Hello everyone...I'm new here.

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Angel sits outside the ball watching others enter

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Name:Hunter Heartless
Bio:all the way from beacon academy hunter has been on his own most of his life he has someone he loves but parted ways when things got to dangerous for her as he heads to supposed rehabilitation school called Birch Wood High.

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Name: Medusa Poppy Python (AKA Meddy)
Daughter of Hades and cousin of Mia
Meddy's mom died when Meddy and her twin brother Shade were 7... Since then Meddy has traveled the world. She has been to Camp Half blood, The underworld, and even Beacon Academy where she met Draven. She trys to look on the bright side of things and is always willing to fight for what she believes in just don't get her mad or she loses control. She fights with Black Obsidian daggers and can manipulate the shadows. She is a great friend to have on your side but a terrible enemy to face. She hides her wings most of the time and often wears dark purple and black. She has been with Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Elves, and Fallen Angels. Her brother often visits her so be on guard.
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The earth starts to rumble as the school starts to shake Alice: its a earthquake Meddy sighs no its my dad he's coming with entirety of the Underworld they want a girl named Kelsie or something like that

Kelsie sits in the back of the class writing in the back of one of her notebooks she was quieter than normal

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Name: Alpha Grecus
Member names: Sliver son of Apollo, Threashia daughter of Hephaestus, Grendel son of Hera, Mika Su daughter of Ares, Meshadi daughter of Hermes, and Angel daughter of the wood nymph Echo
Mass warriors and friends of Meddy
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LOL I don't care who you are no guy at BWH can compare to Gray the hottest ice wizard ever and his icy moves like Jagger.

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Night you guys
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