of the outlander


I can’t escape
Every night my body is dragged back
Rooted in the embrace of my chains
With movement the warmth escapes
A chill runs down the spine
Embrace Titians
leaving hope of escape a mere thought
Heavy eyes drag me back to my cell
The dream world holds nothing back
Revealing ones life before there eyes
Stop he says in an echo of endless
But the shame of the past is nonstop
Tears stream
A question
The only answer found
He who knows they did wrong
Is always haunted
Insanity reveals itself
Creeping Closer
breath down your neck
Heavy eyes open
Motionless body
The weight of the world holding him
Exhaustion gone scares reopened
Empty home
Empty question
Empty dreams oh I wish


Average day, calm breeze
thoughts on the now
The plastic smile not aloud to rust
Throughs drift to the imagination
dead sun
life struggles
Every breath fought for
new wasteland
formed from the degrading
Cast set by time
The reason unknown
Iron still rusts
Like all things
Time trumps all
Resolve weakens
Meaningless life keeps forward
Dessert ever creeping across land
Once fertile land
I Sigh
Is it time to leave?


The end opens into a new beginning
A year draws its final breath
Humble times
Thoughts of the past rise up
Solidifying them into continuous
Never retreating from once it came
The end creeps comes closer
A unrelenting sigh does little
As rare as a unicorn in reality
In other places the beast is just food
Food for the demons within
Who never leave
Always in the shadow
The end is it really a new beginning
Or just an illusion
A false escape designed from are demons
For them to then feast on us
What is a beginning?

Chained to life

Survival the choice of all
Granted to the many
Taken from the few
Pain to the mind
Bring forth damage to the body
Combined leads to corrupted thoughts
Blood drips from its wake
rain follows it’s victims
Corruption weakens the chains
Disintegrating the bonds of hope


Not all chains brake
Not mine for it is like iron
forged from the sun
And cooled in the coldest edges of space
This mind welcomes pain
This body welcomes damage
This Corruption embraced
This soul scared with experience
The rain gone from drought
For my corrupted hope
holds all together
Better then the other


She speaks she laughs
Every word rooting
Into my corrupted soul
Distance grows vast
Minutes expand to hours
Daily hang outs
Couple txts here there
Alone with self
Power of spare time
Love chips and peals
Cracking away bridal
Soft as white snow
Alone ones weakness

Burdened choices

We are just people
Looking searching excavating
Trying to find what all people seek
The seeking of the one
The seeking of the many
The seeking of the self
Searching for all one could want
Finding the power from the empty space
That the one left as they leave
Pushing out the many out of sight
Embracing the void left behind
to bath the self in darkness and wisdom
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